Spirituality is a Concept

A channeled message from a greater Consciousness

Just try to define spirituality, everyone has a different opinion and no one is incorrect.  This alone places spirituality outside a linear box of thought.  This box of thought is a 3D world held within a bubble of space within a greater multidimensional universe.  This bubble keeps everything isolated from the greater universe much like existing inside an egg shell.  Until the egg is cracked to venture out you’re protected from everything outside as you grow stronger.  Not unlike a young bird each will break a hole from which to peek out taking a breath of the new surroundings.  Once out you’re greeted by a loving family to learn you are greater than once thought.

Spiritual understanding does not come from within a 3D bubble as spiritual learning is not definable in linear words or thoughts.  This is the same as a young bird learning what the outside world is like while still completely incased within a shell.  Linear forms of communication on spirituality attempting to portray multidimensional concepts fall short of conveying these understandings.  The best these can achieve is in giving a linear outline suggesting a possible organization to that which has no recognizable organization from a linear perspective.  We do not wish to “double speak” only relate the organization would seem chaotic taken from the perspective of linear thought.  In truth what is seen as chaos is merely an organization beyond perception.

Each are equipped with a portal/veil from which to access greater wisdom.  From this point conceptual understanding is available to all seeking it.  The opportunity is always there to be sought when the moment is at hand and the desire is upon you.

It will not serve well to pull the pieces of egg shell back into place remaining safe within the shell.  In this time many feel a call to outgrow their shells being asked to step forward seeing themselves in a new Light.  This Light radiates from the “I AM” presence, this Light is your Light.  We ask all feeling this call to step forward and claim that which you are, the I AM.


Religion vs Spirituality

It’s not necessary to be spiritual or religious; we could be neither if this were our chose.  For those among us wishing to be religious there are many options to pick from, humanity has divided the worship of God into many boxes each with a label and an organization for each.  The choices are there to go with a main stream religion or a lesser known religion all of which would be happy to increase their membership.  For those who feel comfortable not being in an organization to look for God, spirituality will work well for them.

The main difference is; each religion has its own version of rules and regulations to be followed to reach God, all of which are complied into a doctrine.  The doctrine is then given to each member, plus also being housed in a special structure where the members meet at to pray at specified times under the direction of the local leaders of that group.  Spirituality is more like open source code software; it can be customized and adjusted to fit the individual’s needs.  Spirituality has no doctrine or assigned leaders.  It’s completely free style although there are writings from many people, none of which are considered to be the rules, it’s up to the individual to accept them or not.  Spirituality can be practiced anywhere at anytime by anyone.  In Spirituality the special structure is within each of us and we are our own leader.

It’s not a contest or competition to find God/Creator/Spirit/Heavenly Father/I Am/Source/CAO. (chief angelic officer) God honors all those who seek to find him/her no matter which way they chose.  It’s all in the desire and the journey to find (insert your choice here).