Who is I AM

Am I as tall as the tallest tree?

Am I as flexible as a blade of grass?

Am I a wisp of smoke?

Do I flow as a great river?

Do I blow in the wind as the grains of sand?

Do I feel like the warmth of the Sun?

Am I the drops of rain?

Am I the gentle love of a mother?

Am I the protection of a father?

Do I refresh you as a cool breeze?

Do I nourish the wanting mind?

Do I heal the aching heart?

Am I just a whisper in your mind?

Am I able to touch your heart?

Am I holding your hand as you journey?

I am all things to some and nothing to others

I am all you see

I am all you don’t see

I was here yesterday

I will still be here tomorrow

I am here for you when you’re ready

I AM that which I Be


In Our Garden of Love

The cold of winter is in the past

Warmth of spring is at last

In this time of budding things

Our hearts have found their wings

Free to soar up high

Flying unrestrained to the sky

Our hearts meet in this world above

Engaging in a butterfly’s dance of love

At rest in the garden with love’s glow

Through the summer love will grow

Carrel 3/20/2013   To my Beloved