These are a collection of things about Guidance compiled into one place


Guidance is a very common term in spirituality but who or what is guidance?  There are many thoughts on this which range from being very close to not close at all.  All of these are based on our ability to sense and perceive the answers.  The definition I find best suited is that our Guidance being the rest of us which didn’t and couldn’t enter into this three dimensional existence.  We each are a group consciousness of our own created in the image of the Creative Consciousness.  This may sound familiar, “we are made in his image” but not necessarily in the way some may think we are.  God doesn’t have two arms and legs but rather we are a group consciousness patterned after the Creative Consciousness of which we are a part of.

Since we each are our own group we each have our own Guidance although it’s common to receive guidance from any other part of the Creative Consciousness as is called for or we ask for it.

Due to the conditions of our being on Earth working with the energy for our greater collective consciousness we still have Free Will.  As part of this Guidance cannot and will not help or interfere in any way until we ask for help.  Only then is Guidance allowed to help us and only to the extent allowed for by us or what is in the highest good of the Divine Plan.

What Guidance Won’t Say

The most widely held thoughts about Guidance is they’re a source of everything we want to know.  This is true but only to the extent of our experience and understanding.  This is worthy of examination.  No one can conceive of anything beyond our experience or comprehension, in other words “we don’t know what we haven’t learned yet.”  Guidance couldn’t explain an internal combustion engine to a caveman who hadn’t even figured out the wheel yet.  Learning is a step by step process so Guidance will not and would not give us information about anything beyond our perception or we haven’t yet thought of.  This may sound like Guidance is keeping secrets but in truth we learn best by experience and having gone through the process to figure it out.  If Guidance just told us everything we wanted to know about it would diminish our thought processes and ability to learn from our lessons.  At times we may even get some misleading or incomplete information on a subject which is designed to challenge us to look deeper.  At other times we won’t be corrected in our misunderstandings and allowed to go on believing it to be true until we see the higher truth for ourselves.

Guidance loves us too much to cheat us out of our experiences and challenges of finding out for ourselves.  That said, if we have an insight we can very often gain more detailed information about it from guidance as we probe a greater understanding of our insight.  Even then we’re not just being given information, we’re going through the process of thinking it out using intuition receiving confirmation or we’re being asked to revisit our thinking.

The more we probe the unknown “mysteries” on the other side of the veil the more we understand how things really work so we can unlearn the misperceptions we’ve been taught were the truth.  (this is also known as clearing filters)

If you play Chess with Guidance

Each time we journey here for a new expression of physical life we each have a basic purpose and plan of what we intend to accomplish.  When the incarnation is over what is yet to be completed is placed on the list for the next incarnation.  We also take part in larger plans which connect directly to our personal plan.  When Divine consciousness develops a plan you’d better know it’s complete with every possible contingency covered in the fullest detail and know we’re part of the larger plan.

So why then would anyone not want to listen to guidance and allow them to assist us to pilot our lives knowing full well that our guidance knows the plan and can see around every corner before we even get there?  This is a good question which deserves contemplation.

I think one concern is in letting go of what we believe is our control of our life.  In truth the control we have is very different than what we think it is.  We control our reality by how and what we think which includes staying out of drama and judgment of others while learning self-love and forgiveness.  Learning these do more to change what happens in our lives than most would think.  We also have control from our “Free Will” but maybe not as much as we would like past choices about what’s for lunch.  We always have free will to stop for gas now at the last gas station for miles or do it later but this could have consequences we don’t want to experience.  We’re preoccupied about planning for our retirement or just in paying the bills every month.  Letting go is at the very least a “leap of faith” allowing guidance to suggest the direction which would serve our life’s path best.  After all this is why we have guidance here in the first place.  We’re not put here to “go it alone” but to find the rest of us and listen to the wise council.

When we’ve had the chance to get a quick look at part of a Divine plan it’s amazing in its complexity.  These plans have been compared to a tapestry many times and correctly so.  Pulling on a thread in one place will cause movement in other threads somewhere else.  That is a good analogy of how a change in one event shifts potentials in others.  To put this into context of daily life it would be like planning to be somewhere, we’ll say it’s an event at which unknowingly we’d meet someone we should meet and they decided not to be there.  If that meeting was important to the life’s plan it would be rescheduled to a secondary contingency.  The Divine plans are full of such secondary and back-up plans just in case we’re not in the flow with our plan in that moment.

Another way guidance will work to keep us on track is in giving us a reason to do something which isn’t the real reason but is one we can rationalize as a good idea.  This has been seen so many times and is sometimes called “doing the right thing for the wrong reason,” guidance gave us a good reason (even if we didn’t know it was guidance) so we’d go alone with the program only to see later there really was another reason which we may not have gone along with even though it was in our highest good.

Following Guidance

We can get to the other side of the river using the bridge or we can swim the river, the choice is ours to make. Guidance may have an entirely different plan we didn’t see and we won’t know about it unless we ask.

Being In-Service

Guidance has an open door policy.  It’s our door that’s open since they’re multidimensional and don’t have doors but we’re asked to be open at any time to serve as asked.  This could be sending energy to an event or being awake to get an important phone call for help.  This is the ultimate in being a “team” player.  We are asked to become One and work together in all ways.


The Mysteries of the Mystery Schools

Long ago there were schools teaching advanced subjects.  Many of the old Masters attended and/or were teachers in these schools.  There are a few places calling themselves Mystery Schools professing to teach these subjects today.  In fact they are teaching the same subjects yet these are not really mysteries.

Long ago when the schools were open to those wanting the understanding and had a desire to attend they were teaching students how things really worked.  These were advanced thoughts and not everyone was ready to hear them which is still true today.  As the consciousness of humanity sank into a darker place these schools were forced to go “underground” teaching wise creating groups and societies to keep the secrets safe from the lower consciousness of the masses.  Have you ever wondered why they call it the Dark Ages?  The term Dark Ages has many different time lines applied to it depending on where we’re talking about and the point of view being taken.  In spiritual terms the Dark Ages were much longer starting earlier and running later than many studying humanity would agree to.

The times have changed and so has the energy of the Earth.  In spite of those working with the Darker energies to cause problems (I’m sure you could name a few from the News) the Light has and is steadily displacing the Darkness.  The time is here for the Mysteries to be known for what they are and be available to learn.  The mysteries that were the subject of teaching and has become a mystery of its own is what we call Metaphysics.  Equated with Metaphysics (the study of physics beyond 3D physics) is what most would call Spirituality.  The mysteries have been here to find all along if we know where to look.  These subjects are many usually taking multiple incarnations to gather the information and growth.  Gleaning the Akash to remember what we’ve already learned is another talent to be learned.  Three dimensional physics is what we think of as the absolute rule matter follows, it’s the way things are and that’s it.  When we’ve learned a lot more about how the universe/creation “really works” we understand there’s a higher physics of which 3D physics is subject to.

We live in what we call “reality” although this is a misperception due to our limited perception.  If we had better perception we’d all know we live in an illusion created to learn the lessons we could not learn with our full abilities intact.  This three dimensional world is our school ground we use in learning to remember who we are and how to create everything we’d like to have with a single thought.  (as long as we can keep from killing ourselves first)

There is a favorite saying which states “you don’t know what you haven’t learned until you’ve learn it” so when hearing something unbelievable consider it may just be something unlearned not something imposable.  Things like spontaneous manifestation and walking on water are possible with the understanding and spiritual growth needed of which none of this will, has or could ever come out of a three dimensional book or lecture.  Multidimensional understanding cannot be put into three dimensional words, it would be easier to describe a beautiful sunset using one letter of the alphabet.  This understanding comes only from working with guidance and going within ourselves to touch the creator within us as a lifelong study project.

Spirituality is a Concept

A channeled message from a greater Consciousness

Just try to define spirituality, everyone has a different opinion and no one is incorrect.  This alone places spirituality outside a linear box of thought.  This box of thought is a 3D world held within a bubble of space within a greater multidimensional universe.  This bubble keeps everything isolated from the greater universe much like existing inside an egg shell.  Until the egg is cracked to venture out you’re protected from everything outside as you grow stronger.  Not unlike a young bird each will break a hole from which to peek out taking a breath of the new surroundings.  Once out you’re greeted by a loving family to learn you are greater than once thought.

Spiritual understanding does not come from within a 3D bubble as spiritual learning is not definable in linear words or thoughts.  This is the same as a young bird learning what the outside world is like while still completely incased within a shell.  Linear forms of communication on spirituality attempting to portray multidimensional concepts fall short of conveying these understandings.  The best these can achieve is in giving a linear outline suggesting a possible organization to that which has no recognizable organization from a linear perspective.  We do not wish to “double speak” only relate the organization would seem chaotic taken from the perspective of linear thought.  In truth what is seen as chaos is merely an organization beyond perception.

Each are equipped with a portal/veil from which to access greater wisdom.  From this point conceptual understanding is available to all seeking it.  The opportunity is always there to be sought when the moment is at hand and the desire is upon you.

It will not serve well to pull the pieces of egg shell back into place remaining safe within the shell.  In this time many feel a call to outgrow their shells being asked to step forward seeing themselves in a new Light.  This Light radiates from the “I AM” presence, this Light is your Light.  We ask all feeling this call to step forward and claim that which you are, the I AM.

Half full or half empty?

This is to revisit the longstanding perspective relating to how we view life.  Let’s also directly tie “every cloud has a silver lining” to the half full/empty perspective creating an expanded spiritual understanding in the process.

The perspective of how we view a half a glass of let’s say water is telling as to how we see life itself.  Do we give thanks for half a glass of water or do we feel in lack for not having a full glass?  In a spiritual view this sets the stage for how guidance will present the circumstances of life giving us the lessons most needed.  Seeing a half empty glass denotes a perception of being in lack.  The presented lessons will test us with more lack giving us a chance to revisit our perspective to see a different way of thinking.  Many (probably everyone) will go through life after life working to understand this fundamental spiritual principal.  If we see abundance we’ll have more of that.  We have the power to create all that we desire if we’ll only see that we have this power then learn how to use it.  One understanding of this would be we manifest what we focus on most, if we focus on lack we’ll have more lack and if we focus on abundance we’ll have more of this too.

Taking into account a spiritual definition of abundance which could be something like having what you need to be comfortable rather than a billion or two dollars in the bank, abundance is much easier to have.  (Unless maybe you’re giving A LOT of money away to help others do you really need that much?)  The new energy of Earth is about giving not about greed as it has been for eons.

Moving on to the silver lining, every experience we have is a learning experience.  Some of these experiences are not as welcome as others although they’re still an opportunity to learn since we learn from both what we’ve liked and didn’t like.  Lack for most of us would not be on the top of the list for situations we’d elect to experience.  Being in lack is also a teacher when we see the lessons presented as are all the other trials we face in life.  At the times when things don’t go the way we think they should being disappointed as a result is a time to look for the lesson.  If we could see the bigger picture it would be easier to see that getting a flat tire may have stopped us from being injured in an auto accident.  Even the new job we applied for and didn’t get could have been a disaster for us even though it looked so great.  Each event in our lives has an opportunity to see it as lack or abundance independent of the lesson.  The way we view every event in our lives changes the events in the future.

We have more power than we could ever imagine to change our lives.  It starts with how we see our world right down to every facet of life itself.  It’s a good place to start in knowing that what seems to be a problem in our lives has a good reason to be that way so we can learn from it.

The Ego, Then and Now

If you follow a desire to be more spiritual then chances are you’ve been aware of how the Ego plays a LARGE part in what and how we think or feel especially in the area of feelings.  The Ego is a part of us and it will always be this way.  The Ego is a source of drive to achieve goals so without an Ego the emphasis to do anything is hard to find.  As humans living in Duality the Ego has seen its role to be greater than the Divine function would suggest.  The Ego sees itself as a protector and a navigator for our life steering us to and away from what the Ego feels is good for us.

Entering into a quest for spiritual growth or even before what the Ego has been doing is something we’ve become accustom to as we’ve always lived with the Ego.  The time comes when the Ego begins to be seen as the obstructionist in our lives stepping in the way of our progress towards a goal WE want.  Gaining the upper hand on the Ego is not an easy task.  After we’ve begun to see how the Ego impacts us and we’ve become unhappy with the interference then working with our Guidance is extremely helpful to make a push towards overcoming the Ego in our lives.  The Ego has branched out getting into every aspect of our lives and is the driving force behind such emotions as; anger, fear, greed, hate, guilt, self doubt and the feelings of not being good enough, just to name a few and with that said we’ll make a special point to say Depression is also something the Ego has a finger in.  The Ego is the provider of lower emotional feelings although some may suggest the Ego is directly involved with Love which is true but it’s only in the lower aspects like jealousy and mistrust.

If this wasn’t enough to work with here’s another something to consider.  What we were in a past life and how we acted then creates our Karma which also has the fingerprints of our Ego all over it.  To work towards cleaning up the Ego today we have the past to attend to as well if we want to be truly effective.

An effective way to contend with the Ego is in taking a step by step approach.  The Ego is wide spread to say the least so an all out confrontation would be a hard one to win.  Working with our guidance in one area at a time makes an opening for small victories which will add up in retaking the ownership of our life.

In Gratitude We Honor You – A Channeled Message

We honor you.  We honor your dedication to being here in this great time of change.  We desire to tell you all how honored we are to be here with you assisting your efforts.  You look to us and think how wonderful we are not seeing the true extent of your own magnificent Divinity.  You, beloved brothers and sisters are the ones we honor, for it is you who are doing the actual work here.  We can not express how important each and every one of you truly are.  Without your being here on Earth this grand project would fail, this is how important each of you are.  It is you that hold the Light upon the Earth.  It is you that are in the forefront leading the way, we’re only following your lead.  You call us great and powerful Angelic Beings but it is you who are doing all the work.  Our task is to support your efforts.  We only assist you while it is you making a difference in the Universe.  We look at you seeing how truly wonderful and powerful you are for caring enough each day to carry your Light here upon the Earth even if you’re not aware of doing this you’re still taking part in a great work.  We honor you.

This is as much as I can remember of a channeled message from the Elohim

A Message from the Angles

Dearly beloved there is something we desire you to hold in your hearts this day.  For as many times we hear you cry out, we are powerless to help you until we are asked to enter into your lives.  We watch in all the triumphs and struggles.  We are only allowed to stand by cheering you on or to cry with you until the time comes when each will ask for help.  We ask you to open your hearts so that we may enter your lives to show you another way to be.  We would be honored to help you to the extent we are allowed to do so.  You, dear ones are our brothers and sisters, for Divine reasons we are only permitted to help when we are asked.  We are here in support of your every effort as you walk your path in life so please allow us the honor and joy of touching your lives.

Many Blessings, Your Guidance