The Rebirth of our Divine Feminine and Masculine

twinbutterfliesIn case this comes as news to anyone we lost the Divine portions of our feminine/masculine nature or as much as we were able to hold after Lemuria.  The attributes of these Divine aspects of Masculine and Feminine calls for a purity which cannot be maintained in a world of lower vibrational actions except by a Master.  Through the ages our conduct degraded generation after generation so misconduct became accepted as normal behavior.  As our Divine aspects dwindled the darker side of duality was hard at work giving us every excuse to take what we wanted from others without any consideration.  This same behavior also built walls between the feminine and masculine population of Earth as the feminine was pushed and/or withdrew into taking a subservient role which still exists today in some cultures of the world.

The trigger point for our change was the 12/12/2012 event, at this point we started the journey to growing up.  This date was set into the energy grids of Earth by the Pleiadians before our humanoid DNA was even adjusted to hold the Divine aspect of the Creator.  As a recap the Mayan calendar was based on Earth and Human energy not months, they could feel the energy of the transition date which ended concluding the old age of humanity.  Since we’re still here having avoided the Armageddon a decade before we now start a new age leading to our eventual Ascension.  I’ll restate “we started growing up” since the entire process is a very long one although as we move forward from here it gets better slowly but continually.

We’re returning to our Divine Origins where we respected and cooperated with each other rather than undermined and conquered.  As each new generation enters the Earth they are born with a new consciousness base-point to grow from based on where we are at that moment.  At the same time the older generation which refuses to change leaves further shifting the balance of our collective consciousness.  This has been the way it works since the beginning so there’s nothing new with this other than the rate of change will increase as each new generations arrives shifting our thinking even more.

The goal is to purify ourselves increasing the co-existence of our Divine aspects bringing us to working together as equal partner and co-creator of our existence as it was meant to be.  This harmony increases love and compassion beyond human belief setting the stage for our learning greater truths.


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