Journey of Energy Healing – Spiritual Testing

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Every day at any time we are subject to being tested on some level.  When we’re doing our spiritual work is an especially good time for Guidance to measure how we’re doing lesson wise.  How we respond when presented with certain situations determines where our Guidance will focus our lesson plan.  In healing work is particularly a good time to measure our progress.  At times we’ll sense an energy which isn’t in alignment with the person we’re working with and is also not appropriate to clear.  The test could be to find out if we’ll sense it, use our intuition to determine the correct action, ask the correct questions or if we’ll just remove it without further inquiry.

Sensing an energy doesn’t mean it’s alright to clear it.  If it’s there and we don’t sense it this doesn’t mean it’s in the highest good for it to stay there but this is a tricky one.  If we don’t sense it others may and alert us to what they feel or it may just be to test our senses.

Welcome to the pop quiz version of spiritual testing.  As I write this Guidance is laughing motioning for me to move forward.

Just for the record, we can’t actually remove or change anything which should not be cleared.  All of our perceptions come through our spiritual connections such as the Pineal gland to mention one.  These are accessible to be adjusted or filtered by Guidance for us to sense or not sense what we are called to notice or not intended to notice.  As we grow spiritually the filtering becomes less until there is no longer a purpose for this to occur.  If we attempted to clear something which should not be cleared most likely we’d be given the perception of its having been cleared so we’ll feel complete about it even though it remains where it was.  The term “no harm, no foul” comes to mind from Guidance.  Our experience on Earth is one of learning to be the Divine consciousness we are but don’t remember.  In the process of learning / remembering we’re not allowed to interfere in the growth of others even if we believe what we’re doing is in the highest good.  We’re not wise enough to know that so any attempt which would interfere with some one’s growth will not be permitted.  This brings us back to being tested and knowing what is appropriate.  As we complete our lessons we’re offered new opportunities to learn greater details or more involved subjects.  Conversely, not learning a lesson afforded us will result in our remaining at our current point until such time as we do learn.  Spirituality is completely a reward system, learn it then move forward or not staying where we are until it becomes well understood.

Sensing an energy which is not conducive to good health yet should not be removed is common.  A primary reason an energy would not be in the highest good to remove is often one of that energy has not yet fulfilled its purpose.  Yes, even those energies which are not the sort we want to keep have a greater purpose.  It usually takes a lot to get our attention and often we ignore subtle energies for years or even many incarnations during which time Guidance ups the level of discomfort attempting to get our attention so we’ll learn what is to be learned.  Many times in that learning those energies are cleared once and for all just by understanding the lesson.  As mentioned in other entries about healing we have a tendency to focus on what comes to our attention without looking behind that to see if there’s more, of which there usually is.  Not addressing those other energies is to overlook the root cause of a symptom, many times there are multiple layers.

Another just for the record, our Guidance is a part of us which didn’t enter into this 3D environment.  That part of us has the task of assisting us to learn in the most efficient way possible.  As they are us, they know all too well what it takes to get our attention.  They are diligent and persistent in accomplishing this goal in spite of how much we may drag our feet when it comes to meeting a challenge.

Now the flip side of sensing is unawareness of an energy.  At times we are prevented from seeing what is there simply due to its being inappropriate to clear it.  On other occasions we are tested to see if we can sense it anyway.  In my experience there are many levels of cloaking having been constructed in different ways to prevent sensing what is behind / within it.  At times several are employed to compound the difficulty.  The challenge becomes one of, can we sense the cloaking and are we able to see through them.

An advanced subject worth mentioning is the construction of cloaks to hinder dark energies.  I find this fun and informative to test the limitations of a dark consciousness.  This of course is not accomplished by using the Linear Consciousness which is always thinking it can (Ego) but rather by using the Spiritual Consciousness which could if we’ve come to a full spiritual knowing of our “God Within.”  Having integrated the knowing of how to work with cloaks and by practicing our energy work diligently we can become skilled.  Using a pendulum is a good way to by-pass our filters and know if we’re at a point of learning to accomplish this or anything else spiritual or otherwise.  As when working with Guidance asking a properly worded question makes all the difference.  We’ll get an answer to the question we did ask but was that the one we intended to ask.


Guidance and the Bread Crumbs

This is a story about a game of Life, the original game of life not the one in a box although some say they’re both in a box at least until the choice is made to step outside the box.

This story begins with our adventurers already committed to a segment of the game as they progress through the unseen maze of life.  Each player must accept being in a state of forgetfulness otherwise the game would be too easy to complete.  The complexity of the playing field is a maze of such proportion even this is not seen especially with the players having limited vision and perception.  Having created a playing field with hidden aspects veiled from plain sight makes this a most complicated and challenging game of skill requiring the players to reenter the game a great many times to acquire the considerable understanding which is needed.

The game pieces themselves are well disguised as ordinary objects found in the maze.  To discern them takes close inspection and many times introspection to find any hidden meaning which may be concealed there.  Even then the significance may not be known at first until more puzzle pieces are gathered creating a larger image which then brings an epiphany on some scale.

While our adventurers are busy doing seemingly mundane tasks playing this game has another group which is also participating in the game.  To most players this group is unseen and unsuspected until they’ve progressed through many levels of the game.  Seen or unseen this group is always there attempting to help the players to attain their next goal.  Usually this group is called Guidance.  The rules of our game prohibits Guidance from making any direct contact with the players until the player give permission for Guidance to assist them.  To do this a player must first sense the presence of Guidance using intuition before asking to receive assistance or any direct communication can be established.  This is a catch in the game, a player must know Guidance is there without any outside proof.  Even without a player’s awareness Guidance is still doing as much as possible to arrange game pieces where they can be found, even moving them to a better place when they’ve gone unnoticed.  Without the awareness of Guidance most players do their best in managing the game while they work seemingly alone.

Guidance has a unique advantage in our game as they can see the entire maze knowing where each path will lead our player.  They also have an inventory list of sorts knowing what our players have found or learned and what is still to be located.  With this and the ability to see the entire maze Guidance organizes the journey of our players to the degree each player will allow.

As our players learn to hear the suggestions of Guidance the clues and game pieces become noticed on a greater level due to increased spiritual growth.  As the players put these pieces together they gain a better understanding of what each piece means and a greater vision of the journey becomes known.  All the while as our player work with Guidance to learn, they themselves begin to see the maze for what it is.  Even the game itself becomes more understandable.

Knowing how guidance works is very important to understanding the information offered.  Guidance cannot just come out and give us the answers to most of the questions we would ask.  Some, yes, but for the most part we must figure it out for ourselves, this is the learning process.  For this reason a trail of bread crumbs leads us to the clues we need to better understand the challenge we’re working on.  That said at times we may be misdirected so we’ll take a path we wouldn’t have taken just so we’ll find something important.  Remember, there’s a lot Guidance can’t tell us.  Misdirecting us as to why it’s important to do something may get us to where we need to be for a reason they couldn’t tell us before we get there.  It’s all part of the rules for our game.

Guidance is always leaving a trail of bread crumbs for us to follow.  If we’re aware and looking for these clues it creates a new dynamic in our game of life.  All of this points out something to know, we’re more than a bunch of singular entities on a speck of dust in the enormous universe.  We’re here taking part in a greater plan. We are watched over and assisted at every moment if we’ll only see and accept the help which is offered in unconditional love.  Above all, know that Guidance has an incredible sense of humor.  While we learn who we really are they like to have fun joking with us whenever it’s appropriate.

Of Dark and Light

Light and Dark

These form the core of Duality, the two opposing attributes in a three dimensional existence.  In the opposition rests a fundamental lesson we are here to learn.  To be seduced by what seemingly is power and control over others laced with hatred, conspiracy and drama or to see within the Light the true seat of our dominion over all that is through oneness and a compassionate heart.

This search is always a personal one even though we share the same challenge.  Since we are unique individuals we must each find our own way to every higher truth without proof of any kind.  Having proof of what we can’t see would force the acceptance of what hasn’t been understood yet.  Rather we are to seek out the intuition which will assist us to know what isn’t seeable with 3D senses.  Some would call this “faith” which is usually “I think I know something” in a three dimensional way as opposed to a spiritual “knowing that we know” finding the answers within the heart.  We learn that knowing is more than we see with normal sight, it comes from beyond this 3D realm.  With practice we learn to sense the truth with our intuition.  To those not having practiced these the concepts they sound alien at best if not bazaar.

With the attributes of duality present we are more influenced as to the choices we make by the very dark energies we have created over the centuries.  Duality also draws us into lessons which are incomplete from our last or past incarnations.  There are many which may well and usually do run from life to life creating a track record built upon past performance or challenges to overcome which we haven’t realized yet.  Just as we are drawn back to unfinished business we also compile our completed lessons and successes having these as a resource to draw upon in each incarnation as we learn to access them.

Our very choices of what or perhaps how we think influences the reality we perceive around us.  With each thought we create our own personal reality so in that we are solely responsible for what we have created.  We could have a life of abundance or live of lack and drama depending on what we focus our attention on since it’s from our thoughts the reality we live in springs from.  Luck has nothing to do with it, we are responsible for that as well.

Filters a.k.a. the Programming of Human Intellect

From the moment of birth the three dimensional intellect receives input from all available sources.  Much like a computer program receiving periodic updates our programming is added onto and revised moment by moment being adjusted with every new experience and reinforced with repeated experiences.

What we believe is a result of our programming which is a result of our experience.  The intellect develops patterns after time which limits the readiness to accept new experience.  Anything outside of past experience must be passed through comparative logic of previous experience before being added to the data base of our programming.  The human brain collects and categorizes everything but rejects as errors that which is too far beyond other previous experience.  Our programming has nothing to do with truth no matter how much some may protest, it’s only about experience which is then judged to be truth since that’s all we know.

Now to the filters, in spiritual terms what we believe becomes our filters, these color our perception and receptivity to all new information based on what we think is true.  They also present us with challenges in moving forward with our growth to learn higher truths.  Filters not only present challenges to everyone in daily life, Physics, Mediums, Channelers and Readers must also contend with these.  Filters flavor what we think plus what we see, hear and or perceive in spiritual ways.  Our information then isn’t as pure as it could have been.  This fact isn’t as well-known as it could be but is very important to understand.  Our daily life is affected by past experiences and what we think we know.  This is compounded for those engaged in spiritual work doing readings for themselves and others seeking information.  Any and all information is subject to increased impurity depending on the extent to which the reader has filters.  Of course we’re seldom even aware of having any filters in the first place so how would we recognize them in others?

We only know what we experienced in some fashion or another, nothing beyond that is even on the radar until we engage our higher abilities of intuition and discernment.  These are not aspects known to our human intellect unless we’ve practiced these before.  Intuition and discernment originate beyond the three dimensional world coming through aspects of our spiritual consciousness which is not part of the human intellect.  With our intuition and discernment we have new resources of experience beyond those of our 3D world allowing us to openly touch the multidimensional origins.  Finding this doorway to the greater-self is a major accomplishment in being here on Earth, it allows us to see our filters understanding how they came to be.  Only then are we ready to unlearn the many misperceptions we’ve held to remove our filters.

Spiritual Challenges on our path to Mastery


While writing about Mastery I found myself including Spiritual Challenges in it.  I asked Guidance and it was suggested I write two pieces since I’d find enough to write about both.  In the process of writing on Spiritual Challenges I found myself including Mastery even though I was focused to separate these two.  The jokes on me.  Learning is done best by direct experience rather than being told about it.  This is how Guidance works, they knew what was going to happen but they just waited for me to see it too.  As with much/most/all of spirituality separating it into pieces is a linear human perspective while spirituality is a multidimensional concept making it all one package without individual parts.  Everything is a learning experience.


Spiritual Challenges to becoming a Master

We are here to learn, in this learning there comes many opportunities to demonstrate our progress thus far.  Some spiritual challenges are relatively a breeze, at other times these could be a very trying experience.  Much like taking a test in school the greater understanding we have of the subject matter the easier moving past the test becomes.

There are many steps to be taken on our path to Mastery, one of these many steps is Self-empowerment which leads to a great number of other lessons.  Two others which many seem to be facing since 2012 is “claiming our power” and “conquering fear.”  Each have their own chapters, claiming our power is a large part of conquering fear.  Self-empowerment is also involved in both of these.  The interaction of these three also points out the circular aspect of multidimensional concepts where everything is connected as opposed to linear perspective of separation.  There are many challenges although these three seem to be faced more often at this time of spiritual growth.

Self-empowerment is a large step forward in human spiritual terms.  We start taking responsibility for ourselves learning to handle the conditions of life without asking the Angels to do everything for us.  They’re here to help but not in the way most seem to expect.  The Angels/Guidance are here to teach us not give us the answers.  They’re not here to do everything for us rather to help us learn to do it ourselves.  Self-empowerment is a corner stone of our growth.  Without this we’re unable to claim our power or conquer the fears.  Fear and being powerless or victimhood are misperceptions seeming real so we remain small and powerless at the mercy of the dark consciousness on earth.  Of course the dark consciousness is all too happy to take the power we surrender to them assisting us to be afraid of them, they’ve had millennia to practice.  When we’re in fear of anything our light is extinguished completely making us a tempting target for lower vibrational consciousness to play with, even disease likes those without Light.

Claiming our power is something which through the ages few have truly seen the power we possess.  The Masters knew our Divine-self as did a limited number of others.  A large part of humanity looks at the Masters as being Superhuman not those who have learned the truth of our Divine existence becoming fully human in the process.  If we don’t claim this power as our right and natural state of being then we give it to others such as the dark consciousness remaining as a servant rather than being the Masters we are. (or could be depending on if we’re looking at this from 3D or multiD)  This is where we’re called to know in our heart (not the intellect) we are an inseparable part of the Creative Consciousness being loved beyond measure, watched over endlessly and held safe in every moment.  As part of the Creative Consciousness we carry the full abilities of every other Divine Being.  We are ONE together not one apart from others.  Being separate is a 3D view of duality which is one of many illusions in duality.  Self-empowerment is a very key understanding in claiming our power.  We’re all unique, this spiritual challenge reflects that also in how we’re presented with the puzzle of claiming our power leaving the illusion of being powerless behind us.  The challenge of claiming our power also has sub-challenges if you want to call them that.  We may also be asked to understand drama or victimhood just to name two of these.  When we know these are illusions in our hearts we see we’re greater than we could have imagined although in a humble way not from the ego since these truths are empowering our Divine wisdom.

Conquering Fear goes hand in hand with self-empowerment and claiming our power, these are closely related and are interrelated not independent of each other.  Once we’ve become empowered and have claimed our true power we can conquer the fears we have.  Until then we’ve not yet understood our true nature.  Knowing these aids us in seeing we have all we need to overcome the shadows of any darkness.  Truth be known the dark doesn’t stand a chance with a Light-worker who knows the truth of their own existence.  There’s no more need for protection or shields of any kind once we know the truth of our Divine power.  Our own Light is all we could want, darkness cannot exist in the Light.  If we’re surrounded by dark energy we don’t have the Light we thought we did.

There are many challenges to meet such as trust, self-balancing, relationships, anger, understanding, compassion, awareness of energy, inner peace and the list goes on for a long ways.  It’s not uncommon for any of these to take multiple incarnations to achieve.  All of these are attributes of Mastery although the three challenges having been focused on are a core set bringing about a great shift in consciousness paving the way for the other understanding to follow.


Mastery of Spiritual Challenges

The concept of Mastery is a human one of completing our lessons reaching the upper limits of understanding available to us as an incarnate consciousness.  From the perspective of a timeless Divine consciousness Mastery is a state of completion which could never be reached since we’re always learning something new.  For the sake of simplicity we’ll use the human concept of Mastery.

Mastery is an individual accomplishment yet we don’t do it alone but then we’re never alone anyway.  Even if we think we’re alone we’re watched and followed 24/7 by our guidance being surround in numbers greater than we could count yet most of us ignore them completely. We’re much more than meets the eye, those we call our guides are some of the other parts of our own consciousness remaining just beyond “normal” perception.  There are still many more aspects of us which stayed on the other side of the veil as well.  Each of us is a group consciousness containing many parts just like the Creative Consciousness thus the term “made in his image” wasn’t about arms and legs.  Only a limited amount of us is actually here in duality taking part in this learning experience.  Those who know of their guidance have the greatest chance to utilize the help which they offer but our guidance requires to be asked to help before they can enter our lives in a more active role.  To re-visit “an individual accomplishment” for a moment, we’re all unique and this is yet another place where each of our journeys is different from everyone else.  We have the same understanding to acquire although the where, how and when is completely up to us.  Think of it as a spiritual scavenger hunt, everyone is free to take their list finding those items wherever they will.  The list is actually very long, so long it takes a great many incarnations to accumulate these items.  The good part is when we end an incarnation those items / understandings we’ve collected are automatically saved in our Akash.  We usually don’t even remember what we were doing in a past life, if we do, this is an opportunity for our intuition to lead us in the search again.  As we progress along our path we become more aware of our past and what we’re going to accomplish in our current incarnation until we know that from a few years after our birth.

There isn’t a final test we face here on Earth to get our Masters, once we’ve learned what we’re called to know these accomplishments are complete.   We then understand beyond (normal) human comprehension granting us great freedom to go beyond the perceived limits of three dimensional physics.  Humanity believes physics is the be-all, end-all of rules governing how everything works.  When we achieve Mastery we then understand in terms of multidimensionality rather than three dimensional existence finding those perceived limits of physics to also be an illusions of duality.

Everything a Master does spiritually is by pure intension, a Master doesn’t have or need any external tools.  We are complete as we are with everything we need inside of us already.  The intension of a Master is powered by greater understanding / wisdom in a state of complete connection with all that is.

What is our higher consciousness?

Our higher consciousness resides both within us and around us.  We are never separated from this higher-self portion of our soul.  We are in constant communications regardless of our being aware of this.  Our higher consciousness or higher self is one of the portions of us which could not be with us fully as part of the consciousness we’ve come to know as us.  The largest reason for this is the higher self knows the things we’re not ready to understand yet.  We’re here to learn many thing just to be ready for higher thoughts.

The higher self will bring forward many thoughts of understanding and guidance to us each day assisting us to make better choices.  The trick is to perceive these messages as coming from this higher source rather than just being idle chatter in our head.  The best way to separate the words of guidance and those of the subconscious, ego or other energies is to listen to the words.  The higher self will never berate us in any way, we are only spoken to in love and in a loving way.  Anything we head which says “we’ve really made a mess of it” is not from our higher self so we’d be best served to ignore those.

Depending on our level of talent in listening to guidance we may hear words or receive thoughts or intuitions maybe even pictures.  It matters not how we communicate with our higher self only that we make the effort.

The Old Soul and Knowing the Truth

Many times the concept of truth is gauged in terms of what someone wants to hear not what is actually true.  This demonstrates that even when the truth is heard many times it will be rejected if it goes against what we’ve always been told is true or what we are willing to accept as being true.  There are many examples of this, I’m sure we’ve all seen times when our understanding has changed due to a new insight yet others are unwilling to entertain this new information.  It is at these times the old soul is required to reach into the intuition to get a feeling for what is true from the misconceptions of the day or from decades past.

Mythology has become accepted for being the truth many times.  These “accepted truths” die hard usually only after centuries of being disproved.  How long did it take the myth of the “World is Flat” to pass away, and still today some living in areas of the world having little or no outside communications still hold to this myth.  The practice of Blood Letting to remove Evil Spirits from the body was another myth accepted as the truth for decades, this one seems to have passed from the medical text books of today.

We have a limited idea of how the conditions in a multidimensional universe could be.  This is understandable since we are not well equipped to perceive or conceive of how a multidimensional existence could work especially without something to compare it with.  We then fall back to drawing conclusions of how the “other side of the veil” works based on life here in a three dimensional world.  In the religious and metaphysical thinking myths abound based on half truths, misunderstandings or three dimensional conjectures which are used to create a picture of what the higher realms are like.  This has been the downfall for humans attempting to grasp the true nature of “heaven” or the higher vibrational realms of existence.

There is no comparison at all so releasing the thoughts of its being parallel in some way help.  Meditation and clearing the mind of what is thought to be real opens the door to what is as close to being real as our three dimensional understanding will permit us to know.  Working with the body’s innate intelligence will provide the “chills of validation” as another way to discern the truth from what is not.