The Illusion of a Veil

This writing does not comply with common spiritual belief yet that in itself does not mean it lacks merit.  In this post-shift era it’s time to begin dispelling old myths about spirituality.

The concept of a Veil separating our three dimensional world from a multidimensional existence is a product of our unenlightened linear consciousness.  There is no separation of dimensions except in our perception which cannot recognize what is beyond its understanding.  As we gain understanding becoming more enlightened we begin to see past those limitations but only proportionally gaining access to what we’re prepared to understand.  In that the so called Veil works as a self-limiting illusion keeping us back from what is not being perceived.

The Old Soul has a great reserve of learning yet even then what has been learned before is called to be subtle in nature.  That understanding quietly slips in from our Akash “under the radar” becoming incorporated with our current linear consciousness otherwise those “crazy” thoughts could be rejected before any contemplation took place.

To venture beyond the so called Veil there’s nothing to cross and nothing to go through other than our own perceptional limitations.  Our consciousness relates to everything by comparing it to past experience.  When we experience something which does not correlate to any previous experience we’re at a loss to understand it causing the consciousness to take wild guesses at what it could be.  The “other side of the Veil” is to our limited perception like a pool of everything without separation so there’s nothing we could relate to except Love, Joy and Laughter although in most cases our linear consciousness would be too confused to sense it.  In our less enlightened state we think in a very linear manor so what is greater than 3D would seem chaotic to us.  What we call chaos is only an order beyond comprehension to our linear consciousness which is comfortable in 3D.

An analogy of the Veil would be to stand in the dark holding a flashlight looking into the thickest fog you’ve ever seen yet this fog is ten times thicker.  It’s so thick you can’t see your feet.  This being a special fog each particle is reflective so when we look at it we see a distorted reflection of our own existence.  To see past it requires a greater evolution in consciousness known as enlightenment.  We each have our own illusions to see past so the extent to which we overcome the illusion of a Veil is directly proportional to our understanding.  This would explain why some see and understand what is not seen by others.  Like for instance, the nature of the Veil. (lol)

For centuries those with sight or insight have attempted to look past the Veil with limited success based on their level of understanding although all say “there’s something blocking my vision therefore it must be a Veil.”  Now for the joke.  The truth is there’s no Veil.  All along we’ve been looking directly at it, that fog (Veil) IS multidimensional existence.  To our linear consciousness it’s unrecognizable yet it containing all that is without structure, differentiation or boundaries (no dimensions) as we could perceive them yet harmony is everywhere and in everything.  As we gain more understanding we’re able to perceive order (aka seeing through the Veil) where none was noticed and see the I AM consciousness glowing with its own Light.

Note; I started writing this weeks ago a bit at a time.  Guidance was attempting to show me the simplicity of it but I didn’t get it until the last paragraph.  We’ve been looking at the Creative Consciousness all along yet we didn’t understand what we were looking at.  Since we couldn’t recognize what we saw it must be a barrier.  It’s really funny how we misperceive things for so long without examining what we hold as truth.  We just believe them because we were told those were true.



The Pool of Discernment and the Light of Truth

It’s another early morning, hours earlier than I would have liked when I was given a vision and instructed to write about it, now.  (LOL, Guidance can be like that when we’re in-service)


Discernment is one of many spiritual test we all face in one incarnation or another.  Once having learned this the accomplishment is stored in our Akash and we’re equipped with Discernment thereafter.  I’ve seen many facing this test since the end of 2012, it’s one of the important test to face for those not having met this challenge before.

The Light of Truth is the tool we use to discern with, it’s also been called the Sword of Truth.  We arrive here equipped with the Light of Truth as standard equipment yet the instruction manual may not have been included.  Sometimes the fact we even have such a tool escapes us.  Learning to use this important tool becomes a challenge in itself and it’s unique to each of us.

On to the vision.

We have a figure (the collective us) standing knee deep in a pool of water. (discernment)  Around us are dark shapes and figures, some remain still while others are circling around the pool.  Some are silent but some are making sounds to distract us getting our attention.  These dark shapes and figures all have names, some of which are; drama, greed, mistrust, deception, anger, jealousy, envoy, hate, fear and so on.  Notice these are all three dimensional in nature and each is an illusion (trust me, they’re only illusions) calling for our attention to distract us from finding our spiritual nature.

As we stand in this pool of Discernment we notice in our right hand we hold a staff.  At the tip of this staff is a crystalline sphere.  (the word crystalline is a common metaphor used by Spirit to denote something which holds memory and or energy)  The object of this vision is to inform us we have the tools to see the truth.

The Light of Truth dispels all illusions.  As we hold our staff up high, through our pure intension we turn the Light of Truth on.  As it illuminates all around us those specters of illusion fade away.  Three dimensional illusions cannot exist in the Light of Truth.  That which remains (when using the Light of Truth has been mastered) is therefore our truth.


The concept of using Truth is very important especially now as we transition into a new age while those wanting to keep the Dark energies resist this change.  This is why the test of Discernment has become more common in the last few years and will continue to be more important in the coming years.

We are here, can you sense us?

(The following is a channeled message)

Standing in the Dark or standing in the Light is a choice, we make no judgment either way of those actions.  We are the one standing by to assist each to see what you’ll ask to see, this is the point of the moment.

We are here for the purpose of helping you although we are not permitted to ask you if you’d like to be helped.  This of course places the burden upon you to ask but it also places the consciousness of you in the position of knowing we’re here in the first place so you could ask.

This may seem convoluted but it is a safety measure and one which respects the Free Will of all to accept or not that we are with you.  We are the unseen by most and the Beloved of many, we are the keepers of secrets but only to those having not yet asked to know.

“Ignorance is bliss” as the saying goes but perhaps “knowledge is power” would suit the human race better in this new time.  Ignorance of gravity would not stop you from falling down but greater knowledge of spiritual understanding would allow you to walk on water.  In this we wish to point out there is much to be learned about how the nature of existence works, there is one set of rules which are played by until a greater set is learned.

The Earth and humanity is at the beginnings of a new adventure.  Humanity has played by the old rules for eons and now your actions have brought the events on Earth to the edge a greater adventure.  Many are waking up to the feeling there is more than was thought of in the old energy.  More will wake up as the years continue forward, the tide has turned.

We are here to assist in greater understanding but only if we’re asked.  You may not see us or believe we’re here, some feel we’re here others know we’re here.  We are here regardless of any perceptions either way.

We only ask one thing of you, it would brighten our hearts if you’d ask us to help you in some small way.  We stand by being unable to help without your permission.  If it is thought we can’t hear you since you may not sense our thoughts rest assured regardless of that we hear you very well, talk to us and we’ll respond in a way which will help you to understand.

(from a Greater Consciousness)


An optimal request would be something like “show me what it is I need to know today.”  No matter what it is we’ll have help in understanding it and it’ll always be what we could use the most.

Spirituality is a Concept

A channeled message from a greater Consciousness

Just try to define spirituality, everyone has a different opinion and no one is incorrect.  This alone places spirituality outside a linear box of thought.  This box of thought is a 3D world held within a bubble of space within a greater multidimensional universe.  This bubble keeps everything isolated from the greater universe much like existing inside an egg shell.  Until the egg is cracked to venture out you’re protected from everything outside as you grow stronger.  Not unlike a young bird each will break a hole from which to peek out taking a breath of the new surroundings.  Once out you’re greeted by a loving family to learn you are greater than once thought.

Spiritual understanding does not come from within a 3D bubble as spiritual learning is not definable in linear words or thoughts.  This is the same as a young bird learning what the outside world is like while still completely incased within a shell.  Linear forms of communication on spirituality attempting to portray multidimensional concepts fall short of conveying these understandings.  The best these can achieve is in giving a linear outline suggesting a possible organization to that which has no recognizable organization from a linear perspective.  We do not wish to “double speak” only relate the organization would seem chaotic taken from the perspective of linear thought.  In truth what is seen as chaos is merely an organization beyond perception.

Each are equipped with a portal/veil from which to access greater wisdom.  From this point conceptual understanding is available to all seeking it.  The opportunity is always there to be sought when the moment is at hand and the desire is upon you.

It will not serve well to pull the pieces of egg shell back into place remaining safe within the shell.  In this time many feel a call to outgrow their shells being asked to step forward seeing themselves in a new Light.  This Light radiates from the “I AM” presence, this Light is your Light.  We ask all feeling this call to step forward and claim that which you are, the I AM.

In Gratitude We Honor You – A Channeled Message

We honor you.  We honor your dedication to being here in this great time of change.  We desire to tell you all how honored we are to be here with you assisting your efforts.  You look to us and think how wonderful we are not seeing the true extent of your own magnificent Divinity.  You, beloved brothers and sisters are the ones we honor, for it is you who are doing the actual work here.  We can not express how important each and every one of you truly are.  Without your being here on Earth this grand project would fail, this is how important each of you are.  It is you that hold the Light upon the Earth.  It is you that are in the forefront leading the way, we’re only following your lead.  You call us great and powerful Angelic Beings but it is you who are doing all the work.  Our task is to support your efforts.  We only assist you while it is you making a difference in the Universe.  We look at you seeing how truly wonderful and powerful you are for caring enough each day to carry your Light here upon the Earth even if you’re not aware of doing this you’re still taking part in a great work.  We honor you.

This is as much as I can remember of a channeled message from the Elohim

A Message from the Angles

Dearly beloved there is something we desire you to hold in your hearts this day.  For as many times we hear you cry out, we are powerless to help you until we are asked to enter into your lives.  We watch in all the triumphs and struggles.  We are only allowed to stand by cheering you on or to cry with you until the time comes when each will ask for help.  We ask you to open your hearts so that we may enter your lives to show you another way to be.  We would be honored to help you to the extent we are allowed to do so.  You, dear ones are our brothers and sisters, for Divine reasons we are only permitted to help when we are asked.  We are here in support of your every effort as you walk your path in life so please allow us the honor and joy of touching your lives.

Many Blessings, Your Guidance