Rooms with many Doors

In a spiritual quest for knowledge we often enter into new areas or metaphoric rooms of learning.  Entering these we’re called to absorb all that’s there for us taking it as our new understanding.  Each room we find expands our perceptions and leads us to other rooms.  Those rooms in turn lead to yet more and so on, never is there a dead end.  With each new revelation or epiphany we gain greater insight as to how everything is structured or connected together.  These call for further exploration to develop them into higher truths moving our understanding into knowing giving us a greater perception beyond where we were as well gaining greater abilities.

No matter what it is, the more often we work to achieve a goal the faster we’ll move towards it and/or attract it to us.  Everything I can think of responds to this, certainly spiritual growth is included.  Continually searching for greater truths leads to faster growth as we accumulate more knowledge.  The more knowledge we acquire the greater our perception becomes allowing us to see what was not visible to us before.

The yet unseen truths are a well-spring of spiritual learning, we must seek them out as they will not come knocking upon our door.  Each of us will gain greater understanding in direct proportion to the effort we’ve given to finding greater knowledge.

There really aren’t any “secrets of life” only that which has remained unseen due to our still having lessons to acquire before we’re able to perceive them.


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