The Newest New Energy (as of early September 2017)

Just to note what some feel, others may have identified while still others are wonder what’s going on if it was noticed at all I’ll mention what’s been shown to me.

The energy we’re in is important to say the least, perhaps the most important since the 2012 shift.  We are in what Guidance calls a “Juncture Point” denoting a point at which to make choices about how we will conduct ourselves regarding staying in 3D or moving towards a more Spiritual life letting go of 3D drama which seemingly is everywhere.  This energy seems to bring what / how we think to the surface highlighting them for us to examine and adjusting them if we chose.

For those feeling the energy they are called to examine what they do seeing if it fits them or if it’s time to change.  I would suggest making a verbal declaration (maybe when you’re alone) as to how you will live from now on.  We can make as many declarations as we would like to change how we act.  We’ll have help with each of them BUT we’re the ones responsible for our lives so it’s upon us and only us to work at them otherwise it was pointless to make them as nothing will come of it.  The operative word is help as in co-participating rather than expecting them to be done for us without our involvement.

This is seemingly the first Juncture Point after 2012 although there will be more coming to visit us in the future.  Before then this one hasn’t completed its purpose just yet, it’ll be with us perhaps into February 2018.

Just as another note “resistance is futile,” what we spiritually resist pushes back even harder as those are lessons to be learned attempting to get our attention.  We can fight them to no avail or relax knowing it’s in our best interest to allow these changes to occur as they will sooner or later.


Spiritual Testing and Lessons; Just another Day in the Circus

In our life here we’re tested more often than many would guess.  In fact everything we do or face could well be looked at as a spiritual test or lesson.

At times life seems like taking a trip to the circus except in this circus the clowns are not restricted to staying in the center ring.  In this circuit the clowns go into the audience playing their jokes.  When we become the focus of those attempts at humor or just odd behavior it leaves us wondering “what were they thinking?”  It’s very common and to be expected that we are annoyed (to put it mildly) by the level of self-importance, self-centeredness or lack of consideration for anyone else which has been displayed by their actions.

This is where we have the opportunity to grow spiritually.  If the clowns continue to upset us we remain fixated on the drama ignoring the higher lesson to be seen.  Learning to let go of the drama makes it easy to laugh at the antics of these clowns giving us a greater freedom to be at peace.  We are not responsible to, nor could we change others, we have our work cut out for us just to change ourselves.  When we change ourselves we also change everything around us as we create our own reality.

The Earth is a school yard of experience and we’re here to learn.  It’s all about choices or seeing the choices we have.