The Illusion of a Veil

This writing does not comply with common spiritual belief yet that in itself does not mean it lacks merit.  In this post-shift era it’s time to begin dispelling old myths about spirituality.

The concept of a Veil separating our three dimensional world from a multidimensional existence is a product of our unenlightened linear consciousness.  There is no separation of dimensions except in our perception which cannot recognize what is beyond its understanding.  As we gain understanding becoming more enlightened we begin to see past those limitations but only proportionally gaining access to what we’re prepared to understand.  In that the so called Veil works as a self-limiting illusion keeping us back from what is not being perceived.

The Old Soul has a great reserve of learning yet even then what has been learned before is called to be subtle in nature.  That understanding quietly slips in from our Akash “under the radar” becoming incorporated with our current linear consciousness otherwise those “crazy” thoughts could be rejected before any contemplation took place.

To venture beyond the so called Veil there’s nothing to cross and nothing to go through other than our own perceptional limitations.  Our consciousness relates to everything by comparing it to past experience.  When we experience something which does not correlate to any previous experience we’re at a loss to understand it causing the consciousness to take wild guesses at what it could be.  The “other side of the Veil” is to our limited perception like a pool of everything without separation so there’s nothing we could relate to except Love, Joy and Laughter although in most cases our linear consciousness would be too confused to sense it.  In our less enlightened state we think in a very linear manor so what is greater than 3D would seem chaotic to us.  What we call chaos is only an order beyond comprehension to our linear consciousness which is comfortable in 3D.

An analogy of the Veil would be to stand in the dark holding a flashlight looking into the thickest fog you’ve ever seen yet this fog is ten times thicker.  It’s so thick you can’t see your feet.  This being a special fog each particle is reflective so when we look at it we see a distorted reflection of our own existence.  To see past it requires a greater evolution in consciousness known as enlightenment.  We each have our own illusions to see past so the extent to which we overcome the illusion of a Veil is directly proportional to our understanding.  This would explain why some see and understand what is not seen by others.  Like for instance, the nature of the Veil. (lol)

For centuries those with sight or insight have attempted to look past the Veil with limited success based on their level of understanding although all say “there’s something blocking my vision therefore it must be a Veil.”  Now for the joke.  The truth is there’s no Veil.  All along we’ve been looking directly at it, that fog (Veil) IS multidimensional existence.  To our linear consciousness it’s unrecognizable yet it containing all that is without structure, differentiation or boundaries (no dimensions) as we could perceive them yet harmony is everywhere and in everything.  As we gain more understanding we’re able to perceive order (aka seeing through the Veil) where none was noticed and see the I AM consciousness glowing with its own Light.

Note; I started writing this weeks ago a bit at a time.  Guidance was attempting to show me the simplicity of it but I didn’t get it until the last paragraph.  We’ve been looking at the Creative Consciousness all along yet we didn’t understand what we were looking at.  Since we couldn’t recognize what we saw it must be a barrier.  It’s really funny how we misperceive things for so long without examining what we hold as truth.  We just believe them because we were told those were true.



Journey of Energy Healing, Looking Deeper at Energy

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The importance of knowing we’re able to work with energy and how to work with spiritual energy cannot be overstated for anyone with a desire to engage in healing or wanting to become a Master.  We’re all energy which is multidimensional and spiritual by definition, all of us.  Everything about how we function physically is energy and everything around us is energy both what we see and touch in 3D plus what is not seen in 3D.  Energy is all around us everywhere and we’re aware of so very little of it.  Consciousness itself has/is energy, this energy of consciousness is known to affect 3D physics which has been proven in experiments with light.  If you ask Guidance they’ll tell you they see us as fields of energy not as beings with arms and legs.  Even the chair you may be sitting on is energy as is the computing device you’re viewing this posting on, it’s all energy.

At this point you may be thinking a number of questions perhaps even about my sanity.  This viewpoint of energy is one not thought of often so let’s take a moment to examine the subject closer.  We find it hard to walk through a closed door as it possess a barrier to our movement.  Everything which is “native” to our dimension vibrates within a similar range of rates, this could be considered as a base point.  Energies from outside our dimension have a different base point either higher or lower so they aren’t tangible or visible to us.  They may or may not have physical laws similar to ours although in a different vibration range.  In this way many parallel universes could exist in the same space at the same time without much interaction.  We’ll touch on “much interaction” again later.

Based on a premise we’re energy it becomes very beneficial to have knowledge of working with energy if we desire to do healing work.  Some modalities focus only on adding energy to our bodies.  Adding energy is not always the best answer.  If an energy is present in our body which does not belong to us or is no longer serving our highest good a better answer may be to remove that energy completely.  The best illustration I’ve been given about this is; “if we had a can of black paint and wanted to change it to white, no matter how much white is mixed into the black paint it won’t be completely white” it will still retain some of the dark color only less of it.  It is especially true if the energy in question has a consciousness such as a lower vibrational consciousness, the energy we add has a limited affect if any depending on exactly what we’re dealing with.

The detection of these energies is the easiest part compared with identifying, removing and knowing what to do or how to deal with these energies having a consciousness.  For the majority of people detecting these subtle energies isn’t what they’d consider easy as just a relative few of us see or feel these subtle energies.  It’s an Old Soul attribute, even then some Old Souls have this turned off.  In most cases those who are sensitive have practiced many years or even lives to fine-tune the ability to sense these and longer to identify the differences.  The removal of these energies is a matter of learning and spiritual evolution.  Having seen crystals at New-Age expos being sold to “suck out” offending energies or ceremonial Daggers which are said to cut those energies into shreds, there seems to be a niche for the understanding to work with these energies.  The only thing I’ll say about those items being sold is to use a lot of discernment, no three dimensional object is going to do anything at all to a conscious multidimensional energy or any other form of energy no matter how sacred they say the item is.  Multidimensional energy controls 3D physics not the other way around.  The only way those physical items work is when a human “believes” it will work thereby giving away their power to a three dimensional object, this is not an acceptable spiritual practice.  Buyer beware, this isn’t how it works, we’re here to claim our power and use it ourselves to create a better life.

There is one energy which will work with any other energy in the Universe, the human/Divine consciousness.  Once we know (not just intellectually) we’re a Divine Being having gained the correct understanding we have amazing abilities.  Even science knows our consciousness has power, the experiments with light proved that.  When a human observes light it changes from a wave to a particle each and every time we observe it.  We “can” learn to work with energy. The Wizards and alike did centuries ago although they were only half way there.  Forget what’s in the movies about Wizards that’s just Hollywood, they studied about spirituality and energy to make changes as they knew it could be done but gave their power away to objects like lotions, potions and incantations believing them to have the power.  Our consciousness can control energy when we’ve gained the wisdom to use it and we’ve cleared the past energies we carry which are blocking us.

Many of us have been on Earth for hundreds of incarnations, some for many hundreds.  In each incarnation we gain wisdom besides picking-up energetic baggage which ranges from unlearned lessons, false beliefs, injuries and thought form objects to types of lower consciousnesses and/or other lessor energy life forms.  Some of those lessor life forms come from a parallel Universe although most are from around here dimensionally speaking.  It would be nice to think these just go away when we depart after each incarnation but the bad news is ALL of these remain in our Akash waiting for us to return.  With each new incarnation we pick-up these old energies for as long as it takes us to see them or have someone else point them out and perhaps even help us with clearing them while we learn to do this for ourselves.  Many people think they can just ask an Archangel to take care of this and that’s all it takes.  Again the bad news is these pieces of old energy are “ours to learn from.”  No Divine Being will take our opportunities to learn away from us, they love us too much. They desire us to see the truth in all things including finding out for ourselves we’ve had the power available to us to take care of these without any outside help. This is Self-empowerment, learning to take care of everything.

This is only the beginning about energy, once an energy is created it stays there until it’s changed by another action.  When a dark consciousness or any consciousness is created it cannot be destroyed or un-created, it can only be “educated.”  Time has no effect on subtle energy since these are multidimensional so they don’t wear-off or dissipate.  For example once an energy of disharmony is created in a space it remains there until it’s changed by an energy such as love.  Wars have been fought on the battlefields of Earth for longer than we can count, those sensitive to energy can feel what happened there centuries later.

We’re here to learn about these things as well as many others.  The ability to make changes in our health or to correct and clear those blockages or phobias which have been opposed to our progress is all energy work.  The learning of subtle energy and/or being able to use subtle energies for both health and learning of even greater truths is little understood and seldom taught.  One transformation event happened just before the 10/10/10.  I was offered the opportunity to be the steward and teacher of an energy since then called Aurora Source Radiance which is both very spiritually expansive and self-empowering.  The learning during the past four and a half years has been beyond measure bringing insight to the way energy works and can be worked with to improve our lives including many things we feel are unchangeable or “it’s just the way we are” including some which medical science is puzzled by.  None of our conditions needs to be as they are when we’ve gained the wisdom and understanding to see them as opportunities to learn and temporary rather than unchangeable.  The only thing in three dimensional life which is forever is our consciousness itself, even this changes constantly as we grow wiser.

The Old Soul and Knowing the Truth

Many times the concept of truth is gauged in terms of what someone wants to hear not what is actually true.  This demonstrates that even when the truth is heard many times it will be rejected if it goes against what we’ve always been told is true or what we are willing to accept as being true.  There are many examples of this, I’m sure we’ve all seen times when our understanding has changed due to a new insight yet others are unwilling to entertain this new information.  It is at these times the old soul is required to reach into the intuition to get a feeling for what is true from the misconceptions of the day or from decades past.

Mythology has become accepted for being the truth many times.  These “accepted truths” die hard usually only after centuries of being disproved.  How long did it take the myth of the “World is Flat” to pass away, and still today some living in areas of the world having little or no outside communications still hold to this myth.  The practice of Blood Letting to remove Evil Spirits from the body was another myth accepted as the truth for decades, this one seems to have passed from the medical text books of today.

We have a limited idea of how the conditions in a multidimensional universe could be.  This is understandable since we are not well equipped to perceive or conceive of how a multidimensional existence could work especially without something to compare it with.  We then fall back to drawing conclusions of how the “other side of the veil” works based on life here in a three dimensional world.  In the religious and metaphysical thinking myths abound based on half truths, misunderstandings or three dimensional conjectures which are used to create a picture of what the higher realms are like.  This has been the downfall for humans attempting to grasp the true nature of “heaven” or the higher vibrational realms of existence.

There is no comparison at all so releasing the thoughts of its being parallel in some way help.  Meditation and clearing the mind of what is thought to be real opens the door to what is as close to being real as our three dimensional understanding will permit us to know.  Working with the body’s innate intelligence will provide the “chills of validation” as another way to discern the truth from what is not.

A Journey of Life

Life can be an interesting experience if we learn to let it be so.  We see those seemingly to revel in the drama of lack or being a victim of life.  Life imposes no such requirement on us, we are all capable of achieving our dreams if we would only understand that our own thoughts and beliefs limit the experience we’ll have.  These thoughts of taking responsibility for ones own existence will be rejected by the majority of people on earth for it takes experience to see the value and truth within these words.  The path we plan before getting here is usually one of great possibility.  Once we get here the conditions of human existence takes a toll as the goal of our plan slips away.  This need not happen if we learn to allow our guidance to do their assigned tasks without the Ego getting into the driver’s seat.

Balancing the Duality-self is one key objective to seeing a better way.  In the term “Duality-self” we usually focus on the darker aspects such as the Ego, subconscious or the lower natures presented to mankind.  Duality is of course a balance of both light and dark working together to present a choice to us as to which path seems most desirable to us.  This state of being for the human experience is the measurement of the light/dark quotient for both the individual and humanity as a whole.  The group measurement will be used to sum the vibration rate for the earth itself, so it can be seen how important this is for the consciousness of humanity.

Contrary to the thoughts of some we are not here to suffer or to be punished for something we’ve done.  We are here to experience and learn so we may see the universe clearly if we will, suffering is an entirely optional experience.

Moving forward easily in life takes great skill, the longer one has been gaining experience the less effort is required to navigate the obstacles in life.  The fewer obstacles we encounter the more time we have to turn our attention toward seeing what is around us which others may not see while they’re busy running into obstacles.

Journeying into Uncharted Territories

At a point in our spiritual evolution we’ll find ourselves journeying into the unknown at least as far as linear three dimensional concepts are concerned.  Those around us we confide in as to what we’re seeing and learning about could well cast a skeptical eye our way, that is unless they outright think we’re just a bit nuts.  The thoughts and concepts we learn to embrace as the way it is finds little room to rest in the minds of those not yet on this journey.  To make the journey even more unusual is that we must walk this path with only our guidance to accompany us.

The journey into the uncharted realm of spiritual exploration has no maps as much as we’d love to have one and others would tell us they have one for us, this journey is an individual one.  My map (if I had one) would not serve anyone else.  The major guiding force to this multidimensional region of spirituality is the intuition.  The linear mind alone is not equipped to operate in a nonlinear region.  The joining of the intuition and the linear mind together yields some understanding from multidimensional confusion.

Much like the sailors of many centuries past who thought the world was flat, we set sail for lands unknown and uncharted sometimes to the concern of our friends and families. Those who love us act like we will be venturing too close to the edge of the world falling off to never be seen again.  In our hearts we understand neither the world nor the universe is flat so we have no concern of venturing too far out only to fall off into the nothingness of the unknown, this view of nothingness is exactly what those not yet having come to the spiritual place of being ready would see it as.

When the time comes for us to take the journey into this nothingness we know it is anything but empty, only the three dimensional mind finds this void area to be empty.  Actually the void is a place of all possibility containing everything that could and will ever be rather than a conceptual void.

I’m Feeling Stuck (Spiritually)

The feeling of being stuck is common to the old souls working at spiritual growth.  We have those times of feeling growth and times of feeling we’re just not getting anywhere.  Being stuck is the illusion of not having any forward progress.  These times of feeling stuck could also be looked at as a time of resting while we absorb what we’ve already learned.  In truth we all have cycles of growth and absorbing what we’ve learned so it’s common to require some time allowing the recent lessons to find a place in our minds to settle into.  When we understanding time is needed we’ll know this is a natural state of being.  Giving ourselves this time we’ll have a sense of being at peace rather than feeling like we’re lost in stagnation.

Who’s an Old Soul?

Do you have a sense that you’ve been here before and you’re ready for a change?

Have you ever felt tired of being here?  If you believe in re-incarnation do you think this must be your last life here?  Most likely you qualify as an “Old Soul.”  If so, you’ve been here racking up the mileage of incarnation after incarnation getting ready for what? Is it graduating to become an Ascended Master so you can finally go home on a permanent vacation?  I know I’ve been here too long from the view point of a three dimensional perspective.  I once believed I was going home this time, finally.  Please tell me I’m done here.  This felt so real to me in my wishful thinking but it’s too good to be true for me even though I thought I’ve had enough being ready for some serious time off.  I was then shown a higher truth about why we’re here.  I’m not sure if this will help anyone feel better but I’ll pass it along just in case.

Much to the disappointment of many Old Souls we continue to return here again and again being committed to completely the divine work we asked to do.  As much as some of us believe we’re here once then go home (to heaven) while others feel we’re here much longer before we go home.  This is where we serve for the betterment of the universe, we’re the specialist of incarnation.  We’ve got a resume with a long list of accomplishments.  No matter if we’ve just landed here for your first incarnation as a Newbie or we’ve been working this planet for centuries we where all somewhere else before this.  Old soul, newbie or somewhere in between we’re here to work on a project involving the Earth.

If we knew of half the things we’ve done in “life” here we’d be amazed at some and weep over what we’ve been through in others.  Some would ask, why are we even here?  We gain so much experience while we’re here taking part in the energy project on Earth.