The fallacy of Separation

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched?  If you did you’re right, we are not alone.  We’re being watched at every moment but it’s not Big Brother. (kinda)  Our brothers on the other side of the veil are always with us so they know everything we do.  (we really don’t having any privacy)  There’s no getting away from them and why would we want to?  They’re family or more directly they’re the rest of our own consciousness.  Since they are us they watch and wait hoping to help us if we should ever ask for help.  With our Free Will it means we do need to directly ask for help otherwise they are prohibited from contacting us in any way.  We must open the door to them.  They’re not even allowed to knock on the door which makes this a matter of our own awareness to know they’re with us.

Separation denotes singularity and there is no singularity except in our 3D thinking as we don’t see our unity with all that is.  We are connected to everything which is part of the Creative Consciousness itself.

Separation isn’t a separate spiritual challenge, it could be learned while meeting other challenges if it hadn’t become known before.  Knowing the illusion of separation for what it is keeps us from feeling lonely.  Loneliness is one of the Ego’s play toys so we’re reminded to be on the look-out for when the Ego is play with this one.  We could still desire to have another human with us but we feel our Guidance around us and understand we are loved and never alone.

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