Of Dark and Light

Light and Dark

These form the core of Duality, the two opposing attributes in a three dimensional existence.  In the opposition rests a fundamental lesson we are here to learn.  To be seduced by what seemingly is power and control over others laced with hatred, conspiracy and drama or to see within the Light the true seat of our dominion over all that is through oneness and a compassionate heart.

This search is always a personal one even though we share the same challenge.  Since we are unique individuals we must each find our own way to every higher truth without proof of any kind.  Having proof of what we can’t see would force the acceptance of what hasn’t been understood yet.  Rather we are to seek out the intuition which will assist us to know what isn’t seeable with 3D senses.  Some would call this “faith” which is usually “I think I know something” in a three dimensional way as opposed to a spiritual “knowing that we know” finding the answers within the heart.  We learn that knowing is more than we see with normal sight, it comes from beyond this 3D realm.  With practice we learn to sense the truth with our intuition.  To those not having practiced these the concepts they sound alien at best if not bazaar.

With the attributes of duality present we are more influenced as to the choices we make by the very dark energies we have created over the centuries.  Duality also draws us into lessons which are incomplete from our last or past incarnations.  There are many which may well and usually do run from life to life creating a track record built upon past performance or challenges to overcome which we haven’t realized yet.  Just as we are drawn back to unfinished business we also compile our completed lessons and successes having these as a resource to draw upon in each incarnation as we learn to access them.

Our very choices of what or perhaps how we think influences the reality we perceive around us.  With each thought we create our own personal reality so in that we are solely responsible for what we have created.  We could have a life of abundance or live of lack and drama depending on what we focus our attention on since it’s from our thoughts the reality we live in springs from.  Luck has nothing to do with it, we are responsible for that as well.


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