Spirituality is a Concept

A channeled message from a greater Consciousness

Just try to define spirituality, everyone has a different opinion and no one is incorrect.  This alone places spirituality outside a linear box of thought.  This box of thought is a 3D world held within a bubble of space within a greater multidimensional universe.  This bubble keeps everything isolated from the greater universe much like existing inside an egg shell.  Until the egg is cracked to venture out you’re protected from everything outside as you grow stronger.  Not unlike a young bird each will break a hole from which to peek out taking a breath of the new surroundings.  Once out you’re greeted by a loving family to learn you are greater than once thought.

Spiritual understanding does not come from within a 3D bubble as spiritual learning is not definable in linear words or thoughts.  This is the same as a young bird learning what the outside world is like while still completely incased within a shell.  Linear forms of communication on spirituality attempting to portray multidimensional concepts fall short of conveying these understandings.  The best these can achieve is in giving a linear outline suggesting a possible organization to that which has no recognizable organization from a linear perspective.  We do not wish to “double speak” only relate the organization would seem chaotic taken from the perspective of linear thought.  In truth what is seen as chaos is merely an organization beyond perception.

Each are equipped with a portal/veil from which to access greater wisdom.  From this point conceptual understanding is available to all seeking it.  The opportunity is always there to be sought when the moment is at hand and the desire is upon you.

It will not serve well to pull the pieces of egg shell back into place remaining safe within the shell.  In this time many feel a call to outgrow their shells being asked to step forward seeing themselves in a new Light.  This Light radiates from the “I AM” presence, this Light is your Light.  We ask all feeling this call to step forward and claim that which you are, the I AM.


Changing the Past will Change how we are Today

This will no doubt get the attention of those believing time is a straight track with no going back.  In a multidimensional view time is non existent.  To our guidance time is more like a book which could be opened to any page desired.

In talking about changing our past to change our current state of being we’re not talking about time travel.  We carry all of out past experiences inside of our bodies today.  This is the reason the past affects us toady, it’s still with us.  No matter what we believe the past events form how we respond to similar events today.  This is especially true in relationships, all of our past is still with us on a full time basis.  In the many incarnations we’ve had every possible twist and turn has been experienced from both sides.  At times these scenarios have repeated many times over in the attempt to give the opportunity to see and learn from them.  Each time they repeat they seem to be bigger in the hopes we’ll see the lesson this time.  I’ve had my share of revisiting some of these a number of times until I finally saw the lesson and learned it.

The repeating of lessons is the hard way to clear them from our past, this is the way it’s been done for the majority of us since our civilization began here. It’s slow going and requires many incarnations in most cases to clear a few situations while at the same time we collect more lessons to learn.  It’s safe to say we all want to be better than we are although some people seem content in wishing about being different.   Others will put the desire into action by working on those things which no longer suit them to change the way they feel.

What does it take to change?

The requirement is to have the desire to be different.  No one changes until they see a desire to be better than they are.

How do we make changes?

Life is full of learning, many different way have been seen to dislodge the past clutter of old situations which still cling to us.  We can take the time to learn some of the many ways even if its years of study to understand how to change the past within us.  We can seek out those who have already been on the path for decades to assist us in our healing.  Which ever way seems right the understanding is there to be found and used to free us from what most people have yet see detracts from our health today.

One possible source of learning and/or assistance is the Aurora Source Radiance energy; it’s only been back on the Earth for a couple of years now but its changing lives already.