Inhibitors of Spiritual Ability part II

Part II of Inhibitors of Spiritual Ability is devoted solely to Fear as it demands too much space to have been included in Inhibitors of Spiritual Ability part I.

As was stated in part I, the human consciousness is not capable of nor was it designed to function in a “spiritual” mode at its base level of survival.  Survival is the state at which a human enters the arena of three dimensional existence being unenlightened without any sophistication of consciousness which includes fear due to that misunderstanding.  “No one knows what they haven’t learned yet” so this isn’t as easy countering centuries of misunderstanding, there’s so much which isn’t known.


As our consciousness gains sophistication we become better connected to the Creator yet we still are not capable of creating or doing anything spiritual on our own.  The term “Co-creator” is correct depending on how one defines that term.  We never create spiritually alone, we can make things physically in 3D but not multidimensionally into 3D.  Even a Master isn’t working alone.  A Master has corrected the misinformation in the Belief System derived from human spirituality mythology, balanced everything in the Akash (without removing anything) and has come to a full understanding of Divine truth.  Having accomplished all that the once human consciousness has become so sophisticated and/or enlightened it co-joins with the Creator working together as ONE.  With that degree of connection a Master has access to all knowledge yet they don’t know everything.  The axiom “no one knows what they haven’t learned yet” still applies.

The foregoing wasn’t meant to be about Mastery but rather background information on designed operational limitations of our consciousness.  And I do mean “designed.”  How our consciousness functions is programmed into the holographic matrix creating a safeguard so we can’t do spiritual things without direct supervision.



Fear is a primary limiting factor to the expansion of human consciousness drawing us away from growth and higher functionality of sophistication.  The human consciousness has little knowledge of spiritual truth and is not well equipped to seek it due to the limitations placed upon it by design.  Finding greater truth becomes a game where intuition and resourcefulness are tested.  Even though books are full of spiritual wisdom most of that is mythology created by humanity without asking the Creator for any verification or validation.  This again is part of the game, will the human consciousness take the seemingly easy answer without investigating it or use discernment and validation.

Fear is an illusion which stems from a lack of knowing the truth.  That truth is always available from the Creator yet humanity seldom asks to receive it and the Belief System by its very nature will taint channeled information unless safeguards are there to prevent it.  The Pendulum when properly used bypasses the Belief System to gain better access to higher truth.  It’s not easy to ask a correct question so we get the correct answer.

Someone in fear surrenders their power to what or who they fear.  Fear will diminish their ability to direct their lives by eliminating balance plus enacting drama and doubt in the process.  Fear holds those invested in it to a misunderstanding suggesting they are powerless and those practicing what could be called dark arts, voodoo or black magic can do things to them.  The truth is THEY CANNOT, it only seems that way to the human consciousness.  This is just a misunderstanding of humanity regarding spirituality based on making erroneous assumptions.  As stated before the human consciousness cannot do spiritual tasks working on its own.  Even if the human believes they can we must be working with the Creator.  All actions must be benevolent holding a higher sophistication and sanctioned by the Creator to achieve a goal.  There are no exceptions to this especially with that of ill-intent.  We were given Free Will to physically do as we see fit ‘in three dimensional existence” although when it comes to spiritual matters we can try to do anything we want but the intentions of our actions are subject to supervision.  The single biggest exception is no one is allowed to harm another using spiritual means.  Physically is another matter completely, humanity is well practiced at that.

There are no exceptions to this.  Since ill-intent lacks benevolence no further action is taken except a notation made in Karma for future lessons on proper conduct.  As a note Karma works and is very effectively at delivering balance to those requiring it.  The interest due returns 150% of what was given out.  Karma is not retribution, its balance.  Giving out love will return much more than was given.

To attempt an illustration of how spiritual intent works we’ll try to make a simple explanation.  Person A has ill-intent toward person B.  Any dark unsophisticated actions taken by “A” do not go directly to “B” as humanity believes it does.  Those must go to the Creator since the human consciousness cannot do spiritual tasks working on its own.  The Creator sees the ill-intent and no further action is taken.  BUT this is where Fear and the Belief System of person “B” takes over.  We have Free Will which includes making mistakes, we can make as many as we want.  If person “B” believes person “A” has the power to harm them then Fear and the Belief System take over doing what the Creator had stopped person “A” from doing.  The Creator will only stop person “A” from harming others but won’t stop person “B” from harming themselves with their Free Will.

Humanity, unless they’ve become a Master doesn’t see the way this works so fear and misunderstanding rules the day rather than higher truth.  Once we’ve completed the Spiritual Challenge of Fear we understand the control we have and know others cannot do any ill-intent energy work to harm us not to mention entities, ghosts and such.

Humanity can use Free Will to give away its power by fearing what it doesn’t understand.  In so doing they pretend to be powerless and unable to protect ourselves in spite of having the Creator inside of them.  This is very common for humanity to play small and powerless.  Living without fear understanding the Divine truth changes everything.


Journey of Energy Healing – It’s not about the Modality

For other installments in the Journey of Energy Healing see, Looking even deeper, there’s always more to seeIdentifying what we haven’t experiencedLooking Deeper at Energy,   The Healing Crisis,   Lesser Etheric Life Forms,   Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them,   The Dreaded Implant and A Healer’s Journey

This won’t be a long writing, the words here are meant to point a direction to travel in not as a check list.

Like religions of which there are many, all will lead to the same place although the journey is different.  Each modality has a greater degree of efficiency in some circumstances while not being as effective in others.  Every modality has some tools and holds part of a puzzle yet to this date none are complete nor could they be until our consciousness has learned more.

We’re expressing our existence in a linear dimension attempting to understand greater multidimensional concepts governing the functioning of our world and physical bodies. The focus then becomes less about any healing modality and more about the consciousness of the healer.  The understanding of anyone (everyone) changes our abilities to direct, re-direct or clear energy.  We are and live in energy, it’s just not something we recognize.  Understanding could be thought of as a personal challenge of growth.  We only know what we’ve learned so we’re unknowing of everything else.  Some have awareness of “there’s more to be learned” but this is where it ends.  Or is it the beginning?  A compulsion to know illuminates our path to learning, we then manifest greater understanding within our consciousness by focusing on the desire to know more.  This is an important attraction for all learning and life’s conditions if change is desired.

The third major part of healing is about the one asking to be healed.  For those who believe a healing will not occur that would close the door to healing.  Another aspect would be the “higher good.”  If someone is in a spiritual test or there’s a karmic attribute connected with the conditions, then a healing would not be likely to happen unless the karmic attribute was about the healer or the healing itself in such a way the healing is an answer to a karmic lesson.  Karmic interactions can and many times are a bit convoluted in 3D terms.

The answer to any request for healing depends on the goal and what the conditions are plus the consciousness of those working to make a change.  A Master can heal with a single thought, the rest of us are still learning.  Every healer is aided by a greater understanding of their own Mastery.

Has the past really departed from us?

In terms of the Akash or Karma and more directly who and how we think today is as a direct result of what we’ve experienced in the past, not just last year but on a larger scale from other incarnations, lives.  Most of us would think “that was then, today I’m different” so it has no lasting effect on me.  We are more like chapters in a book, in each incarnation or life we live our story as we evolve so we are subject to what happened in the previous chapters shaping who we are and how we think today.

Fears, phobias, likes and dislikes are just a small part of how our past reflects on who we are today, each plays an important part in creating our personality.  Our past track record of experience has a direct influence on what we do today.  If for example someone were a sailor in many former incarnations it has an influence on wanting to return to a carrier on the ocean again.  These are then set as “something familiar” so we tend to be drawn back to those familiar thing again.

One example is a person who had a fear of fire.  There was no bad or traumatic experience in this incarnation with fire which would account for this fear.  Although in a past incarnation they were living in Salem, Massachusetts during the time when people were burned at the stake receiving firsthand experience with fire.

In this example it can be seen what we have lived in the past is still part of us today.  People having phobias are reacting to past experience just as much as someone wanting to be a fireman. (again)

Karma, more than system to balance experiences

Karma has greater functions than just keeping track of our experiences to preserve the equality.  The karma also keeps reminding us of the things we’ve done or felt before.  Both the things we think that are darker and those we find to be good.  We are given feelings of familiarity to signal us of our past.  This extends from being in the same kind of job to finding the same kind of person to be in a relationship with.

The deeper implications are what we’ve thought in the past about ourselves coming back to us in each life which usually magnifies them even more.  Those who’ve had self-worth thoughts will have them presented again, those who’ve had the feelings of being poor and destitute will revisit these feeling again.  The single most powerful thing is our own thoughts, we reinforce these thoughts each time we rethink them so what we think over and over again becomes our reality regardless of what’s true or false.  Being stuck on having lives without problems and having wealth presents little to be concerned about.  If we’re stuck on the old false thought patterns these cycles will remain in effect until we’ve seen them for what they truly are, false shadows of our past thinking.  Even though these past images are as invalid today as they were when we first accepted them, they keep recycling in our minds imprinting themselves on us now.

Until we choose to recognize these self defeating patterns they’ll remain as shadows in the Akash until we confront them and reprogram the old beliefs.

The Ego, Then and Now

If you follow a desire to be more spiritual then chances are you’ve been aware of how the Ego plays a LARGE part in what and how we think or feel especially in the area of feelings.  The Ego is a part of us and it will always be this way.  The Ego is a source of drive to achieve goals so without an Ego the emphasis to do anything is hard to find.  As humans living in Duality the Ego has seen its role to be greater than the Divine function would suggest.  The Ego sees itself as a protector and a navigator for our life steering us to and away from what the Ego feels is good for us.

Entering into a quest for spiritual growth or even before what the Ego has been doing is something we’ve become accustom to as we’ve always lived with the Ego.  The time comes when the Ego begins to be seen as the obstructionist in our lives stepping in the way of our progress towards a goal WE want.  Gaining the upper hand on the Ego is not an easy task.  After we’ve begun to see how the Ego impacts us and we’ve become unhappy with the interference then working with our Guidance is extremely helpful to make a push towards overcoming the Ego in our lives.  The Ego has branched out getting into every aspect of our lives and is the driving force behind such emotions as; anger, fear, greed, hate, guilt, self doubt and the feelings of not being good enough, just to name a few and with that said we’ll make a special point to say Depression is also something the Ego has a finger in.  The Ego is the provider of lower emotional feelings although some may suggest the Ego is directly involved with Love which is true but it’s only in the lower aspects like jealousy and mistrust.

If this wasn’t enough to work with here’s another something to consider.  What we were in a past life and how we acted then creates our Karma which also has the fingerprints of our Ego all over it.  To work towards cleaning up the Ego today we have the past to attend to as well if we want to be truly effective.

An effective way to contend with the Ego is in taking a step by step approach.  The Ego is wide spread to say the least so an all out confrontation would be a hard one to win.  Working with our guidance in one area at a time makes an opening for small victories which will add up in retaking the ownership of our life.

Karma is about Balance

Karma is most often thought of as the way the universe gets even with people for doing things we feel is wrong.  The universe actually lets us decide what we’ll do to learn these important lessons.  We are not set before a tribunal and read the charges of our misdoings.  Karma is the means by which we receive the lessons of our past so we will be shown in a very personal way what we have done.

People generally think about Karma as a way life gets even for doing something wrong although Karma is not just a way to get even for something we’ve done.  Karma extends far beyond this into receiving a balanced experience, this balances every experience not just the negative ones.  When we’ve been kind or generous to others this also is returned to us later in one life or another so we’ll have a balanced experience of giving and receiving.

Being kind to others now and those we’ve been kind to will also be kind to us at a future point.  When being tempted to throw rocks at someone remember we’ll be rewarded for this too.

The Circle of Life – What happened still happens

We see life as a line from here to there but life is more like a circle.  In the third dimension we are only expect to see things in a linear fashion as seeing beyond that is a matter of reading a greater existence.  We start and finish at the same point as we transition to and from “the other side.”   We make these circles in both our individual incarnation cycles and again as we complete larger groups of many incarnations reaching Mastery although we still finish at the same point.

In the strictly Divine sense there is only the Now, everything is in the every-present now always.  What was before is still going on now, time as we think of it is an illusion.  This illusion of time is for our benefit to compensate for our limited three dimensional perception.  Every life/incarnation we’ve had is still happening even though we believe them to be long ago finished.  What happened in one incarnation cascades to each other incarnation in the circle affecting all equally.  Much like having a glass of water, when placing a few drops of food coloring into it, soon the entire glass of water has the coloring.  The energy of a past event in one incarnations travels to the rest of our incarnations visiting each equally unless the awareness is higher than vibration of the event.  When one of our incarnation acts in a “less than Divine way” all every incarnations will pick up the karma from that action.  Is this fair?  It most certainly is.  After all each one of those incarnations was/is still us, we did it so we also have the chance to clean it up too.   Now clearing up the karma is another subject.  How do we clean up something we don’t know is there?  In one way this is a reason these things wait for us to find them.  Sooner or later we’ll find them, it may be due to our knowing about them or we may have them pointed out so we can work on them.  If we’ve come to the understanding of working with the karmaic issues then we’re even closer to clearing them.  Many challenges of karma can be cleared by others although not every item is open for someone else to clear.  In these the karmaic exchange is very personal most likely having forgiveness involved with the possibility of an emotional release all which benefit/depend on the personal effort.  There are many who can help clear karma, some are more effective than others so references, referrals then asking a trusted psychic to check and see if the work was completed would be beneficial.

How much karmic work do we have to work through?  Most of us have been here for hundreds of incarnations.  In that time we’ve been through a lot, we had some unbelievable things happen to us and we’ve done our share to others as we’ve learned.  Some of us deny having ever done terrible things or having any karma yet to resolve.  The reservoir of karma is usually very deep as we’ve all taken our turns in gaining experience.