Resistance to Changes

For decades many have wanted things to change in every aspect of our lives.  Great changes are now becoming a 3D reality.  With these changes comes an end to the way things were living in an old energy as we begin shifting towards a greater reality.  Its human nature wanting to remain as we were with stability in our old energy yet have everything change around us.  We are the Creators of our 3D Reality so each and every change must begin with us.  No changes are possible if we don’t first change ourselves.

Here’s a few thoughts to consider;

What we think creates our reality, no change will occur in our individual reality until we change how we think.  The world around us is a reflection of our own thoughts, when we change the patterns of what and how we think this starts a shift in our reality to match our new thinking.

Besides our consciousness changing as we bring about change, our physical structure must also adjust to these new conditions.  How we frame the feelings from these changes impacts how well we accept and incorporate each of them.  Resistance to change serves no one working in the Light.  If we see changes as discomfort they will become so as we have just created our reality from our thoughts.  If we see changes as temporary shifts and an interesting new sensation for today (this month, or even longer) without our attempting to resist them they will pass gracefully with less impact on our physical structures.

Fighting these changes will not serve well, it brings about increased discomfort, disharmony and a potential for dis-ease in our lives.  What we focus on becomes our reality, those resisting and focusing on the discomforts will create greater disharmony.  In this we are called to gracefully accept and allow the changes we’ve asked for being the observer rather than a leaf caught in turbulence.  We asked for the breeze to sweep away the old energy and now it is here doing as we’ve requested.

We live in a benevolent Universe and our reality can also be such if we’ll only allow it to be so.  We have the Free Will to attempt resistance to change although it’s not in the highest good.  Change is the only constant in the Universe, those resisting change will not fare well as it puts greater stress on the body and consciousness.  Embracing change with a thank you for the opportunity to grow will always serve us better.


Change is the only Constant in the Universe

This is a truth in spirituality.  Nothing remains the same, it’s only a matter of time before it shifts into something new.

Now in this post 2012 Precision of the Equinox period we’ve entered a new phase of energy on the Earth.  For those sensitive to energy you may have already seen this while others may wonder why the healing work and the meditation they’ve done for years isn’t working like it did or it may not even work at all now.

Welcome to the current state of Post Shift energy.  Saying “current” energy is exactly the point, we can count on its changing whenever the correct time is here.  Is that this afternoon, tomorrow, next week or next month?  Without peeking at the Divine plan I’m not sure many of us could tell.

For those having difficulty in healing work or other spiritual pursuits we’re called to adjust how we’ve always done those finding a new way to work while remembering that it will change again.  Continual change is the new constant. (for now)

There is silver lining, with each change we have better access to greater abilities than we had before.

The Growth of Understanding

What we think today is based on what we’ve seen thus far.

What we’ve seen is a product of our perceptions.

Our perception is shaped by our limited understanding.

Our understanding is subject to what we’ve experienced.

Each experience brings change as we gain better clarity.

As clarity grows it overcomes old misconceptions.

With fewer misconceptions we will think differently.

What we think tomorrow should always be subject to change.

We change our concepts as we understand more than we did yesterday.

What we think tomorrow may change in light of new experience gained today.

Change is the only constant in the universe so we too must be open to embrace change or we will not grow beyond today.