Detoxing, Cleansing and Grounding

Spiritually oriented people are great for wanting to detox their bodies.  In a linear perspective this sounds like a sure thing to do although looking at this from a higher point of understanding we can see it is contrary to the desired objective.

The first thing to consider is “our thoughts and words create our reality.”  When we tell others or think we need to detox what we’re telling our body is “you are dirty and impure, I need to clean you.”

Secondly our body intelligence is first in line assisting us to make what we think and say our reality.  When we tell our body it’s dirty the reaction is “oh, thanks we didn’t know we should be dirty so you can clean us.  Hey down there hold onto those toxins the boss wants to clear us.”  In linear thinking this sounds funny if not strange at least yet it demonstrates our misunderstanding about the power we have to create.  Our thoughts are the map used to create what we want, our wanting to detox says “we are not clean.”

Enter the Belief System, what we believe to be true becomes true for us regardless of any validity.  This is a personal belief many times aspects are shared with others yet it is personal.  When we believe we need to detox this sets a condition where the body will not detox itself as an otherwise normal occurrence.  The body is full capable of managing this simple function if allowed to and a great deal more yet our linear thinking we need to be in control blocks so much of it.

Grounding of our energy/chakras is yet another.  Doing grounding procedures just sends the message to our bodies “we are not grounded.”  We don’t need to ground unless we believe we need to.  Again the body is full capable of maintaining itself in a grounded state without our involvement once given permission to do so.

Putting the power of our words together with our Belief System will create a situation in which we allow our body to maintain itself without our micromanaging it.  Our body intelligence knows more than we think we do about how it works and how to correct what is not correct once given license to do so.

Stepping forward into a greater self-empowerment we set our intentions to something along the lines of “I AM always perfectly grounded,” “Our body is clear of all toxins and impurities.”  Vision the body shining with light while speaking this out loud and the body will react making these words a directive.  Keep repeating it and believe it (strongly) and it will become part of the Belief System at which time it need not be repeated since it has been integrated.

Now for the cherry on top.  It is long understood that blessing food will (could if one believes it) change the molecular structure of the food so as to purify that which is not.  (toxins)  What would happen if someone were to bless their body?  Only good things!


Journey of Energy Healing – Spiritual Testing

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Every day at any time we are subject to being tested on some level.  When we’re doing our spiritual work is an especially good time for Guidance to measure how we’re doing lesson wise.  How we respond when presented with certain situations determines where our Guidance will focus our lesson plan.  In healing work is particularly a good time to measure our progress.  At times we’ll sense an energy which isn’t in alignment with the person we’re working with and is also not appropriate to clear.  The test could be to find out if we’ll sense it, use our intuition to determine the correct action, ask the correct questions or if we’ll just remove it without further inquiry.

Sensing an energy doesn’t mean it’s alright to clear it.  If it’s there and we don’t sense it this doesn’t mean it’s in the highest good for it to stay there but this is a tricky one.  If we don’t sense it others may and alert us to what they feel or it may just be to test our senses.

Welcome to the pop quiz version of spiritual testing.  As I write this Guidance is laughing motioning for me to move forward.

Just for the record, we can’t actually remove or change anything which should not be cleared.  All of our perceptions come through our spiritual connections such as the Pineal gland to mention one.  These are accessible to be adjusted or filtered by Guidance for us to sense or not sense what we are called to notice or not intended to notice.  As we grow spiritually the filtering becomes less until there is no longer a purpose for this to occur.  If we attempted to clear something which should not be cleared most likely we’d be given the perception of its having been cleared so we’ll feel complete about it even though it remains where it was.  The term “no harm, no foul” comes to mind from Guidance.  Our experience on Earth is one of learning to be the Divine consciousness we are but don’t remember.  In the process of learning / remembering we’re not allowed to interfere in the growth of others even if we believe what we’re doing is in the highest good.  We’re not wise enough to know that so any attempt which would interfere with some one’s growth will not be permitted.  This brings us back to being tested and knowing what is appropriate.  As we complete our lessons we’re offered new opportunities to learn greater details or more involved subjects.  Conversely, not learning a lesson afforded us will result in our remaining at our current point until such time as we do learn.  Spirituality is completely a reward system, learn it then move forward or not staying where we are until it becomes well understood.

Sensing an energy which is not conducive to good health yet should not be removed is common.  A primary reason an energy would not be in the highest good to remove is often one of that energy has not yet fulfilled its purpose.  Yes, even those energies which are not the sort we want to keep have a greater purpose.  It usually takes a lot to get our attention and often we ignore subtle energies for years or even many incarnations during which time Guidance ups the level of discomfort attempting to get our attention so we’ll learn what is to be learned.  Many times in that learning those energies are cleared once and for all just by understanding the lesson.  As mentioned in other entries about healing we have a tendency to focus on what comes to our attention without looking behind that to see if there’s more, of which there usually is.  Not addressing those other energies is to overlook the root cause of a symptom, many times there are multiple layers.

Another just for the record, our Guidance is a part of us which didn’t enter into this 3D environment.  That part of us has the task of assisting us to learn in the most efficient way possible.  As they are us, they know all too well what it takes to get our attention.  They are diligent and persistent in accomplishing this goal in spite of how much we may drag our feet when it comes to meeting a challenge.

Now the flip side of sensing is unawareness of an energy.  At times we are prevented from seeing what is there simply due to its being inappropriate to clear it.  On other occasions we are tested to see if we can sense it anyway.  In my experience there are many levels of cloaking having been constructed in different ways to prevent sensing what is behind / within it.  At times several are employed to compound the difficulty.  The challenge becomes one of, can we sense the cloaking and are we able to see through them.

An advanced subject worth mentioning is the construction of cloaks to hinder dark energies.  I find this fun and informative to test the limitations of a dark consciousness.  This of course is not accomplished by using the Linear Consciousness which is always thinking it can (Ego) but rather by using the Spiritual Consciousness which could if we’ve come to a full spiritual knowing of our “God Within.”  Having integrated the knowing of how to work with cloaks and by practicing our energy work diligently we can become skilled.  Using a pendulum is a good way to by-pass our filters and know if we’re at a point of learning to accomplish this or anything else spiritual or otherwise.  As when working with Guidance asking a properly worded question makes all the difference.  We’ll get an answer to the question we did ask but was that the one we intended to ask.

Confronting Darkness

We live in a world of duality so we must contend with Dark as well as Light.  In centuries past those working with the Light sought to dispel Dark energies in the same way all battles are waged, by direct confrontation mainly by clearing the existence of all lower vibrational energies encountered.  This is a very natural reaction and tact to take considering our three dimensional conditions of life, when something is unacceptable we confront it directly.  In large this is still seen as the way to combat Dark energies or anything else.  Understanding those who work with Dark Consciousness just recreate any lower vibrational energies which has been cleared, this sets up a constant power struggle between the opposing forces.  In a greater energy of post-shift Earth we can see this old way fails to bring the results we had expected so in this we’re called to seek another understanding.

There is no mistake in these opposing forces being so well matched at this time, it’s taken centuries for humanity to become wiser in our choices and our desires for the future.  In past centuries humanity hasn’t done very well in terms of integrity and compassion although now we’re just beginning our ascension efforts learning better ways to be.  The lessons to learn better ways to overcome the shadows of Dark energy has always been waiting to be found but was just outside the reach of our old understanding.  Taking lessons from metaphors like “when we turn on the light in a dark room, darkness is no longer there” we understand that Darkness cannot exist in the Light.  We are also asked to understand Darkness has no energy of its own but relies on fear generated within others to continue its existence.  This existence is increased as greater fear is promoted in others by Dark energies.  Fear is the ONLY weapon Dark Consciousness has, the Dark cannot harm anyone without the acceptance of that individual which is usually granted by being in a state of fear in the first place.  Fear is a form of control, Governments, the Media, advertisers, employer’s and other groups use fear to persuade people to do what they want them to do or we’ll have to face the perceived consequences.  Being in fear gives away our Divine power as a creator and our Divine right to choose our path, this is one of the greatest lessons for humanity to learn.  If a Dark Consciousness can cause a Light-worker to be in fear this completely extinguishes the Light of that Light-worker.  Light is all it takes to eliminate dark energy so every time fear is used successfully the Dark grows stronger by the absence of greater Light.

With greater understanding our spiritual knowing becomes stronger as is the intensity of our Light.  This Light is the only thing Dark Consciousness fears, Light replaces Dark energy completely every time.  Looking at this strictly from a physical view point we are asked to see the Darkness as a void, replacing it with Light puts energy where there was none before.  Dark energy cannot exist where there is Light, it has no energy of its own and cannot return to a place where the Light is unless someone puts it there.  The growing understanding of humanity in coming years will increase our desire to have integrity in all things.  The world will change greatly as the Dark energies are replaced with a greater Light of higher consciousness.  The Darkness won’t give up without a struggle, this can be seen in the world today as terror and fighting erupts within those of lessor understanding.  Dark energies are still controlling others by using fear, greed and hatred in an attempt to regain what has already been lost but is unrecoverable.  This won’t last forever, the Shift has started and will continue to grow as more learn better ways to be.

Journey of Energy Healing – Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them

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We are all unique so what will work for one of us may not do as well for another.  What any one person feels or will sense is unique to them and only a reference to anyone else.  In this writing the attempt is to explain a procedure to us based on important abilities to find objects and information needed to clear these.

Subtle energy is just that, we all have the ability to sense these energies.  We all come equipped differently, some will have an easier time “seeing” while others will “sense” better.  “You can’t tell the player without a score card,” I think that’s what they said at one time going to a baseball game.  In energy healing how do we identify the players?  Asking our Guidance is the sure way to find out.  Even if we don’t have a label for an object there’s still a lot of information we can gain about an energy which will help determine a proper course of action.

My personal way of detecting energies;

I’m sensitive to the feel of energy on some level, more than some, less than others.  I use my intuition which usually tells me a great deal, sometimes I‘ll get a visual to go with it.  I ask guidance for more information if I’m not sure about what I’m working with or my intuition tells me “there’s more I need to know.”  Beyond this I’ve been doing this type of work for good many Shamanic and Wizardry incarnations.  I continually access more of the knowledge from those lives as the years pass. (it’s very possible to remember what we’ve already learned)

Handy tools to have;

Intuition is a great thing to have; it’s a direct pipeline to the Higher-self.

If we can hear your Guidance this is a big plus, our Guidance can always hear us just fine so that part is covered.

If we’re able to work within the Akashic records to amend them we’re way ahead.

Working on dark contracts and their associations with dark beings is seldom required when working with etheric objects but that said, finding an object with a contract linked to it can happen.

Finding an etheric object without having developed the skills to clear the conditions surrounding it requires us to “Bless It” and leave it along.  A Blessing will do a great deal of good, the more we Bless something the more good it does.  Blessing something is a powerful act and worth remembering.

Practicing with the ability we do have helps to gain a higher level and the confidence/trust to go deeper with them.  We will also develop others if we keep trying to use those.  This takes patience to keep trying when no improvement seems to come of it.  Keep trying, it will help.

With anything which shows up in a scan I suggest playing a game of 20 questions. (or as few/many as it takes)  Ask your guidance these questions or use a Pendulum to seek the answers.

The number one question is always; Is it in the Highest Good to remove this?

Is there Karma connected with this?

Are there any Contracts involved with this?

Are other Entities or Energies Associated with this?

Is Forgiveness a benefit or required to clear this?

Depending on the answers to the forgoing questions more questions could arise.

The three energies most involved with etheric objects, Karma, contracts/associations and forgiveness

If an attempt to remove an etheric object is made which is NOT clear to be removed the attempt will fail!  We are NOT allowed to clear objects with these conditions still active.  If the attempt is made the object may not be detected any longer so it will appear to have been removed.  It could be shifted into a hidden status to make us think it was removed so we’ll move on leaving it alone.  We wouldn’t take a Karmic hit for removing something which we believe is appropriate to remove.  If we know it isn’t clear to remove and we try it anyway we could and most likely will take a Karmic hit for it ourselves so be advised.

Taking care of the karma connected with an etheric object is not only important, it’s required to clear it successfully.

Working on Contracts made with dark entities is more of a specialty, without the understanding these it’s better not to work with them.  As much as most people don’t want to believe they’ve made such a deal the fact is 97% of us have.  This is called “experience” and experience is why we’re here.  The Divine place no connotations on experience like good or bad, experience is experience.  Learning from our experience is all that matters.

Forgiveness, practice Ho’oponopono, the principles can be found on the internet and it’s very effective.  Using this for ourselves is a good idea too.

A few general notes about Implants;

Medical and Spiritual Enhancement implants, usually have nothing stopping them from being removed except asking if it’s in the Highest Good to remove them.

Protection and Surveillance or Control implants, most of these I’ve seen are Atlantian and very much in the Highest Good to remove.  Many of these have access/deactivation codes programmed into them.  My understanding is attempting to remove one without the correct code could result in less than desirable results.  What that means is a good question, I wasn’t given great detail about that information only some visions and I was told “If we were to tell you, how would you explain it?”  From the visions, I’d say to leave them alone if you’re not completely sure about what to do, these codes are very complex.

General Objects other than implants;

These are usually from past life traumas/injuries.  Most have Karma and/or Forgiveness work to do in clearing them.

All of this information pertains to static Etheric Objects not Entities, although there some similarities there is much more involved with Entities and almost everyone has an unwanted guest or two.

Journey of Energy Healing – The Dreaded Implant

For other installments in the Journey of Energy Healing see, Looking even deeper, there’s always more to seeIdentifying what we haven’t experiencedIt’s not about the ModalityLooking Deeper at Energy,   The Healing Crisis,   Lesser Etheric Life Forms,   Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them and A Healer’s Journey

In the circles of energy healers the implant has been a subject of concern for a long time.  Implants are etheric objects placed in the energy field of our body for various reasons none of which are seen as good although many did serve a useful purpose at one time.  We’ve all pick up etheric energies which are usually from past life traumas or injuries.  We don’t seem able to go through hundreds of incarnations without gathering just a few of these energies.  Implants are specifically construction complex devices having been intentionally placed for a purpose which is how these differ from other etheric objects in our energy systems.

Implants were created for a number of reasons;

Medical implants, I’ve seen medical implants which compensated for health challenges from organ malfunction to a broken back, these are very common.

Protection implants, these are usually from military times, protecting the individual from psychic attack/control from opposing forces which also blocks normal psychic awareness which we try to gain more of these days.

Surveillance or Control implants, these are self explanatory in nature.  Some civilizations were told these were to protect them if they ever got hurt they could be found and helped but these kept track of everywhere they went and who they were with as well as what they were doing.  This category is for the most part human mythology as it takes a higher consciousness to create an implant which has no interest controlling anyone.

Spiritual Enhancement implants, these were made to increase awareness/sensitivity, usually being placed in the chakras or in the head.

Where they came/come from;

Most of us wouldn’t think of Ancient cultures as having the know how to construct a complex etheric device and implant it but this is only limited thinking.  A number of civilizations had the understanding to achieve this.  Very few Alien implants exist on earth, since we don’t carry these in with us from other worlds.  (you’ve most likely been there too)  Our Akashic record is earth based only so to have one it would have been implanted while we’re here on earth.  Today we think of technology as having machines to do things with, in most ancient cultures these were not available.  Constructing an implant is a matter of what we understand and the ability of our minds to create them.

There are individuals today with the ability to create and implant these objects.  The only implants I’ve found currently being installed are all tracking/monitoring type devices.

So why do we still carry these with us?

When an etheric object is introduced into our energy system it becomes energetically part of us as far as the Akashic record is concerned.  When passing from the life in which it was installed it remains in the Akashic records.  When we return for the next incarnation we pick up our akashic attributes with the implant still being part of it since it’s now part of us too.  Life after life we carry this with us, most of these no longer serve us and many are a discomfort to have without our knowing why.

Finding them;

Scanning for these or any object is the most effective when directly looking for them.  Many implanted energy objects can be “hidden” from detection with any one of four major levels complicating the search.  To further inhibit the removal many of the surveillance types have protection on them so they will not be deactivated.

I want to have more Spiritual Abilities

Trying harder is not the answer

In the world we hear and we’re told “try harder” you’ll make it.  If we can’t do those wonderful spiritual things regardless if it’s seeing auras or walking on water it must be because we’re not trying hard enough, right!  Wrong!!!  This may work for physical things, when it comes to the spiritual world toss that advice in the trash can.  No matter what we’re attempting to do spiritually “trying hard” blocks the effort.  Plain and simple, straining the brain to force that spoon to bend isn’t going to make it bend.  You’ll end up with a brain hemorrhage before it’ll bend.  It’s just that simple, the harder we try we’re no closer to succeeding, maybe even a step back.  So what will help?

More understanding is the key

Understanding is the foundation of everything, spiritual or not.  Understanding we can’t force spiritual things to happen is where it starts.  There’s more to everything spiritual from manifestation on than just following a set of guidelines.  How do we understand understanding?  The age old “meditation” still works well.  Having worked with several accelerated learning techniques, all I’ve seen use meditation as the common basis to allow the learning to enter.

Clearing the blockages which inhibit us

Everyone has or had blockages!  It’s a fact of life/lives.  Those who had them got them removed, they didn’t just fall off.  I won’t go into detail on this subject, this would take too many pages to cover and still not do justice to a complicated subject.  The number one easiest tool for dealing with lower energies is to BLESS IT!  Everyone can do this no matter what their background is.  Giving a Blessing is a tool.  A minor energy abnormality may take blessing it for twenty minutes to reduce it to a fraction of what it was but it works.  You could burn a truck load of Sage to get the same results if at all.  Sage is outclassed when it comes to clearing attached energies.  The fastest way to clear blockages/energies/implants/entities is to find a healer specializing in the clearing of energies and working with Karma.  Working with Karma is a must, a great deal of the time attached energies have a Karmic relationship.  Attempting to clear the energy without resolving the Karma will not work!  At times the energy will be shifted into a cloaked status to keep the healer from trying again.  If they don’t see it anymore it must be gone.  Also clearing everything in one session is not a good idea.  It leads to upsetting the energetic apple cart knocking the balance off with uncomfortable results for a few days until it re-adjusts itself.

The key placed into the lock of our perceived limitations

Gaining understanding and removing blockages by clearing helps us to see our perceived limitations.  We don’t have any limitations beyond what we think or don’t think we can do.  Seeing beyond these perceived limitations is an understanding, believing in what we understand is trust.  Trust in what we understand helps develop knowing.  Knowing is more than remembering what we’ve learned.  Knowing is not in understanding what you did to make something happen, only believing it will happen every time you think about the result you want to happen.  This is just a bit hard to convey in three dimensional terms.

Opening our path to explore the possibilities

Learning and clearing opens the door to the spiritual world wider.  Just as a note, it’s not possible to lose our path, it’s only at times not recognized that we’re still on it.

Looking within is where to find the understanding

Text books and other three dimensional tools are not the fastest way to learn spiritual lessons.  I didn’t make any friends with those selling books and giving classes with that statement but it’s true.  Meditation is the time tested way to learn higher order lessons which go directly into knowing without us knowing what they are.  Only the 3D mind needs to know and the 3D mind isn’t what’s making the spiritual things happen.

Outside sources are fine for general learning to fill in the questions of the 3D mind.  Meditation brings a custom tailored lesson plan which is within us waiting to be opened.  There are other ways to accelerate the learning although these are not three dimensional in origin.

We’re all born with a certain amount of spiritual abilities, the rest is what we practice at.  Like everything else it takes practice not wishing for it, use what there is to gain more of it.  No one is/was born a Great Master, each has/had a head start from many incarnations of working towards that spiritual goal, still they must put it all together in one life time, which is an entirely different lesson.

Subtle Energies

Everything in the universe is made of energy.  We are surrounded by energy which seems to be in a solid form to us.  Some may already be wondering what I’m talking about after many years of bumping into things in the dark, everything seems pretty solid when we run into it.  We think of energy as being something we can’t touch without getting hurt although the reality we’re not as aware of extends a bit beyond that.  In a spiritual view the solid forms of energy are those things around us we use to build physical structures with or as food.

Intellectually we know the conversion of mass into energy then back into mass must be possible.  We already convert mass into energy although not very cleanly, in the case of a nuclear bomb it’s also very messy.

In a very esoteric view we see the world and universe as energy existing in different forms.  Just as an esoteric intellectual exercise let’s say we could restructure energy (Just like an Angelic Being) into different shapes forming them to suit our desires.  All energy has a vibration rate, much like color.  We have many colors each being a slightly different vibration/frequency but all are visible to us.  Energy is also available in vastly different frequencies beyond our sight.  Let’s say we have a set of energies grouped much like colors which range from red to violet.  If we could condense these into solid forms then red could not pass through green nor any other color.  If we imagine we are the color green we could sit on blue and cut the orange color to build a house with.  We can work with any of these energies from red to violet as solid matter since we are in the same visible energy set.  If someone from ultra violet came to visit they’d be from a different energy/color set being able to walk through our energy set as if it weren’t there.  They would also be invisible to us as we would be to them without special equipment to shift the frequencies.  Different dimensions and/or parallel dimensions have different frequency sets.

The other intangible energies are the ones we’re the least familiar with or comfortable with.  These subtle intangible energies exist in many forms.  When they’re within our energy fields they will range from what no longer serve or is interfering with us to those of the highest vibration, all of which can and will affect our daily lives.  An advantage to focusing on working with subtle energy is a wider understanding of how they affect us.

We’ve all been through so many incarnations.  If we knew everything we’ve done in life many would amaze us while others would take us to our knees weeping in sorrow.  In each one we could pick up lower energies deriving from many sources including implants, injuries and traumas from our incarnations.  These energies can manifest themselves as emotional challenges, physical health challenges or spiritual blockages.  It’s been seen from the experience in working with these energies they are not automatically dropped at the end of each incarnation.  As such we end up carry these energies into each new incarnation as we progress along our path.  If we or someone else sees these energies we have the opportunity to work past them, we needn’t keep them with us any longer.  Some of these old energies are even hidden from detection or even hiding in our chakras to further avoid being detected.  Yet others seem to follow the “onion principal” not surfacing to be healed until it’s time after others have been cleared.  Once detected these can be skillfully removed unless they’re part of the karmic experience, if karma is involved the karma is required to be cleared first before the object can be removed.  If those unaware of the karma connection with an object attempt to remove that energy it will either remain (or come back in an hour or so) or it will go into a “cloaked” status so it will seem the removal was successful.  No one is immune from these energies, its part of our incarnations and the learning experience to see them for what they are.

Many seem to believe they couldn’t be affected by an unseen force of some subtle energy.  The universe has its own plan independent of what anyone thinks or don’t think is real.  Some would say Free Will determines how the universe reacts to the thoughts of the individual.  This has little effect on the operation of the grand scheme of the universe, only the outcome of making choices about actions to follow which may bring Karma into play.  Subtle or any other energy could have a karma associated with them or even a contract.  When these subtle energies are related to Karma they could be thought of as a subset to karma called “Cause and Effect.”  Contracts in spiritual terms are agreements made with darker energies for some purpose (maybe not that much different from any other contracts we know about) without any end date.   A contract stays in affect until it is concluded no matter how long this takes, unless the contract is closed early by direct intervention from someone experienced in dealing with these agreements.  Just as a note to those feeling they would never make a contract with a darker energy I’ll point out we’ve had many hundreds of incarnations surviving some pretty hard times with lives taking us to places we wouldn’t like to think about now.  Some have been forced to “make a deal” just to keep living.

To demonstrate one aspect of an attached energy we can look at a metaphor about a nail in the tire to illustrate what’s being suggested.  The tire is our energy system.  When we have a flat tire we may find a nail (subtle energy object) in the tire which is responsible for the loss of air pressure (energy).  Even if the nail is no longer there, even if we don’t see it the wound is still present allowing air to escape.  Finding the nail or where the nail was leads to the repair/correction of the tire restoring the integrity.

The clearing of these subtle energies can have profound results.  Many people have been helped to feel better and/or progress faster by the correcting/clearing of subtle energies which are not theirs.  No two healers are the same, each has different abilities, tools and experiences in energy work.