A Deeper Understanding of Akashic Blockages

This writing does not comply with common spiritual belief yet that in itself does not mean it lacks merit.  In this post-shift era it’s time to begin dispelling old myths about spirituality.

More often the Akash is spoken of as the Akashic Record which holds our total personal experience of being on Earth.  We have one Akash for every planet we’ve worked on although seldom are those available as we have our hands full dealing with the current Akash.

Common lore amongst the spiritual community tells us we can “clear” our Akash to remove blockages from obstructing further progress.  This is as much of a misperception as when humanity believed the Sun circled around the Earth.  It seems to look like blockages can be cleared yet that is not an accurate perception.  The Akash is called a Record for good reason, it holds a detailed list of what we’ve experienced and as such everything must be accurately recorded.  To change this detailed record invalidates the accuracy rendering it useless.  We use the Akash personally in our growth and Gaia uses it to measure humanities progress or lack of it.  Removing events would be like rewriting our bank statement to have made a deposit before our account became overdrawn.

A greater understanding of how and why blockages occur would help us see a more effective way to work with the Akash and those items which impede our moving forward.

First and foremost as stated this record must remain intact to be valid.  Although we cannot change what happened, we can change how it affects us today which is important to understand.  Unresolved lessons from past occurrences become blockages sometimes referred to as baggage.  Every experience has learning potential and these incomplete lessons are the actual reason we’re not progressing yet those being sensitive will usually only sense the blockage not the purpose of it.  Blockages are nothing more than a sign saying “stop, go back, you’ve missed something important.”   Many miss the significance of a blockage wanting to knock the sign out of the way so they can move forward.  Sooner or later we’re called to complete each and every lesson before we can move forward.

Seeing these blockages as unresolved lessons we can reexamine them to find a greater truth within thus bringing them to completion.  The single greatest reason about these being unresolved is our placing an emotional charge or otherwise emotional attachment on them rather than seeing the learning held within.  Our linear consciousness is drawn to drama like a magnet which misdirects our consciousness from the learning potential focusing it upon the event details keeping those blockages unresolved.  The trick as it were is in stepping back from our natural 3D inclinations to focus on drama so we can take a greater perspective of those past occurrences recognizing how they actually helped us to learn.  Changing our point of view to a positive perspective surrounding otherwise completed past occurrences shifts them from blockages to completed lessons.

The finer point to this writing is to understand “nothing” which happens to us is punitive in nature no matter what it seems like.  In our human perception we see everything as good or bad thus placing a connotative value in them.  Have you ever heard of someone who had a blockage from a “good” experience?  Of course not, it’s only those things we hold as “bad” experiences that resurface reminding us to deal with them.  Let this little bit of information shine light on what was presented here.  As has been written before “look deeper, there’s always more to see.”


Do you what more Spiritual Abilities?

The number one key is to use what we have no matter how little we think we have.  Keep trying and trying and trying knowing it will pay off with increased ability.  It may take six months or a year to really notice a change but a change will happen as long as we keep trying.  When this change becomes known to us then we can get excited which makes it easier to try even more.

Secondly is to know just how powerful our thoughts are.  When we say “I can’t” or “I don’t” or “I’m not able to” we create this in ourselves.  These are false beliefs which are imprinted into our consciousness.  Each time we say or think them they get just a little bigger and harder to overcome.  The Universe listens to what we think, our guidance will cooperate with us as much as they can since we’re creators so when we say “I can’t” they’ll help us to “not be able to.”  This is how blockages get started, many times we’re actually just adding onto blockages from other incarnations having already found our way to feeling unable to do these things.

Thirdly and certainly not the least important is to remove lower vibrational energy in ourselves.  These are known by a number of names such as blockages, filters, baggage or even just plain “our stuff.”  The most effective way I’ve seen is gaining an understanding of what these energy are and how they remain in us life after life which will help to work “with” guidance to teach us how to remove them.  I say “work with” since sometimes people think the Angels will just remove them from us if we ask.  Others would like to believe these just go away but these are our lessons to learn so they’ll be with us until we’re ready to work with them learning from each one.  Since these are our lessons this is also why the Angels won’t touch them no matter how much we ask.

Of Belief Systems, Filters and Blockages

We hear a lot about beliefs and blockages.  Filters are perhaps a little less spoken of outside channeling groups.  This will present a connection between these terms and hopefully aid in understanding.

Belief Systems would seem self-explanatory although for the purpose of demonstrating a connection with filters and blockages we’ll go a bit deeper.  Belief Systems are indeed what we believe in, although, this is not to say that any belief system is completely true/correct or accurate, they’re just a collection of what we believe in.  What we hold as truth is our belief system and independent of its validity.  Falsehoods in our belief system taint our acceptance of other ideas standing in the way our abilities which contradict the substance in a belief system.

A filter could be considered as a single belief fitting within a belief system.  We could have any number of filters residing within our belief system.  An example of a filter could be defined as a belief that “I’m not good enough.”  We find so many excuses to limit ourselves from success.  The word “excuse” is intentional being used to show that in a Divine view “I’m not good enough” isn’t valid nor is it a reason, it’s a false perception of the truth designed to stop someone from even trying.  Sometimes filters come from traditions handed down from teachers or elders while at others times they’re misunderstandings of a perception.

When a filter does stop us from accomplishing our desires it then becomes a blockage as they inhibit us from completing our goals.

The differences may be not be large although all of these except for the context in which belief systems is used could be looked at as a form of “baggage.”  Baggage in any form holds us back from making progress.