More Illusions we chain ourselves to

What we think has been talked about beforeChained Ghost_002 and it was said we create our reality from those thoughts we hold as truth.  This extends to what/who we think we are.  All too often we hold on to what we think we were as a label we identify with which becomes our anchor not a life preserver.  Like all anchors it holds us down keeping us from our freedom and growth.

I’ve watched a few friends struggle to move forward over the years, with each they are chained to that anchor of old identity clinging to it as if it would save them.

To move past this point of mis-thinking that we’re less than we truly are calls us to change our thoughts.  We are well served to release anything binding us to a label less than I AM.  No matter what reflection of the I AM we may project at any given moment we are that.  It is always current, up to date and the latest revision.  Anything less limits our expression of the I AM we are.

To accomplish this may well call for a serious review of what or who we thought we were and release the old limiting illusions of what we no longer are, if we were ever that.

It takes very strong wings to fly while we drag the anchors of our past and self-imposed limitation behind us.  With understanding we can drop the unwanted baggage becoming MORE than we thought we were finding a greater truth.


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