Do You Believe In Magic?

Spoiler Alert; Reading this could take the Mysticism out of your Magic

The subject of magic has been with us for centuries yet it’s only half understood.  The lore of wizards and sorcerers with potions and spells battling in a struggle of good and evil is the stuff of legion, books and Hollywood.  Is magic real?  In a way it is but it’s not what people have believed it to be.  How it works has only been seen on a surface level but the deeper implication is a mystery well hidden.

Magic could be described as an application of great power from something else or someone else to accomplish the desired goal.  Through the centuries many different forms of magical arts have been developed using different tools having a verity of sources for the power used.  We consider some as being good and others are evil by their intent.  What has been believed to be the source of power behind any system of magic be it the nature elements, angels or demons the only source of power here in duality is the Human Consciousness.  Ultimately there’s only one source of power for any of these although this is our three dimensional school yard so everything happens through OUR consciousness.  The Creative Consciousness only works through us not independently of us, we’re in charge of what happens here.  This is why we have free will, we decide and we make it happen or not happen.  This is why we have free will, we decide and we make it happen or not happen.

There are still those teaching magic, even some forms of shamanism being taught today is no more than Magic of the last century.  These are all based on the three dimensional concept of magic using objects rather than seeing the true source of power as our own consciousness.  Our own belief that a potion will work (when we believe at a higher level than just the intellect) makes it happen.  It wasn’t any 3D object, it was our Divine Power that controls three dimensional physics which created change.  This will be objected to by many but then this is what self-empowerment and claiming our power is about, seeing it was our consciousness all along not a three dimensional stage prop in our reality play.

Unlearning what we thought we knew is an important part of learning in our spiritual growth.  Those old misbeliefs cloud our sight getting in the way of seeing the beauty of the Creative Consciousness and how the Universe is arranged in love for us to learn in.


Pendulums and the Should I

Those less familiar with the use of a pendulum tend to misunderstand the power of the words used to ask questions.  When we start a question with “Should I” we’re asking a question we won’t get an accurate answer to.  Guidance may well say No to a good idea due solely to the way the question is worded.  The reason behind this is we have Free Will and guidance will not tell us what we “Should Do.”  Guidance is with us for many reasons, in this case they’re here to give us insight into choices we “could” make.  If guidance “told us what to do” and we accepted that as our only option we would be giving away our free will and our power as a creator.  Guidance does not want us give away our power so they’ll say “no” based on only on the “Should I.”   We have “free will” to use as a tool for learning.  Guidance is also a source of information available for our learning.

Rather than asking “Should I” do something, ask “Is it in my highest good to . . .” then you’ll get a clean answer to base what path to take.  The wording to form a question also applies to muscle test, (also known as kinesiology) talking to guidance telepathically and the Ouija board all function from higher source of consciousness.

Quartz, not just another Rock – Part I

Quartz is formed from a chemical compound known as silicon dioxide (SiO2) or silica which is known for its hardness and abundance.  Silica is used in electronics manufacturing for computer chips, telecommunications fiber optics, in construction as concrete and even as an additive in food and toothpaste.  Our glass and ceramic tile products also contain silica.

This list is only a brief one to give examples, we walk on the sand at the beach which is largely silica.  So many more daily things we touch or see contain silica, it’s everywhere around us.

My favorite form of silicon dioxide is the crystalline form known as Quartz which is the second most common mineral on Earth.  Most of us find quartz crystals in their many verities attractive, the major categories of quartz are; Clear, Citrine, Rose, Amethyst, Smoky and Milky.  There are numerous subcategories some of which are; single and double terminated with different face configurations, single point and clusters, elestials, twins, scepters and cathedrals.  Many different types of minerals have silicon dioxide as part of them and Quartz crystals can also have other minerals in them too.

Now we can get into the interesting and fun things about Quartz.  The beauty of the quartz crystal is well known to most of us, the greater beauty of the quartz crystals is unknown to many of us.  A crystalline structure holds energy.  This energy could be in many forms from information to memories.  The capabilities of quartz are greatly underestimated.  Everything is part of God, so the quartz is more than just a part of nature.  The quartz crystal has a multidimensional connection to all that is in the universe.

So, what do we do with a well connected rock?

A connection to the matrix of the universe could give us the ability to gain information on anything desired.  In an esoteric view the quartz crystal has its own intelligence complete with a personality besides the direct connection to the universe.  All of this makes a quartz crystal the computer of the future, no battery, keyboard, monitor or maintenance contracts.  The crystal is always connected to the UWW (universe wide web) at instantaneous speeds requiring no software upgrades ever.  That was said a bit jokingly to get your attention but it’s the truth.  In the past few years I’ve learned why I like crystals so much for so long.  Having never met a crystal I didn’t like I’ve been taught a good many spiritual lessons by just taking the time to work with them.  The great volume of information isn’t in what we would call a “spoken” language at all.  For those who believe they couldn’t hear the words of a crystal or any other part of nature take heart you don’t need “hear” the words.  The information is transferred to us subconsciously as an understanding beyond words, it’s a conceptual knowing.  To play with the words, knowing the concept of knowing is conceptually unknown to most people in today’s society.  All too many of us have become TV and computer junkies addicted to “reality” shows while we’re not texting someone and with the internet we’ve lost the ancient understanding of nature.

I can see this is going to be a long one, please come back to read part II

Religion vs Spirituality

It’s not necessary to be spiritual or religious; we could be neither if this were our chose.  For those among us wishing to be religious there are many options to pick from, humanity has divided the worship of God into many boxes each with a label and an organization for each.  The choices are there to go with a main stream religion or a lesser known religion all of which would be happy to increase their membership.  For those who feel comfortable not being in an organization to look for God, spirituality will work well for them.

The main difference is; each religion has its own version of rules and regulations to be followed to reach God, all of which are complied into a doctrine.  The doctrine is then given to each member, plus also being housed in a special structure where the members meet at to pray at specified times under the direction of the local leaders of that group.  Spirituality is more like open source code software; it can be customized and adjusted to fit the individual’s needs.  Spirituality has no doctrine or assigned leaders.  It’s completely free style although there are writings from many people, none of which are considered to be the rules, it’s up to the individual to accept them or not.  Spirituality can be practiced anywhere at anytime by anyone.  In Spirituality the special structure is within each of us and we are our own leader.

It’s not a contest or competition to find God/Creator/Spirit/Heavenly Father/I Am/Source/CAO. (chief angelic officer) God honors all those who seek to find him/her no matter which way they chose.  It’s all in the desire and the journey to find (insert your choice here).

Learning from the Past Writings

All who have come before us have left behind their teachings since we could chisel stone.  We learn from these teachings what was believed to be true then as long as we don’t conclude that just because they’re from historical writers they must still be the sole truth now.  To use the writings of the past as a perspective point to work from allows use to our own perception independently seeing what could be a new truth.

We find many concepts from history which have been revised a bit over the years such as “the world is flat,” “the Earth is the center of the universe and everything revolves around the Earth” and my all time favorite (not) is “blood letting” to remove the bad blood.  This one puts a different spin on being a quart low.

The thoughts of any philosopher can be biased by the culture of the time it was written or of the reader in the time it’s read.  Being clear and objective is a developed talent allowing the intuition to point the way a core understanding.

There’ll always be those in a given society with different ideas so the debate is on.  Reincarnation is a long standing topic for disagreement.  This concept has been with us for many centuries, I’ve heard that more than 80% of the world believes in some form of after life yet the less than 20% is apposed to life after death.  Some are very adamant that such a thing an after life could not possibly be true.  I’d take those 80% odds of an after life to a Casino any day.  The question is how long will it be before technology can prove (no one can disprove the existence of something) there is more to the universe than we can see.

How do you feel about what was held as truth in history?  Have you found anything which is still valid?

Being Open Minded

Being open minded isn’t about letting everything escape from your head or let just anything which comes along get in.  It’s about allowing the possibility of something new the chance to be accepted.  No matter how much we think we know there are always new things to be considered and a different way to see what we’ve thought about before.  The world is full of new ideas although not all of them fit into what we believe the truth is.  The truth itself expands as we learn more so “truth” isn’t just a static concept.  What if truth turned out to be a variable even though we believe it to be as fixed as if it were written in stone?  In spiritual terms we also have the “higher truth.”  As our perception allows us to accommodate greater information and understanding we expand the amount of truth we see encompassing a greater view.  In this way what we thought was the whole truth was only a portion of what is true.  Extending this we could say what’s true for one may not be true for another person depending on what they’ve learned.  We’re not talking about the world being flat here just personal truths such as what’s good for someone to eat for nourishing their bodies or likes and dislikes.  This would lead into group consciousness reality versus individual consciousness reality.  That would be a long one so we’ll save it for another time.

So back to being open minded thinking outside of the crayon box will always improve our flexibility to understand more than we did before.   In the course of learning we many times find the need to re-frame what we hold as truth.  While learning the finer points of clearing energies it often happened where taking a second look or even a third look at what was believed to be the truth lead to greater understanding.  More information can be found at Rescuing Lost Souls concerning this topic and others.

Have you embraced a new idea lately?  Have you ever revised your thinking about something based on new information?