A lesson on Lessons

The experience we’re having on earth is one of daily learning.  We’re put here without memory of who we are and no guide book we can see.  The trick is to find it within us.  We arrive here self-contained and complete if we only knew it but Duality starts taking its toll on us from the first breath and for those reincarnating (nearly all of us) we have our Akash to contend with as well.

As we move through our lives we’re assisted to learn being skillfully guided to some extent although some would say we’re pushed into it.  In either case it’s for our highest good knowing we set up our lives before we incarnated.  As we learn our Guidance tracks what we’ve learned so when the lessons are complete for a subject we’re placed into a situation to test and/or prove our knowledge.  We aren’t put into a lesson situation until we’re deemed to be ready, of course this doesn’t mean we feel ready.  These spiritual lessons are unannounced so we may not and usually don’t even know what’s going on, only that we have situations happening in our lives.  Many times someone will want to get a clearing to remove the perception of a lower energy interrupting them or what is thought of as a blockage.  The purpose of these tests are to measure our understanding to see if we’re ready to move forward.  In these we’re called to use our wisdom, plus if needed, a little help for Guidance to see the situation as it really is.  Guidance will not give us the answers, we’re loved too much for them to allow us to cheat on a test.  Although we can get help to understand what’s going on which in itself is a blessing.

No amount of clearing will affect a Spiritual Test, sorry to say this but a test is a test and in practical terms we’re not allowed to duck them indefinitely.  We do have Free Will to face our challenge or not but the down-side of not facing these challenges when they’re presented is in they’ll often continue until the next incarnation then the test will seem a bit harder since we didn’t complete it the last time.  An analogy is these tests have deferred interest on unfinished lessons.  Each incarnation we avoid them the interest grows bigger for the next time.  From what I’m hearing from Guidance this is a fact which is not changeable no matter how much we huff and puff attempting to do so, it’s the way it is.

Through the years I’ve seen many facing spiritual testing with a marked increase since 2012.  To date none I’ve worked with have seen the true reasons of the situation they’re in.  A little information is very helpful to understand why a situation is happening yet passing these test is still an individual pursuit.  In further asking Guidance I’m told very few ask if they’re in a test situation.  In most situations Guidance will tell us but only if we ask.


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