About the Spiritual Sandbox

A sandbox is where we play and also a place we learn sandbox etiquette.  As many times happen someone in the sandbox feels it’s a must to throw sand which is not well received by other attendees, welcome to 3D life.  In a Spiritual Sandbox we have ideas to play with as we learn to construct higher concepts of understanding.

Axiom; No one knows what they haven’t learned yet.  What is unlearned remains invisible and impossible as there’s no knowledge it existences.  In learning we see greater possibilities of what was previously unknown.

What I write comes from spending a lot of time working with the Creative Consciousness.  Like building a house, understanding requires a solid foundation to build upon.  If what I write seems “odd,” it could be that or maybe it was just previously misunderstood or unlearned information.

Much of what I write is Channeled information to one extent or another. (Guidance says more is channeled than I believe)  Much of what I write is avant-garde spiritual writing.  I say this not from a point of Ego but from decades and life times of study which culminates in this post-shift energy when the world is changing rapidly calling to begin countering human mythology from thousands of years.  That old mythology blocks many from even seeing the true nature of humanity let alone understanding the Creative Consciousness.

Guidance made it clear to me in 2008 that I was wasting my time sending out resumes as they were blocking my getting a new position.  In that discussion I was informed I already had a full time job of Spiritual Learning and working a 40 hour job would not allow me to accomplish what I’m called to do. (Free Will vs. being a Team Player)  I was also requested to stop reading and listening to what others say about spiritual matters as those would only make it more difficult to receive higher truths.  My Spiritual Learning job rapidly became 24/7 all year every year.  Awake or asleep it doesn’t matter, some dreams are harder to see the learning in them while others are easy.

The information presented on spiritual matters is advanced and usually so far off from the excepted norm this will cause some not accept these views as possible.  Please note I work full time at Spiritual learning 24/7 with a deep reserve of spiritual knowledge in my Akash, this isn’t a part time experience for me.  In 2018 I’ve started working directly with four Ascended Masters and the Akash of each of them to increase what I understand going further away from “accepted truth” into as much Divine Truth as a human can hold short of full enlightenment.  Having been considered as one being on the edge before I’m no stranger to seeing things in a different way than most.  If I wanted to write popular blogs I’d stay in the mainstream and repeat what is thought to be true although I’d rather present information for the few on a path looking for higher truths with more detail.  (Now that I’ve been called a Spiritual Myth Buster this makes so much sense)


4 thoughts on “About the Spiritual Sandbox

    • Thank you, we are all called upon to shift as the world changes around us. Those unable to change will have a much more difficult time. (hence the increasing random acts of violence) Those of us hearing the call are asked to be part of this great change by changing the way we think and what we think. The ride is bumpy at times, holding one’s self in a neutral space as best we can helps to surf the waves.

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