About the Spiritual Sandbox

A sandbox is where we play and also a place we learn sandbox etiquette.  As many times happen someone in the sandbox feels it’s a must to throw sand which is not well received by other attendees, welcome to 3D life.  In a Spiritual Sandbox we have ideas to play with as we learn to construct higher concepts of understanding.

We’ve come to earth for our learning and to play in this sandbox of life acquiring the many lessons afforded us searching to find a greater understanding/knowing of who we truly are.

In our arrival at sandbox Earth we’re once again given the opportunity to reconnect with what we’ve learned in our previous ventures.  Our Akash holds all of our memories and knowledge which is available although not so easy to access.  The game is complicated but the challenge is to find out who we are not who we seem to be.  We’re veterans not only of Earth but we’ve taken part in physical expressions on many planets in this galaxy and throughout the many universes too.  The Spiritual Sandbox includes Earth and is a place to learn as we share the wisdom gained with other who have yet to see those lessons.

Axiom; No one knows what they haven’t learned yet.  What is unlearned remains invisible and impossible as there’s no knowledge it existences.  In learning we see greater possibilities of what was previously unknown.

What I write comes from spending a lot of time working with Guidance.  Like building a house, understanding requires a solid foundation to build upon.  If what I write seems “odd,” it could be that or maybe it was just unlearned information.

A Spiritual Myth Buster

Beyond or in addition to being a Wayshower (as mentioned below) today (in numerology it was a perfect day 1/9/2017=11=completing an old cycle to begin a new cycle with appropriate spiritual action) Guidance confirmed what I had suspected for the last few years.  I have found myself scouting the fringes of what we think we’ve known about spirituality and gaining a better understanding of how we function/think as physical beings in a limited dimensional setting.  A lot has occurred to set the human intellect aside to eliminate the misunderstanding which it creates so I can more clearly see what’s behind the veil.  The process to accept this information has taken time to clear the Belief System of what has been thought to be true so I could objectively assess new information from a spiritual viewpoint rather than from the human intellects viewpoint.  Guidance told me I’m among a new group of teachers asked to dispel the old human misunderstanding from the past few thousand years so we can more intelligently move forward in our growth toward ascension.  I’m still laughing about “Spiritual Myth Buster,” Guidance has a sense of humor.  At the suggestion of Guidance I don’t even post the more controversial subjects at this time as those would directly confront the “accepted wisdom” of how it all works.

A Wayshowers Way

Like the Scouts and Trail Blazers of the past a Wayshower leads the way into new territory.  Unlike in the past the tool of a Wayshower is Light and the Divine Light of Truth.  Wayshowers are veteran teachers from many planets with extra access to their Akash from then to bring forward advanced understanding to counter the misperceptions of this culture.  They have been here as a group from the time the Earth was prepared for humanity and have remained here waiting for the time of awakening.  This was the plan as it takes time for a Wayshower to find their own way to the knowledge of their Akash before they can illuminate a trail for others to follow.

Much of what I write is Channeled information to one extent or another. (Guidance says more is channeled than I believe)  Much of what I write is advanced, I say this not from a point of Ego but from decades and life times of study which culminates in this post-shift energy when the world is changing rapidly calling to begin countering human mythology from thousands of years.  The old mythology blocks many from even seeing the true nature of humanity let alone understanding the love of Divinity for us.

Talking about myself has always been difficult so I’ll just mention some of the spiritual items.

I’m a multi-modality Healer including being the steward of a few, Teacher, Consultant, Channeler and metaphysical researcher.

Guidance made it clear to me in 2008 that I was wasting my time sending out resumes as they were blocking my getting a new position.  In that discussion I was informed I already had a full time job of Spiritual Learning and working a 40 hour job would not allow me to accomplish what I’m called to do. (Free Will vs. being a Team Player)  My Spiritual Learning job rapidly became 24/7 all year every year.  Awake or asleep it doesn’t matter, some dreams are harder to see the learning in them while others are easy.  The Akash is a great resource and also holds unfinished lessons which are often called blockages yet there are no blockages only unlearned learning opportunities.

Much of what I do is in helping people with resolving/healing of past life traumas, emotional challenges or removing energies of all types which are all too often causing trouble for many of us.  These energies are unnoticed or misidentified by all but a few in our society as we’ve grown up with them camped out in our lives yet in some way we know something is there.  Spiritual counseling to assist people in working through Spiritual Tests which are seldom recognized as such.

The information presented on spiritual matters is at times so far off from the excepted norm this will cause some not accept these views as possible.  Please note I work full time at Spiritual learning 24/7 with a deep reserve of spiritual knowledge in my Akash, this isn’t a part time experience for me.  In 2018 I’ve started working directly with four Ascended Masters and the Akash of each of them to increase what I understand going further away from “accepted truth” into as much Divine Truth as a human can hold short of full enlightenment.  Having been considered as one being on the edge before I’m no stranger to seeing things in a different way than most.  If I wanted to write popular blogs I’d stay in the mainstream and repeat what is thought to be true although I’d rather present information for the few on a path looking for higher truths with more detail.  (Now that I’ve been called a Spiritual Myth Buster this makes so much sense)


4 thoughts on “About the Spiritual Sandbox

    • Thank you, we are all called upon to shift as the world changes around us. Those unable to change will have a much more difficult time. (hence the increasing random acts of violence) Those of us hearing the call are asked to be part of this great change by changing the way we think and what we think. The ride is bumpy at times, holding one’s self in a neutral space as best we can helps to surf the waves.

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