The Soul, What Is It?

This writing does not comply with common spiritual belief yet that in itself does not mean it lacks merit.  In this post-shift era it’s time to begin dispelling old myths about spirituality.  Another aspect is the human consciousness being limited yet it has no concept of those limits.  Thus all too often what it sees only reflects what it already knows overlooking a greater truth. 

In yet another venture into unconventional thought this one may well be the furthest away from “accepted truth” yet.  (Accepted truth, what is widely believed to be true on the surface yet hasn’t undergone a test of scrutiny to verify validity)  For those on the path what is offered here may parallel what they’ve already seen.  For those unsure consider the truth within as its core truth and fundamental to understand the nature of multidimensional existence and the Oneness of all things.


If we ask a number of people what a Soul is we’ll get as many answers and most will be different.  Each will be correct yet incomplete as the Soul is much more than humanity believes it to be.  The set-up leading to giving a Divine definition of the Soul will be much longer than the actual description.  It’s interesting in that the contents of this set-up presents greater potential for understanding than the description of a Soul itself.  In this set-up we’ll first mention the human Belief System.  This contains what our human consciousness holds as being true.  Regardless of any accuracy it’s just what we believe and each of us will have our own version.  Any new information must pass inspection of the Belief System’s filters before it’ll be considered as a possibility.  Also a major player is the axiom “No one knows what they haven’t learned yet” which is also acted upon by the Belief System filters.  To further set up an understanding supporting a description we’ll state a consideration which some know while others may not have become aware of yet.

Unlike three dimensions a multidimensional existence has no physical structure of any kind.  Everything is pure conscious energy without division, layers, levels or separation of any kind.  The energy of consciousness flows and swirls mixing together as a single unified energy.  (Albert Einstein was right, there is a Unified Field.  IT IS the Creative Consciousness and love is the equation.)


The Gem Analogy

In the past I’ve used an analogy depicting the Creative Consciousness as an enormous faceted gem.  This gem is of such proportion it’s beyond imagination.  The facets upon it are too numerous to count and each facet has a personality of its own.  Every facet is an integral portion of the Greater Whole which cannot be removed from it.  If someone were to talk to a facet the entire gem would know what was said as all facets are connected in a state of unity.  Everything is contained within this gem, there is nothing external to it.  All facets of the whole are equal in size and shape sharing in its assets, consensus of harmony and unity.  None are less than or greater than the rest.


For those on a path to Mastery it has or will occur to them that Oneness is the way of multidimensional existence.  Unity is everything and everything is united as a single creative force existing in a loving consensus of harmony.  In that understanding there could not be any opposing force since opposition stems from disharmony and separation.  There is only one Creative Consciousness and we’re all united in that.  The illusions created by fear are the only opposition and those belong to the less enlightened human consciousness.  Those illusions are empty threats no more powerful than the lesser enlightened human yet fear will magnify them presenting those as truth to justify its own existence.  Overcoming the illusion of fear is a Spiritual Challenge resulting in a peaceful strength unknown to those not having completed it.

Being on a path to Mastery the nature of our Soul is a question I’ve been pondering for a few months.  As Unity which creates a consensus of harmony governs everything there is no separation between any “perceived” parts of the Greater Whole.  Everything exists in unity.  This suggest our Soul, Guidance and Higher-self are really a single energy with many personalities which is in keeping with the gem analogy.  While considering how it would be possible to describe a Soul the Ascended Master Elijah checked in.  Spiritual concepts must be learned and are not given freely as that would diminish their value.  As I was already on the verge of seeing the solution Elijah put the icing on the cake with this answer . . .  I AM that I AM.  Of course!  This simple concise answer has the attributes of Divine intelligence.  As there could be no separation within the Creative Consciousness, our Soul and the Creative Consciousness are one in the same.  In linear human thinking we judge, separate, label and count, separation is a human illusion.  All perceived parts of the Creative Consciousness are different facets of a single consciousness.  In multidimensional existence we have unity so there’s nothing to count and everything is unified in a loving consensus of harmony as the I AM presence.  How many Souls are there?  One.  Like the gem it has many facets, one for each of us.  When asking about multidimensional existence the answer to “how many are there” is always one, no other answer is accurate.


As stated the rational leading to an understanding of our Soul is of great importance.  It allows a better realization of multidimensional existence and in turn helps correct misunderstanding in our Belief System providing a bit more enlightenment.  (Enlightenment, an ongoing event replacing human misunderstanding with higher truth)


The Candy of Dark Consciousness

The Dark loves Fear and fears Love but Light puts an end to Darkness completely.  Fear is the most powerful attractant to any Dark consciousness like a candy bowl to children.  It seems little understood how well we’re programmed from birth to fear one thing or another especially what we can’t see.  Even that being called the Devil is just a bag of hot air not some powerful evil consciousness out to steal souls.  This misperception and false information keeps most of humanity enslaved to the illusion about our being small and powerless creatures at the mercy of any Darkness that comes along.  This is exactly what the Dark wants us to believe and those teaching that as truth are helping the Dark consciousness to control humanity.

Also it’s a common misunderstanding that Lightworkers repel the Darkness.  The truth is as long as Lightworkers are in fear of the Darkness their Light is very limited inversely proportional to the amount of fear they have.  With higher levels of fear there is no Light to work with as fear cancels the Light.

If someone feels it necessary to clear the Darkness before they do healing work or any other spiritual activity this portrays fear which draws Darkness to them like a magnet, then the Darkness does need to be cleared since it was called to them.  Only when and I mean ONLY when one has faced and completed the Spiritual Challenge of Fear will the Darkness RUN away from them.  Fear is the only tool Darkness has so without that they are powerless against a Fearless Lightworker who spiritually knows it.  No potions, trinkets, crystals, amulets, prayers or incantations nor calling upon Archangel Michael for protection will vanquish the Darkness from our presence.  That’s our job to be self-empowered!  Bottom line, having spiritually learned about the Illusion of Fear is one of, if not the most powerful lessons we’re here to learn.  Archangel Michael and all of the Creative Consciousness wants us to learn this and remember our own strength.  They won’t and couldn’t protect us from thinking an illusion is real, there’s no need to be protected from an illusion.  It’s our misunderstanding thinking it’s real so we need to see the truth of it, protecting us would only stop us from learning this truth.

The Divine Plan and Potentials

The Divine plan is a concept of what could be achieve if we’ll connect with our higher aspects to achieve that goal.  The Divine Plan for each of us is grander than our human imagination would be able to conjure up since we tend to limit our own abilities.  To our way of thinking most consider a plan as being written in a final form.  We make plans which are for the most part fixed and we’ll adjust them if the need presents itself.  A Divine plan is quite different being a conceptual organization of potential actions.

Our Soul has a plan, it’s the Divine Plan.  As incarnates we usually have our own ideas which very often conflict with the Divine plan.  The Divine plan is well conceived and carefully scripted to achieve a potential goal of our growth and interacting with many other individuals to extend the learning.  It’s not so much that we lack the perception to create a wonderful plan of our own, (even if it is true) it’s more that we have a limited view of our own potentials and the possibilities available to us.  If you’ve ever played 3D chess, the Divine Plan is more complicated than a 64 level chess board.  We’d call it chaos only due to not having that level of perception to keep track of it.

The only rule of a Divine Plan takes our Free Will into consideration first and foremost.  It must then contend with flexibility in all situations to compensate for any choices every individual involved may make.  This takes a depth of planning beyond our level of perception.  The variability is immense encompassing every possible alternative from the most probable to the very least likely for every event.  In view of our Free Will the outcome of any action is unknown until we make the choice.  Guidance can see the potentials, they know the most likely course we’ll take based on what we’ve done before although our choice is uncertain before we make it.  The greater the numbers of us involved in any part of a plan only increases the complexity of that plan and knowing the probabilities of completion.  Nothing is wasted in the Divine Plan, every event serves the needs of many in some way or another no matter which way we decide to go making the Divine Plan even more complex.

The Divine plan requires our cooperation to be completed in its fullest if it even achieves partial completion.  If we resist the Divine Plan or we’re otherwise not in harmony with it the flow of the plan is disrupted inhibiting the goal to be reached on one level or another.  Flow is stated as all that is Divine is energy, Divine energy moves like a fluid so when a channel is open the flow is unrestricted and the course of the flow can change to meet the current conditions.

The Divine Plan has many conditional check points which require learning / understanding to be completed in order to continue to the next objective.  The human perspective of these check points is usually to label them as blockages trying to remove them, in so doing we’re missing the importance of them.  The concept of a loving mentor (our Guidance) placing obstacles in our path to punish us is a misperception.  These conditional points are presented for our education, if a required lesson has been learned the flow is open to proceed, if not the flow could be either stopped or diverted into another direction which may assist us to learn what hasn’t been seen yet.  The amount of conditional points has no set number depending on the Souls objectives and what has already been learned and stored in the Akash.  A suggestion is to view these conditional points as learning opportunities for our growth.  The best part is we don’t need to remember what the plan is. (we set it up before our incarnation started) We only need to know there is one and if we’ll allow it we’ll have help following it.

Knowing we have a Divine Plan available to us is the easy part, knowing what we’re asked to do so we can maximize the plan is another.  Guidance knows our ability to communicate with them so they won’t write us into a plan calling for greater communication than we have, yet they’ll ask us to expand our abilities to achieve more than we thought we could.  It’s all about learning.  At times we may be asked if we want to expand our part of the plan.  Without a level of communication with our Guidance this would be difficult.  A Pendulum is a basic tool to seek the best direction to move.  It can also help us to learn higher communications by asking if what we think we heard was correct.


In the Divine Plan We Trust (parity intended)

I trust you know how hard it is for many of us to trust especially if we can’t see what we’re asked to trust.  We’re called upon to trust everyday only for not being able to watch everything that’s going on personally.  That statement was partially tongue in cheek.  Most of us have misplaced our trust in another human as part of the lessons of life although that trust was not placed in our Guidance.  Our Guidance is part of us so if we can’t trust our divine selves we have some deep learning to do.

We’re asked to trust in our Guidance and the Divine Plan we set up.  If we can trust God / Creator / Spirit . . . which has only unconditional love for us and our best interest at heart.  Trusting in the Divine Plan may take a bit of effort in coming to terms with from a human perspective although we have no valid reason to withhold our trust from our own higher aspects.  Trusting in the Divinity is very important to our growth!


With a good level of communication to Guidance we can monitor the conditions of our plan.  As an example to illustrate the ability to change our lives by working with Guidance and the Divine Plan I’ll relate this.  I won’t bore anyone with the details but trusting in the Divine Plan and working past conditional check points made a major shift in my life and that of my Beloved.  We went from a potential of only being together two years with a tragic ending to having the rest of our lives together with greater potentials in our lives.  I can’t stress how important it is to trust in the Divine and become self-empowered learning to work with the rest of our Being.  It was a big lesson for me to learn making a huge difference in the potentials for the future.  I thought I’d pass this one along for others to file for future reference if you don’t feel called to use it now.


The Concept of a Spiritual Contract

For a long time we’ve heard about having a contract when we come to Earth for the purpose of accomplishing some kind of task.  This is an accepted thought in metaphysical learning and it seems natural from what we believe to be reasonable.  Although multidimensional concept has little if any parallel/resemblance to human 3D thinking.  This isn’t an insult to our intellect it’s just that we’re not wired to understand those concepts until we merge with our Higher-selves.

The concept of the Divine Spirit of our Soul coming to Earth with a contract requiring us to do something in particular is completely in opposition to our Free Will.  Free Will is the first and foremost Divine Law of our very existence here on Earth.  Not even the Angels will circumvent this Law for any reason what so ever, to do so would violate the Divine purpose of our being here.

What is thought of as a contract is perhaps more accurately called our objectives for this incarnation.  Objectives are goals which may or may not be accomplished and many times goals are not accomplished being held over for the next incarnation on our spiritual “To Do” list.  I’ve met few people who even know what things are on their goals in this incarnation.  The spiritual reason to be here is for our learning through experience.  The highest learning is to find our way back to the Creator having completed our lessons before we transition from natural causes.  This goal is certainly one which covers many incarnations as the understanding required is greatly underestimated.  Since we learn and grow at different rates while getting distracted from our goals by events in life we’re not held to any schedule or time table.  If one of our goals is particular difficult to learn or overcome we may indeed want to have additional time to work toward those goals.

Also is another well know term “life’s purpose” which may or may not be closely related to a contract depending on which definition is used.  Holding the image that a life’s purpose is an objective it may seem logical to distance it from a contract.

If we did have a contract using our Free Will we could rewrite it every day.

Knowing the Love

Recently I heard a quick meditation about receiving the love which is given us from our divine origins so I wanted to pass this along.  It sounded easy and I wanted to feel the love anyway so I gave it a try.  The result was very interesting to say the least.  Some of us (myself included) have a challenge about letting other give to us so this is a great exercise to practice anyway.

Sitting still and being calm, open the heart chakra as wide as possible.  Ask your Soul or whomever you desire (multidimensional speaking) to show you the love they have for you.

Sit with this and enjoy it and/or practice it often to work with allowing ourselves to receive.

It’s always interesting to hear about results with a meditation like this so feel free to leave a note.


What is our higher consciousness?

Our higher consciousness resides both within us and around us.  We are never separated from this higher-self portion of our soul.  We are in constant communications regardless of our being aware of this.  Our higher consciousness or higher self is one of the portions of us which could not be with us fully as part of the consciousness we’ve come to know as us.  The largest reason for this is the higher self knows the things we’re not ready to understand yet.  We’re here to learn many thing just to be ready for higher thoughts.

The higher self will bring forward many thoughts of understanding and guidance to us each day assisting us to make better choices.  The trick is to perceive these messages as coming from this higher source rather than just being idle chatter in our head.  The best way to separate the words of guidance and those of the subconscious, ego or other energies is to listen to the words.  The higher self will never berate us in any way, we are only spoken to in love and in a loving way.  Anything we head which says “we’ve really made a mess of it” is not from our higher self so we’d be best served to ignore those.

Depending on our level of talent in listening to guidance we may hear words or receive thoughts or intuitions maybe even pictures.  It matters not how we communicate with our higher self only that we make the effort.

A Metaphor about the Cycle of Life

81884437-every-drop (1)

The Life of a Rain Drop

A great lake sits in its own space being at rest in complete peace

The waters of the great lake evaporate to leave the peace of this lake

The vapor joins other water vapors forming into vast clouds traveling the sky driven by the winds

In the clouds each water vapor will do what it is the water vapor will do

In time the vapor coalesces into a drop

The drop can’t remain in the cloud being too heavy begins the journey from the cloud

Once the drop lands in the great lake of Source it rejoins the waters of the lake

Every drop is joined together as one great pool, none being separate from any other drop

We can not even count the drops in the Great Lake of Source, there are too many


We are as drops of water from a great lake of Source.  We change forms to be on Earth only to return to our original form all at the proper moment.  From the great lake being the pool of consciousness known as Source/God/??? which is our origin.  When making a commitment to enter this three dimensional world to have more experience, our Soul separates into parts.  We couldn’t manifest here existing physically as our entire Soul without reducing our power.  One of these parts is our three dimensional consciousness, another is known as our Higher-self, the rest act as our Guides.  We join with others we’ve incarnated with before continuing our experiences on Earth being driven by the forces of Karma/Duality.  We have our incarnations doing the best we can to follow our path in life with Free Will as we learn and grow.  Reaching the end of an incarnation being ready to transition back to Source we leave the third dimension reformed with our Guides once again as our complete Soul returning to Source as a part of the greater Consciousness.  Our consciousness is connected with every other consciousness in the Universe being an integral part of Source/God.  We’ve again rejoined Source having our minds are free from the Linear thinking of the three dimensional world understanding we’re One with everything.  There is no counting in a multidimensional existence, we are many.