The Chains of Our Illusion

Buddha-Perception and PerspectiveThis 3D world is one of illusion, seldom is anything really what it seems to be.  Our reality is more like an elaborate stage show with a complex script written to teach those in attendance.  Many miss the point of the play to see only the drama of the actors taking part in the sub-plots.  All of what we see presented to us is a metaphor, for this is how we are most commonly communicated with from the higher vibrating realms.  The trick in this then becomes knowing these are metaphors and not meant to be taken literally which is many time the case.

We have Free Will and we are our own keepers.  We hold ourselves in an illusion of our own making.  What these illusions are is completely up to us.  We can create a wonderful world to be in or create a place of suffering.  This is Free Will!  We have the ability to see past what we’ve created or to remain imprisoned within it seeing only the drama of the situation.  This is Free Will!  No one did anything to us we did not ask for as part of our lessons.  The catch is to see no one else is to blame for the situations we are in and take full responsibility for what has happened.  Just as we are fully capable of creating the bars of our own prison we are just as capable of removing them creating a life of happiness and abundance.  It’s our choice as to how we use our Free Will.  This is the starting point for Self-empowerment, seeing we have the ability to create then directing it wisely to create what we want rather than more of what we don’t want.

3 thoughts on “The Chains of Our Illusion

    • Well said. As we learn our human perception of “there’s only one truth” is really a misperception we can understand why so many wars have been started over issues of personal reality and personal truth.

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