There’s a Disturbance in the Force

As in Star Wars (which I’m told was drawn from spiritual understanding although being greatly enhanced for a movie) there are forces at play remaining for the most part unseen yet these still permeate our lives.  Today more than lately the energy is disturbed yet when it’s investigated this unbalanced energy is from external sources being part of the Juncture Point energy for our spiritual advancement.  To one level or another everyone is subject to this energy.

This is an important point to remember for those who are empathic or otherwise sensitive to energy.  If we’re feeling out of sorts the energy may not be ours.  Without this understanding regardless of the source we tend to believe it belongs to us taking ownership of what we feel, then it truly is ours.

Feeling an energy then having identified the source as external we have the Divine Right to say/think “thanks for the understanding of this energy.  I acknowledge it and release it as it has no further place with me” or something to that effect.  Just to mention that works best if we “believe” we have the Divine Right to do so otherwise since what we believe creates our reality it won’t happen.


The Akash and the Ghost of our Past

Our complete journey of every incarnation here on Earth is recorded in full detail.  This record of our journey known as the Akashic record is both what we’ve accomplished and the potentials of what we plan to accomplish in the future.  As such it contains the many treasures of our learning although it’s also contains the resting place or burial ground for, to put it mildly, what is seen as troublesome experiences.  Everything we’ve done is in there.  All the great times we’ve had are there just waiting for us to discover them but then so are all the times we’ve been persecuted or we’ve been on the losing end of a battle, everything is there.

With each of us these stories are different yet we all have them.  The ones which surface the most are the ones we’d rather not remember.  There’s a lesson in the way it works.  In various ways we’re presented with the emotions from those lessor experiences as reminders of our past.  In any case we’re given the emotions usually without any details making it hard to understand why we feel the way we do.  In most cases the nature of these is misunderstood in our attempt to rationalize why we’re feeling them.  Sometimes these are seen as premonitions while at other times these are just projected onto or into a situation we are currently in.  Either way these are all memories of past experiences from other incarnations coming back to revisit us.  In many instances these contain fear or are centered on fear.  Fear is the most debilitating and/or motivating lower emotion we’re presented with in Duality.  Fear can and will stop us from moving forward in our lives simply based on past incarnation emotional memories.

So, how can we tell what these are about?  Spiritual growth is the number one asset in knowing anything, the more we grow the greater insight we gain.  Learning to dismiss the emotions looking at it from a higher perspective we could then take action as opposed to being caught in a “reaction” to the old emotions.

I’ve seen these reaction to the past experiences many times and very often when people have a desire to learn greater spiritual understanding.  In past centuries those with greater spiritual understanding were all too often seen as “evil” and we’ll just say they weren’t treated well.  These experiences have left emotional imprints in our Akash which pop-up to greet us in a most unpleasant way.  These “ghost of our past” will be triggered by a similar experience to replay the old experience as an emotional reminder of what happened then.  These reminders present an opportunity to see them for what they are and to clear them as they no longer serve our higher good.  It’s our choice to decide our path based on the current conditions or be hindered by the ghosts of our past as we reacting to what happened then.

The Ego

Master or servant

The role of the Ego is little understood by the bulk of humanity, we’d be better served to know more about what this aspect of our consciousness is doing while we’re not looking.  The Ego give us the drive to succeed and a desire to accomplish yet without restraint the Ego gives us grief, literally.  The Ego is much like a kid in a candy store of emotions, it’ll get into everything and try them all and the ones it likes are tried often.

The Ego is the primary player in lesser emotions like; anger, rage, hatred, envy, jealousy, blind ambition, betrayal, feeling hurt for any reason and much more.  Fear is also on the list although this is so important to understand it has its own spiritual challenge but the Ego plays with fear too.  The Ego doesn’t get involved in Love, Compassion or Joy, those are higher emotions.

From the moment we take our first breath every system we have is set on “auto-pilot” functioning as it will completely without any input from us.  The Ego left on its own without supervision remaining that way until we get wiser seeing what it’s up to.  All of this is as it should be for our learning and growth.  In time we’ll face the spiritual challenge / test to regain the leadership of a wayward team member placing this rouge agent Ego back into our personal consciousness group.


Taming the unruly Ego,

A very important step is to know what the Ego is up to.  Seeing how it interferes in our lives and relationships is so very valuable to understand why we act the way we do at times.  Every time we “react” to a situation this is the Ego hard at work, a button gets pushed and we respond without thinking about it.  Taking action is a calculated response when we observe a situation and chose to make a plan.  The Ego doesn’t plan to do anything other than react, this is what the Ego does best.

Having seen the Ego’s game, refusing to dance on a string pulled by the Ego puts us back into the position of being in charge.  Every time we find ourselves “reacting” to a situation we are called to stop and tell the Ego “not this time, I’m not playing anymore.”  It’s just that simple but as the saying goes “it’s simple but it’s not easy.”  This spiritual challenge of the Ego requires perhaps more due diligence than many other spiritual test other than Fear which is for many the hardest to face.

The search for Love

With few exceptions we all want to find love in our lives.  We search to find that one true love, it’s in our nature to be loved.  We’re pre-programmed to want love so we keep looking and looking going from one relationship to another attempting to find one that works.

Is love really that hard to find?  What is it that keeps us from finding our true love?

In spiritual teachings we’re told to find a successful loving relationship its highly advantageous to first learn to love the self otherwise we’re looking for what we lack in someone else.  As with all things spiritual everything we need is already within us, if we can’t find it there we won’t find it in someone else.

In Duality terms we believe ourselves to be separate individuals, so much so we also see angelic beings as individuals too.  This is understandable since our consciousness is designed to be this way so we’ll have to try harder to see past Duality in order to find a higher truth.  From the perspective of multidimensional thinking there is no separation between any of us or any other consciousness.  We’re all one with and within the Creator Consciousness, each as a personality but part of the greater whole.

Here’s a spiritual logic point behind loving someone else.  If we don’t love ourselves and for the sake of argument we’re all connect as one, how is it we could love another part of ourselves or for that matter God?

Learning to love the self is a corner stone of spiritual growth, so much depends on this one item.

Reasons for being in Love?

Does it take a reason to be in love?  I’ve never thought so but it certainly seems that we find reasons not to be in love.

Love seems to come from a place without a need to qualify its validity.  We either have it or we don’t.  It also seems that love may be misunderstood at times and thought of as something less than it is.  Love seemingly has become a word without an emotional state of being involved which turns love into a blanket statement for being in lust with someone.  Lust is fun especially if love is present too, let’s not confuse them as these are not interchangeable.

In a new loving relationship we start out being totally in love with a full “I’m happy with you” list then we begin subtracting from those feeling as we find reasons to be unhappy in a relationship.  As time goes on the “I’m unhappy here” list can get longer as the “I’m happy with you” list continues to shorten.  When enough reasons have piled up we fall out of love.

This seems to be the New Improved Instant Gratification version of Love.  Is this how the majority of us view love and measure it?  In this age of instant love, instant marriage and instant divorce love looks like it’s become a victim downsizing so it’ll fit into a smaller package but unlike a Twinkie there isn’t any preservative to prevent it from spoiling other than understanding.  Understanding is self-administered, self-regulating and all too hard to find it seems.  Understanding must also be present in adequate amounts in both lovers to preserve the love.  The greatest results in a loving relationship come when both lovers have the same level of feelings and understanding.  For those having tried a one-sided love or out of balance love you know what this is.  It’s like playing tennis in the middle of a field by yourself or with someone not interested in playing, it’s a pointless and unrewarding effort.

We’ve all heard of Unconditional Love.  In a perfect world of Divine Beings (who know and act like they’re Divine Beings) we’d live in peace and harmony.  The reality is we’re not there yet so we’re not using the full potential of love yet either.

We sometimes talk about finding a lover from a past incarnation often called a Soul Mate which happens more often than some would believe, it’s just not recognized.  Even if we find this lover from the past it doesn’t mean they’ll see us too.  Sometimes they do and then the sparks could fly.  It’s hard to tell if this will build a great fire or ignite the open container of gasoline.  This brings up the question about how much unresolved karmic issues are remaining from the last time you were together?  Can those items be worked out this time?  These are all challenges but none are as challenging as the Twin Flame relationship.  The Twin Flame relationship is far more than has been written about on the internet.  There’s a great deal of misunderstanding which surrounds this love story as well as the unseen dynamics involved.

Can Love be found?  It sure can although it could and most likely will require continual looking and learning to find the right one to be in love with.  Finding a high level love is possible.   If I were going to win a lottery this is the one to win.  Keep the money I’ll take the riches of being in love with the one who returns love to me in full measure.

Pillars of a Relationship

Life has structure, although sometimes the structure may be less obvious than at others times, the structure is still present.  Having had my share of relationships (suggesting none were long term successes) life brings us learning in many ways.  We learn almost as much from finding out what we don’t want as from learning what we do want.  So less successful ventures point out where we could make changes in our thinking to achieve a greater potential of success.

In a spiritual view, successfully loving another will only occur after we learn to love ourselves first.  In this way we’ll be whole within our self ready to accept love from someone else.  This is so important and seemingly not understood I’ll repeat it.  When we have not learned to love our self first what we’re seeking in someone else is what we haven’t found within our own being to be complete.  It will never work out successfully until then; the emptiness in us will always be there until it’s filled from within us.  Only when we are complete will we be fully capable of receiving the love we’d like to have in our life.  The results of this misunderstanding happen so many times everyday in the world usually ending in a divorce.  When finding one who understandings how to be loved will we be the one to earn their devotion?

Having considered the desired qualities and the importance of them in a potential mate/lover it seems that six stand out as being note worthy (to myself anyway) to set the stage for a successful relationship.

In no particular order these are;

Honesty;  Someone with honesty has no fear about being open and truthful as to who they are, how they feel, and what they want in and from they’re lover.  If a person needs to hide they’re thoughts and feelings then something is wrong.  How can any trust be developed in a person without honesty?

Trust;  To trust someone also requires having trust in yourself.  Without trust you have no foundation upon which to build a lasting relationship.  If you have little or no trust in the one you are with, then why are you there?  Life is too short to put time into trying to develop a relationship if you are unsure.  You could just get hurt for the effort.  If you’re thinking you can fix the world one person at a time, good luck with this.  Most people with challenges in they’re personality think it’s OK to be as they are and nothing is wrong with them.  A loss of trust is hard to rebuild if it’s even possible with no assurance it could ever be as it was before.   I’d rather put my time into looking for someone already knowing the value of being trustworthy in hopes that my trust is well placed.  Life doesn’t come with any sort of guaranty.

Respect;  We would be served well by giving respect to our lovers from the start.  As our lover demonstrates being the kind of person you can Trust your heart with at all times give them more respect to show you appreciate them.  The lack of respect hurts as much as not being trusted even if you’ve given no cause to be distrusted.

Loyalty;  Is based on trust and respect that the one you’re with would never do anything which would hurt you in any way for any reason at any time.  If you have total loyalty from your lover this makes it much easier to give total devotion understanding you’ll be rewarded in the fullest measure imaginable by receiving total devotion in return.

Love;  Is something written about at great length and everybody has an opinion, little surprise here’s another one.  Considering love is at its fullest form when it’s a composite of caring, kindness, affection, compassion, along with honesty, trust, respect; and loyalty. No wonder love is so complicated.  If you have all that it takes to love someone you wouldn’t have room in your heart to fight about anything.  If you have love or can find your way to it, this is when two people can bond together into one heart to enjoy love at its fullest.  The peace it brings in your life to have someone to hold you and to be held by is priceless.  They say love is blind, if so then you can be certain love doesn’t have a driver’s license.  If you let love drive your heart, you’ll need to be the one keeping an eye on where you’re going.

Communication;  This one is huge.  Practicing communication with love is a key part of a loving relationship.  It may be last on this list although it is of great importance.  Communicate your feelings, let your lover know you love them, want them in your life and respect them for who they are and what they do.  The words you give can fill your lover’s heart.  If you’ve ever had your heart filled you’ll know how good it feels.  Also communicate anything which troubles you in a kind way getting it out in the open to be discussed as opposed to keeping it hidden to fester until it explode. 

When offering your heart to someone in exchange for they’re heart it’s good to have the presence of these virtues so you’ll be comfortable your heart will be treated better in the hands of your lover than you would treat your own heart.

General guideline about Love;

Love doesn’t argue.

Love gives kindness.

Love doesn’t use harsh words.

Love speaks with gentleness.

Love doesn’t get angry.

Love understands.

Love doesn’t keep score about anything.

Love knows a giving heart is always full.

Love doesn’t act petty.

Love is generous.

Love can accept without saying much because Love is perfect not Lovers.

When you find one to love, will you both know the importance of these virtues?  Finding one such lover opens the door to sharing the devotion of two heart together.  The bond between those two hearts brings such joy to life.

I have learned from my experiences, now I have found my most beloved lady, she is more than I could ever imagine! And I tell her so to fill her heart!