The Flux of Energy Continues (as of June 2018)

As has been said before those resisting change will not fare well in a changing environment.  It is the nature of our Linear consciousness to want everything to remain as it was.  This comforts our linear aspect which desires to avoid uncertainty.

Independent of anyone’s awareness these energies still effect their lives.  The current ripples of energy seem to focus on bring up past unresolved issues to be reexamined.  The overall reaction seems to bring up judgmental attitudes.  I’ve seen this in myself and from some of those around me.  I’ve heard stories about reactions people are having to daily situations resulting in drama and judgment of others.

For those with a mindset to obtain greater spiritual understanding now is a wonderful time to examine how we feel without judgment of others or ourselves.  By default our Linear consciousness judges everything so in understanding this we are called to let go of that default nature gaining a greater enlightenment in the process.


There is no substitute for Self -Love

Also see An addendum to Self-Love for more information.

For some self-love seems a given yet for many others self-love just seems to be an unknown.  There is no substitute for self-love.  This one attribute is a corner-stone of spiritual growth and will inhibit us from finding the relationship we want.  If we can’t love ourselves how will we love another?  It’s easier to look outside of us for love which is why most of humanity searches for love in someone else to fill the feeling of incompleteness.  This has become accepted as where to look for love yet, why is it so elusive?  Like everything else love is to be found within us but for many it seems blocked by many forms of self-judgment.

Make no mistake the path to spiritual growth, knowing, self-empowerment and Mastery all pass through our doorway of Self-Love early in the journey.  There is a great deal to learn in spirituality yet we are very limited as to how far we can go without learning self-love.

In looking for a special relationship with another person to hold as our lover we are limited without knowing self-love.  How do we give love to another if we’re unable to love ourselves first?  We each have our own self-love doorway.  All too often this doorway seems unused if not locked.  This doorway must be opened allowing love and compassion to flow through us from Divine sources.  The doorway of self-love also is our portal to receive love as well as give love.

Opening our self-love portal requires effort to clear the past from blocking our access to it. There isn’t a magic wand to instantly remove the many incarnations of misunderstanding nor is there a new-age clearing process or technique to do it while we sit back and listen.  In Light of this we’re called to use a well-known process of standing in front of a mirror.  We look into our own eyes saying “I love you” and meaning it to as great a level as possible.  Many find resistance to doing this which is understandable but then this is why the process is so valuable, that resistance is what we want to clear.  As we continue doing this the resistance will subside as the obstruction is cleared.  Continue this no matter how long it takes, a week, a month, a year, it will pay off.  Eventually we find it easy to say “I love you” and meaning it.  When this occurs our doorway to self-love is open allowing us to honor our own Divinity by loving ourselves.

This is the first and a very important step to give and receive love from others.  We’ll still need to work with the Ego, judgment and trust but those are easier to overcome when we love ourselves.

The Truth vs A Truth

We exist in duality thinking with singularity.  We’ve grown up with the notion of a singular truth in which those who have it are correct and everyone else is wrong.  Just ask anyone deeply involved in a religion about the truth, many times you’ll hear they have the truth in their doctrine and the group down the road has been misled.  The same goes for politics, history and even science to some extent.  Anytime people are involved there’s a chance of an agenda or preconceived opinions standing in the way of objectivity.

Some factors involved in our believing something to be true are understanding, perception, neutrality and judgment.  The level of each determines how open we may be and the extent of our experience.  Everyone builds a box of consciousness placing in it those things believed to be real/true.  Depending on the size of this box it will hold greater thoughts or not.

Understanding is a direct result of experience broadening the possibilities we see.

Perception is an intuitional ability to sense a better answer.

Neutrality gives a lack of agenda with the openness to consider all options no matter how obscure they may seem.

Judgment causes forcing things to fit within our preconceived parameters (a box of consciousness) to be considered valid.  Judgment opposes our objectivity affecting any sense of neutrality.  Anything failing to fit within the confines of past experience is invalid, unacceptable and untrue regardless of any actual merit.

The concept of a Higher Truth is a function of understanding and our box of consciousness.  The greater wisdom we hold the more we understand the nature of all things is a variable of our perception.  On this journey what we hold as true will/should change as new insights are seen replacing what was thought of as true when we held a lesser understanding.  This makes truth a variable not an absolute.