Journey of Energy Healing – Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them

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We are all unique so what will work for one of us may not do as well for another.  What any one person feels or will sense is unique to them and only a reference to anyone else.  In this writing the attempt is to explain a procedure to us based on important abilities to find objects and information needed to clear these.

Subtle energy is just that, we all have the ability to sense these energies.  We all come equipped differently, some will have an easier time “seeing” while others will “sense” better.  “You can’t tell the player without a score card,” I think that’s what they said at one time going to a baseball game.  In energy healing how do we identify the players?  Asking our Guidance is the sure way to find out.  Even if we don’t have a label for an object there’s still a lot of information we can gain about an energy which will help determine a proper course of action.

My personal way of detecting energies;

I’m sensitive to the feel of energy on some level, more than some, less than others.  I use my intuition which usually tells me a great deal, sometimes I‘ll get a visual to go with it.  I ask guidance for more information if I’m not sure about what I’m working with or my intuition tells me “there’s more I need to know.”  Beyond this I’ve been doing this type of work for good many Shamanic and Wizardry incarnations.  I continually access more of the knowledge from those lives as the years pass. (it’s very possible to remember what we’ve already learned)

Handy tools to have;

Intuition is a great thing to have; it’s a direct pipeline to the Higher-self.

If we can hear your Guidance this is a big plus, our Guidance can always hear us just fine so that part is covered.

If we’re able to work within the Akashic records to amend them we’re way ahead.

Working on dark contracts and their associations with dark beings is seldom required when working with etheric objects but that said, finding an object with a contract linked to it can happen.

Finding an etheric object without having developed the skills to clear the conditions surrounding it requires us to “Bless It” and leave it along.  A Blessing will do a great deal of good, the more we Bless something the more good it does.  Blessing something is a powerful act and worth remembering.

Practicing with the ability we do have helps to gain a higher level and the confidence/trust to go deeper with them.  We will also develop others if we keep trying to use those.  This takes patience to keep trying when no improvement seems to come of it.  Keep trying, it will help.

With anything which shows up in a scan I suggest playing a game of 20 questions. (or as few/many as it takes)  Ask your guidance these questions or use a Pendulum to seek the answers.

The number one question is always; Is it in the Highest Good to remove this?

Is there Karma connected with this?

Are there any Contracts involved with this?

Are other Entities or Energies Associated with this?

Is Forgiveness a benefit or required to clear this?

Depending on the answers to the forgoing questions more questions could arise.

The three energies most involved with etheric objects, Karma, contracts/associations and forgiveness

If an attempt to remove an etheric object is made which is NOT clear to be removed the attempt will fail!  We are NOT allowed to clear objects with these conditions still active.  If the attempt is made the object may not be detected any longer so it will appear to have been removed.  It could be shifted into a hidden status to make us think it was removed so we’ll move on leaving it alone.  We wouldn’t take a Karmic hit for removing something which we believe is appropriate to remove.  If we know it isn’t clear to remove and we try it anyway we could and most likely will take a Karmic hit for it ourselves so be advised.

Taking care of the karma connected with an etheric object is not only important, it’s required to clear it successfully.

Working on Contracts made with dark entities is more of a specialty, without the understanding these it’s better not to work with them.  As much as most people don’t want to believe they’ve made such a deal the fact is 97% of us have.  This is called “experience” and experience is why we’re here.  The Divine place no connotations on experience like good or bad, experience is experience.  Learning from our experience is all that matters.

Forgiveness, practice Ho’oponopono, the principles can be found on the internet and it’s very effective.  Using this for ourselves is a good idea too.

A few general notes about Implants;

Medical and Spiritual Enhancement implants, usually have nothing stopping them from being removed except asking if it’s in the Highest Good to remove them.

Protection and Surveillance or Control implants, most of these I’ve seen are Atlantian and very much in the Highest Good to remove.  Many of these have access/deactivation codes programmed into them.  My understanding is attempting to remove one without the correct code could result in less than desirable results.  What that means is a good question, I wasn’t given great detail about that information only some visions and I was told “If we were to tell you, how would you explain it?”  From the visions, I’d say to leave them alone if you’re not completely sure about what to do, these codes are very complex.

General Objects other than implants;

These are usually from past life traumas/injuries.  Most have Karma and/or Forgiveness work to do in clearing them.

All of this information pertains to static Etheric Objects not Entities, although there some similarities there is much more involved with Entities and almost everyone has an unwanted guest or two.