Journey of Energy Healing – Identifying what we haven’t experienced

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A basic truth, “we don’t know what we haven’t learned yet.”  If we don’t know something it doesn’t exists for us.

Another basic truth, “what we think we know stops us from learning what we don’t know.” Our preconceived ideas get in the way of the openness to learn something new.

Both of these lead the “brain” to erroneous conclusions which usually get accepted as being true.

The underlying question is; how do we identify etheric objects (or anything) we’ve never encountered before?  There are a great deal of life forms existing as etheric energy.  I’ve never heard anyone talk about most of what I’ve seen and guidance has shown me even more saying I would be best served to learn about them.

Until we learn it, it doesn’t exist in our understanding so we have no concept of it.  Our Guidance is always putting new things on our path for us to discover.  Sometimes a client will come for healing work carrying something for us to see in addition to why they came to see us.  The trick is to see these so we can learn about them.  A healer is only as effective as their experience allows them to be.  If we misidentify something it may lead us to use an incorrect approach to resolve it.  To resolve an issue a client may require many things, one high on the list is our level of Self-empowerment.  No modality is going to enable us to clear something, the ability always comes from within us.  There are also several rules for the healing energy to be accepted by our client.

The brain is a portion of our intellect which is a data base of past experience used to compare what we’ve experienced with what we are experiencing at the moment finding a match or something close to it.  The “brain” isn’t exactly what medical science thinks it is.  (Scientist are also subject to the basic truths mentioned above, maybe even more so.)  It references all past events to the current experience so we know what things are and how to deal with them.  This works wonderfully except when we’re working beyond our past experience.  At this point the brain will jump to conclusions based on the nearest experience it can find.  Our brain is wired to find a match even if it’s incorrect or it will make up something, it’s not acceptable to have no answer at all.  This is where we’re led to misidentify what we’re feeling/seeing only due to it’s being outside of our experience.  And how would we know if our brain was faking an answer or not?  This happens all the time leading to a great deal of myth and misunderstanding about everything especially spiritual matters since we have no parallel in 3D.

So, right about now you may be thinking, how do I identify what I’ve never experienced before?  If you were thinking that, there is a way.  We all have Guidance even if we don’t think so.  We can’t escape them, they’re some our other parts which didn’t enter into this third dimension.  Guidance “only when asked” will help us to learn about what we haven’t experienced yet or are just experiencing now.  Although they won’t just give us all the answers, we still need to sense it and figure it out then they’ll help us to understand it better.  This is all part of our learning, we’re called to work at it not just to be given all the answers.

This of course requires a good level of communication with our guidance.  Anything less will limit how quickly we understand them or it’ll take more time to develop this through practice and lots of it for as long as it takes.  (many times both)  Becoming Self-empowered helps in not only working with Guidance to identify objects but in the disposition those in a proper manor.  There are “rules” as to what is best and unacceptable to do with what we find not belonging to someone we’re helping.  Just to mention one, when we encounter a lesser consciousness which may or may not be dark in its nature we’re not allowed to terminate it in any way. (not that we really could except in our misperception)  All consciousness once created cannot be un-created, it’s sacred no matter what it looks like.

Self-empowerment in its larger sense is a corner stone to spiritual growth leading to Mastery.  I’ve learned this well in the five years since I was made the Steward of Aurora Source Radiance.  Since then my path has been none stop accelerated learning from only our Divine Source.


Journey of Energy Healing – It’s not about the Modality

For other installments in the Journey of Energy Healing see, Looking even deeper, there’s always more to seeIdentifying what we haven’t experiencedLooking Deeper at Energy,   The Healing Crisis,   Lesser Etheric Life Forms,   Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them,   The Dreaded Implant and A Healer’s Journey

This won’t be a long writing, the words here are meant to point a direction to travel in not as a check list.

Like religions of which there are many, all will lead to the same place although the journey is different.  Each modality has a greater degree of efficiency in some circumstances while not being as effective in others.  Every modality has some tools and holds part of a puzzle yet to this date none are complete nor could they be until our consciousness has learned more.

We’re expressing our existence in a linear dimension attempting to understand greater multidimensional concepts governing the functioning of our world and physical bodies. The focus then becomes less about any healing modality and more about the consciousness of the healer.  The understanding of anyone (everyone) changes our abilities to direct, re-direct or clear energy.  We are and live in energy, it’s just not something we recognize.  Understanding could be thought of as a personal challenge of growth.  We only know what we’ve learned so we’re unknowing of everything else.  Some have awareness of “there’s more to be learned” but this is where it ends.  Or is it the beginning?  A compulsion to know illuminates our path to learning, we then manifest greater understanding within our consciousness by focusing on the desire to know more.  This is an important attraction for all learning and life’s conditions if change is desired.

The third major part of healing is about the one asking to be healed.  For those who believe a healing will not occur that would close the door to healing.  Another aspect would be the “higher good.”  If someone is in a spiritual test or there’s a karmic attribute connected with the conditions, then a healing would not be likely to happen unless the karmic attribute was about the healer or the healing itself in such a way the healing is an answer to a karmic lesson.  Karmic interactions can and many times are a bit convoluted in 3D terms.

The answer to any request for healing depends on the goal and what the conditions are plus the consciousness of those working to make a change.  A Master can heal with a single thought, the rest of us are still learning.  Every healer is aided by a greater understanding of their own Mastery.

Journey of Energy Healing, Looking Deeper at Energy

For other installments in the Journey of Energy Healing see, Looking even deeper, there’s always more to seeIdentifying what we haven’t experiencedIt’s not about the ModalityThe Healing Crisis,   Lesser Etheric Life Forms,   Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them,   The Dreaded Implant and A Healer’s Journey

The importance of knowing we’re able to work with energy and how to work with spiritual energy cannot be overstated for anyone with a desire to engage in healing or wanting to become a Master.  We’re all energy which is multidimensional and spiritual by definition, all of us.  Everything about how we function physically is energy and everything around us is energy both what we see and touch in 3D plus what is not seen in 3D.  Energy is all around us everywhere and we’re aware of so very little of it.  Consciousness itself has/is energy, this energy of consciousness is known to affect 3D physics which has been proven in experiments with light.  If you ask Guidance they’ll tell you they see us as fields of energy not as beings with arms and legs.  Even the chair you may be sitting on is energy as is the computing device you’re viewing this posting on, it’s all energy.

At this point you may be thinking a number of questions perhaps even about my sanity.  This viewpoint of energy is one not thought of often so let’s take a moment to examine the subject closer.  We find it hard to walk through a closed door as it possess a barrier to our movement.  Everything which is “native” to our dimension vibrates within a similar range of rates, this could be considered as a base point.  Energies from outside our dimension have a different base point either higher or lower so they aren’t tangible or visible to us.  They may or may not have physical laws similar to ours although in a different vibration range.  In this way many parallel universes could exist in the same space at the same time without much interaction.  We’ll touch on “much interaction” again later.

Based on a premise we’re energy it becomes very beneficial to have knowledge of working with energy if we desire to do healing work.  Some modalities focus only on adding energy to our bodies.  Adding energy is not always the best answer.  If an energy is present in our body which does not belong to us or is no longer serving our highest good a better answer may be to remove that energy completely.  The best illustration I’ve been given about this is; “if we had a can of black paint and wanted to change it to white, no matter how much white is mixed into the black paint it won’t be completely white” it will still retain some of the dark color only less of it.  It is especially true if the energy in question has a consciousness such as a lower vibrational consciousness, the energy we add has a limited affect if any depending on exactly what we’re dealing with.

The detection of these energies is the easiest part compared with identifying, removing and knowing what to do or how to deal with these energies having a consciousness.  For the majority of people detecting these subtle energies isn’t what they’d consider easy as just a relative few of us see or feel these subtle energies.  It’s an Old Soul attribute, even then some Old Souls have this turned off.  In most cases those who are sensitive have practiced many years or even lives to fine-tune the ability to sense these and longer to identify the differences.  The removal of these energies is a matter of learning and spiritual evolution.  Having seen crystals at New-Age expos being sold to “suck out” offending energies or ceremonial Daggers which are said to cut those energies into shreds, there seems to be a niche for the understanding to work with these energies.  The only thing I’ll say about those items being sold is to use a lot of discernment, no three dimensional object is going to do anything at all to a conscious multidimensional energy or any other form of energy no matter how sacred they say the item is.  Multidimensional energy controls 3D physics not the other way around.  The only way those physical items work is when a human “believes” it will work thereby giving away their power to a three dimensional object, this is not an acceptable spiritual practice.  Buyer beware, this isn’t how it works, we’re here to claim our power and use it ourselves to create a better life.

There is one energy which will work with any other energy in the Universe, the human/Divine consciousness.  Once we know (not just intellectually) we’re a Divine Being having gained the correct understanding we have amazing abilities.  Even science knows our consciousness has power, the experiments with light proved that.  When a human observes light it changes from a wave to a particle each and every time we observe it.  We “can” learn to work with energy. The Wizards and alike did centuries ago although they were only half way there.  Forget what’s in the movies about Wizards that’s just Hollywood, they studied about spirituality and energy to make changes as they knew it could be done but gave their power away to objects like lotions, potions and incantations believing them to have the power.  Our consciousness can control energy when we’ve gained the wisdom to use it and we’ve cleared the past energies we carry which are blocking us.

Many of us have been on Earth for hundreds of incarnations, some for many hundreds.  In each incarnation we gain wisdom besides picking-up energetic baggage which ranges from unlearned lessons, false beliefs, injuries and thought form objects to types of lower consciousnesses and/or other lessor energy life forms.  Some of those lessor life forms come from a parallel Universe although most are from around here dimensionally speaking.  It would be nice to think these just go away when we depart after each incarnation but the bad news is ALL of these remain in our Akash waiting for us to return.  With each new incarnation we pick-up these old energies for as long as it takes us to see them or have someone else point them out and perhaps even help us with clearing them while we learn to do this for ourselves.  Many people think they can just ask an Archangel to take care of this and that’s all it takes.  Again the bad news is these pieces of old energy are “ours to learn from.”  No Divine Being will take our opportunities to learn away from us, they love us too much. They desire us to see the truth in all things including finding out for ourselves we’ve had the power available to us to take care of these without any outside help. This is Self-empowerment, learning to take care of everything.

This is only the beginning about energy, once an energy is created it stays there until it’s changed by another action.  When a dark consciousness or any consciousness is created it cannot be destroyed or un-created, it can only be “educated.”  Time has no effect on subtle energy since these are multidimensional so they don’t wear-off or dissipate.  For example once an energy of disharmony is created in a space it remains there until it’s changed by an energy such as love.  Wars have been fought on the battlefields of Earth for longer than we can count, those sensitive to energy can feel what happened there centuries later.

We’re here to learn about these things as well as many others.  The ability to make changes in our health or to correct and clear those blockages or phobias which have been opposed to our progress is all energy work.  The learning of subtle energy and/or being able to use subtle energies for both health and learning of even greater truths is little understood and seldom taught.  One transformation event happened just before the 10/10/10.  I was offered the opportunity to be the steward and teacher of an energy since then called Aurora Source Radiance which is both very spiritually expansive and self-empowering.  The learning during the past four and a half years has been beyond measure bringing insight to the way energy works and can be worked with to improve our lives including many things we feel are unchangeable or “it’s just the way we are” including some which medical science is puzzled by.  None of our conditions needs to be as they are when we’ve gained the wisdom and understanding to see them as opportunities to learn and temporary rather than unchangeable.  The only thing in three dimensional life which is forever is our consciousness itself, even this changes constantly as we grow wiser.

The Scales of Duality have tipped

We’re talking about the balance of Light and Dark.  This balance has been in favor of the Dark side of duality for centuries.  Now it’s a new day and it’s time for a change.  Have you been feeling the continual changes occurring?  Have you noticed the world events with fighting and disease?  The Dark Consciousness of Duality has not taken this shift in balance to a larger portion of Light without great displeasure and concern, to put it mildly, actually they’re very upset.  The Dark is now in an all-out fight to maintain the current balance if not regain the control they once enjoyed over the less aware of being influence by them.

This regaining of control will not happen!  Those working in the Light have now achieved a critical mass and in so doing we have crossed the bridge into a place/time where integrity will be seen and honored while greed will also be seen and rejected on a much larger scale than ever before.  More people will join the movement into this greater Light each year as the deeper knowing beyond words is felt.  Everything takes time since we’re slow to incorporate new thinking as a society and the Dark Consciousness hinders many to remain in the old energy of the past.  Those with a greater sense of understanding will answer the call and this will be enough.  For every additional Light Worker the strength of our Light multiplies.

Beware of Fear, fear is the only weapon the Dark truly has.  If the Dark can scare us over anything they’ll win that round.  When a Light Worker has fear they quickly diminish their Light.  The Dark Consciousness knows this and makes the most of it to cause as much fear as they can.  The Dark is like a hamster standing in front of a flashlight to cast a big shadow on the wall to scare us.  If we’d only turn around to see the hamster we’d know the truth of the situation.  If we feel fear about anything be strong and understand that with the knowing in our hearts (not in our head) we are fully connected to the greater I AM in ways we may not even be aware of yet, nothing can harm us unless we allow it to happen.  Giving away our power and fear are the most common ways to diminish the intensity of our Light.  The Dark is nothing more than an absence of Light and the only tool we need to rid the world of darkness is LIGHT.

Those who work with the Dark energies having been seduced by promises of the Dark believe them to be all-powerful.  Here’s a point of logic, if the dark was all-powerful they’d have taken over everything a long time ago, nothing Dark likes competition.  In actuality working with the Dark Consciousness is like running down a dead-end ally.  Once at the end there’s nowhere to go but back the way you came.  Having talked to a few people who work with the Dark energies, when asked why they say the Dark has told them they have secrets to share and will.  The truth is the Dark has only one secret and this they will never share.  The secret is they don’t have any secrets and all they know is what they’ve learned from humans.  Working with the Dark is based on being in servitude, give them our power and they’ll help us do a few things we could learn to do ourselves.  Working with the Light is based on self-empowerment, we learn to be a co-creator and create what we desire in life for ourselves working with the rest of us on the other side of the veil.  Very few people understand the extent to which this can be applied since there is truly no limit other than what’s in the highest good for humanity.

Where there is Light, Darkness cannot exist.  For those sensitive enough to detect dark portals in those people who carry them the fastest way to battle the dark is to beam your Light into that portal.  The Dark Consciousness will close that portal FAST since the Light we’re sending is neutralizing their darkness.  Once darkness has been neutralized it can only be regenerated with the help of those working knowingly or unknowingly with the Dark Consciousness.


On a separate note it’s been a long time since I last posted, this is not a lack of desire or not having anything to communicate as much as I’ve been feeling like a busy airport with the lessons stacked up in a holding pattern asking permission to land.  The new energy of earth is ever shifting, and won’t ever go back to being “normal.”  Normal was the old energy and we cannot work towards ascension in an old energy.  The best advice I’ve heard is “love the changes since resisting it will serve no useful purpose.”

What is the Dark?

Are there Dark Beings? Is the Dark after me?  The darkness is truly only the absence of Light.  The darkness is the other side of Duality and part of our consciousness while we’re here on Earth.  The Dark and Light form a balance creating duality so duality could not exist without both being present.

The darkness has no concept we’re even here as it has no consciousness of its own.  There are no Super Dark Beings out to get everyone by stealing their Souls.  This may and could well put a burr under the saddle of some reading this but it’s most likely those people wouldn’t even be reading this anyway.  The religious mythology of a Dark Being is meant to control the masses keeping them in the organization of the religion as a servant to that organization fueling its expansion.  To debunk much of the myths of religious lore the only Dark Beings are the ones human consciousness has created.  As a creation of the human consciousness their power is limited compared to the power we have as long as we are not in fear of them.  Once a human has given a dark intent then the energy has as much consciousness as was in the intent and only that much.  Once we drop into fear even on a limited scale we lower our vibration rate and give our power to those lesser dark beings.

When a higher truth is seen we learn the purpose of religion/spirituality is to find Mastery.  Mastery is not found within the walls of any organization following a set doctrine.  Mastery is an individual pursuit not a group endeavor.  There are no set doctrines since we are all different we each have a different set of items to learn.  For this very reason a book on “How to Ascend” would not work.  The only writing which would help is a list of things to learn on the path of Mastery.

Journey of Energy Healing – Lesser Etheric Life Forms

For other installments in the Journey of Energy Healing see, Looking even deeper, there’s always more to see,   Identifying what we haven’t experienced,   It’s not about the ModalityLooking Deeper at Energy,   The Healing Crisis,   Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them,   The Dreaded Implant and A Healer’s Journey

The Universe is filled with unusual things, in energy healing if we’re looking they’re bound to show up sooner or later.  We have lesser forms of life in our physical world, we also have them in astral forms too.  This subject seems to be one not considered very often.  Just when you thought it was safe to go outside here comes another little gem to be aware of.  Over the years etheric forms of our long passed away pets have shown up in people’s energy fields along with the more unusual etheric life forms.  These lesser forms of life include etheric fungus, bacteria, insects and parasites which are not all that uncommon.

Not all of these etheric life forms are from around here dimensionally or galactically speaking.  Portals have been found which are open to places where these things come from.  Exactly where those portals go is only of slight interest, it’s enough to know that those places are not a great spot to take a vacation.  At times people have said “I’ve been to four Doctors and no one can find a reason for this . . . “ or “I’ve keep doing healing work on this pain and it moved to a different spot.”  These are tip-offs that something else is going on.  When a deep look is taken at their energy many times an extra energy or two has intruded making itself right at home.  Few Doctors are even slightly aware of subtle Energy.  This seems not to be taught in Western schools at all and it seems these lesser energies are overlooked in Eastern schools as well.

Etheric parasites are the most common of this group impacting our lives the most.  The symptoms of these life forms can range from a rash to cramps while at times a feeling depleted energy accompanies their being present especially if they’re making a home in the intestines.  They feed from our energy to grow stronger which makes us weaker, the move of them the greater the affect.  They can also multiply and spread as well.  Some are larger nearly a foot long being fewer in number while others are bacterial in size but number in the tens of thousands.  They can have a preferred place to be such as in a particular organ or even in the brain while others are not particular about where they call home.  For those who sense the energy the smaller ones can seem like a fog collected around one area.  The larger ones can change shape to some extent as they move around the body.  These can also inhabit the outer layers of the energy fields as can any other etheric object.

Not one of these are doing anyone a favor by visiting with us.  It’s possible for these to have karma or forgiveness associated with them although it’s uncommon.  To be complete, checking is always a good practice.  These exist and bring their complications to our energy impacting how we feel.  Being aware of them opens the door to finding them.

Journey of Energy Healing – Identifying Etheric Objects, and preparing to clear them

For other installments in the Journey of Energy Healing see,  Looking even deeper, there’s always more to seeIdentifying what we haven’t experiencedIt’s not about the Modality,   Looking Deeper at Energy,   The Healing Crisis,   Lesser Etheric Life FormsThe Dreaded Implant and A Healer’s Journey

We are all unique so what will work for one of us may not do as well for another.  What any one person feels or will sense is unique to them and only a reference to anyone else.  In this writing the attempt is to explain a procedure to us based on important abilities to find objects and information needed to clear these.

Subtle energy is just that, we all have the ability to sense these energies.  We all come equipped differently, some will have an easier time “seeing” while others will “sense” better.  “You can’t tell the player without a score card,” I think that’s what they said at one time going to a baseball game.  In energy healing how do we identify the players?  Asking our Guidance is the sure way to find out.  Even if we don’t have a label for an object there’s still a lot of information we can gain about an energy which will help determine a proper course of action.

My personal way of detecting energies;

I’m sensitive to the feel of energy on some level, more than some, less than others.  I use my intuition which usually tells me a great deal, sometimes I‘ll get a visual to go with it.  I ask guidance for more information if I’m not sure about what I’m working with or my intuition tells me “there’s more I need to know.”  Beyond this I’ve been doing this type of work for good many Shamanic and Wizardry incarnations.  I continually access more of the knowledge from those lives as the years pass. (it’s very possible to remember what we’ve already learned)

Handy tools to have;

Intuition is a great thing to have; it’s a direct pipeline to the Higher-self.

If we can hear your Guidance this is a big plus, our Guidance can always hear us just fine so that part is covered.

If we’re able to work within the Akashic records to amend them we’re way ahead.

Working on dark contracts and their associations with dark beings is seldom required when working with etheric objects but that said, finding an object with a contract linked to it can happen.

Finding an etheric object without having developed the skills to clear the conditions surrounding it requires us to “Bless It” and leave it along.  A Blessing will do a great deal of good, the more we Bless something the more good it does.  Blessing something is a powerful act and worth remembering.

Practicing with the ability we do have helps to gain a higher level and the confidence/trust to go deeper with them.  We will also develop others if we keep trying to use those.  This takes patience to keep trying when no improvement seems to come of it.  Keep trying, it will help.

With anything which shows up in a scan I suggest playing a game of 20 questions. (or as few/many as it takes)  Ask your guidance these questions or use a Pendulum to seek the answers.

The number one question is always; Is it in the Highest Good to remove this?

Is there Karma connected with this?

Are there any Contracts involved with this?

Are other Entities or Energies Associated with this?

Is Forgiveness a benefit or required to clear this?

Depending on the answers to the forgoing questions more questions could arise.

The three energies most involved with etheric objects, Karma, contracts/associations and forgiveness

If an attempt to remove an etheric object is made which is NOT clear to be removed the attempt will fail!  We are NOT allowed to clear objects with these conditions still active.  If the attempt is made the object may not be detected any longer so it will appear to have been removed.  It could be shifted into a hidden status to make us think it was removed so we’ll move on leaving it alone.  We wouldn’t take a Karmic hit for removing something which we believe is appropriate to remove.  If we know it isn’t clear to remove and we try it anyway we could and most likely will take a Karmic hit for it ourselves so be advised.

Taking care of the karma connected with an etheric object is not only important, it’s required to clear it successfully.

Working on Contracts made with dark entities is more of a specialty, without the understanding these it’s better not to work with them.  As much as most people don’t want to believe they’ve made such a deal the fact is 97% of us have.  This is called “experience” and experience is why we’re here.  The Divine place no connotations on experience like good or bad, experience is experience.  Learning from our experience is all that matters.

Forgiveness, practice Ho’oponopono, the principles can be found on the internet and it’s very effective.  Using this for ourselves is a good idea too.

A few general notes about Implants;

Medical and Spiritual Enhancement implants, usually have nothing stopping them from being removed except asking if it’s in the Highest Good to remove them.

Protection and Surveillance or Control implants, most of these I’ve seen are Atlantian and very much in the Highest Good to remove.  Many of these have access/deactivation codes programmed into them.  My understanding is attempting to remove one without the correct code could result in less than desirable results.  What that means is a good question, I wasn’t given great detail about that information only some visions and I was told “If we were to tell you, how would you explain it?”  From the visions, I’d say to leave them alone if you’re not completely sure about what to do, these codes are very complex.

General Objects other than implants;

These are usually from past life traumas/injuries.  Most have Karma and/or Forgiveness work to do in clearing them.

All of this information pertains to static Etheric Objects not Entities, although there some similarities there is much more involved with Entities and almost everyone has an unwanted guest or two.