More about Filters and Our Belief System

(This is of greatest importance to understand and of interest to those who are channels, readers or do medium-ship work yet applies to everyone.)

I was asked today if it were possible remove our filters or block them with a command.  As much as I would like to say yes, the case is very much a big NO.

There are a couple of good reasons for this.

First of all what we believe creates our filters which in a more direct term would be to say the filters are not stacked on top of what we believe, the filters are what we believe.  Right or wrong what we believe sets up an obstacle course through which everything must pass.

Secondly what we believe creates the “who” we are personality wise.  If we remove or block our belief system to get our filters out of the way we are no longer who we were.  Which at times some of us may have wanted to do this so we could be someone else for a while.

Where would we be without a belief system?  Guidance had one word on this, Chaotic. Having look up the synonyms it makes sense, Disordered, Muddled, Confused, Messy.

So where does this leave us in working with our filters?  We are then called upon to use the age-old time tested method of re-learning the incorrect information we’ve all learned and seek a higher truth from within on a daily basis for as long as it takes to move past the inhibiting misbeliefs we hold as truth.  I wish it were not so but as Guidance states being a Master is simple but it isn’t easy.


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