Journey of Energy Healing – Lesser Etheric Life Forms

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The Universe is filled with unusual things, in energy healing if we’re looking they’re bound to show up sooner or later.  We have lesser forms of life in our physical world, we also have them in astral forms too.  This subject seems to be one not considered very often.  Just when you thought it was safe to go outside here comes another little gem to be aware of.  Over the years etheric forms of our long passed away pets have shown up in people’s energy fields along with the more unusual etheric life forms.  These lesser forms of life include etheric fungus, bacteria, insects and parasites which are not all that uncommon.

Not all of these etheric life forms are from around here dimensionally or galactically speaking.  Portals have been found which are open to places where these things come from.  Exactly where those portals go is only of slight interest, it’s enough to know that those places are not a great spot to take a vacation.  At times people have said “I’ve been to four Doctors and no one can find a reason for this . . . “ or “I’ve keep doing healing work on this pain and it moved to a different spot.”  These are tip-offs that something else is going on.  When a deep look is taken at their energy many times an extra energy or two has intruded making itself right at home.  Few Doctors are even slightly aware of subtle Energy.  This seems not to be taught in Western schools at all and it seems these lesser energies are overlooked in Eastern schools as well.

Etheric parasites are the most common of this group impacting our lives the most.  The symptoms of these life forms can range from a rash to cramps while at times a feeling depleted energy accompanies their being present especially if they’re making a home in the intestines.  They feed from our energy to grow stronger which makes us weaker, the move of them the greater the affect.  They can also multiply and spread as well.  Some are larger nearly a foot long being fewer in number while others are bacterial in size but number in the tens of thousands.  They can have a preferred place to be such as in a particular organ or even in the brain while others are not particular about where they call home.  For those who sense the energy the smaller ones can seem like a fog collected around one area.  The larger ones can change shape to some extent as they move around the body.  These can also inhabit the outer layers of the energy fields as can any other etheric object.

Not one of these are doing anyone a favor by visiting with us.  It’s possible for these to have karma or forgiveness associated with them although it’s uncommon.  To be complete, checking is always a good practice.  These exist and bring their complications to our energy impacting how we feel.  Being aware of them opens the door to finding them.