The Scales of Duality have tipped

We’re talking about the balance of Light and Dark.  This balance has been in favor of the Dark side of duality for centuries.  Now it’s a new day and it’s time for a change.  Have you been feeling the continual changes occurring?  Have you noticed the world events with fighting and disease?  The Dark Consciousness of Duality has not taken this shift in balance to a larger portion of Light without great displeasure and concern, to put it mildly, actually they’re very upset.  The Dark is now in an all-out fight to maintain the current balance if not regain the control they once enjoyed over the less aware of being influence by them.

This regaining of control will not happen!  Those working in the Light have now achieved a critical mass and in so doing we have crossed the bridge into a place/time where integrity will be seen and honored while greed will also be seen and rejected on a much larger scale than ever before.  More people will join the movement into this greater Light each year as the deeper knowing beyond words is felt.  Everything takes time since we’re slow to incorporate new thinking as a society and the Dark Consciousness hinders many to remain in the old energy of the past.  Those with a greater sense of understanding will answer the call and this will be enough.  For every additional Light Worker the strength of our Light multiplies.

Beware of Fear, fear is the only weapon the Dark truly has.  If the Dark can scare us over anything they’ll win that round.  When a Light Worker has fear they quickly diminish their Light.  The Dark Consciousness knows this and makes the most of it to cause as much fear as they can.  The Dark is like a hamster standing in front of a flashlight to cast a big shadow on the wall to scare us.  If we’d only turn around to see the hamster we’d know the truth of the situation.  If we feel fear about anything be strong and understand that with the knowing in our hearts (not in our head) we are fully connected to the greater I AM in ways we may not even be aware of yet, nothing can harm us unless we allow it to happen.  Giving away our power and fear are the most common ways to diminish the intensity of our Light.  The Dark is nothing more than an absence of Light and the only tool we need to rid the world of darkness is LIGHT.

Those who work with the Dark energies having been seduced by promises of the Dark believe them to be all-powerful.  Here’s a point of logic, if the dark was all-powerful they’d have taken over everything a long time ago, nothing Dark likes competition.  In actuality working with the Dark Consciousness is like running down a dead-end ally.  Once at the end there’s nowhere to go but back the way you came.  Having talked to a few people who work with the Dark energies, when asked why they say the Dark has told them they have secrets to share and will.  The truth is the Dark has only one secret and this they will never share.  The secret is they don’t have any secrets and all they know is what they’ve learned from humans.  Working with the Dark is based on being in servitude, give them our power and they’ll help us do a few things we could learn to do ourselves.  Working with the Light is based on self-empowerment, we learn to be a co-creator and create what we desire in life for ourselves working with the rest of us on the other side of the veil.  Very few people understand the extent to which this can be applied since there is truly no limit other than what’s in the highest good for humanity.

Where there is Light, Darkness cannot exist.  For those sensitive enough to detect dark portals in those people who carry them the fastest way to battle the dark is to beam your Light into that portal.  The Dark Consciousness will close that portal FAST since the Light we’re sending is neutralizing their darkness.  Once darkness has been neutralized it can only be regenerated with the help of those working knowingly or unknowingly with the Dark Consciousness.


On a separate note it’s been a long time since I last posted, this is not a lack of desire or not having anything to communicate as much as I’ve been feeling like a busy airport with the lessons stacked up in a holding pattern asking permission to land.  The new energy of earth is ever shifting, and won’t ever go back to being “normal.”  Normal was the old energy and we cannot work towards ascension in an old energy.  The best advice I’ve heard is “love the changes since resisting it will serve no useful purpose.”