A better understanding of Self-empowerment

Some would and have understood self-empowerment to mean “I’m going to do it myself.”  In a 3D way this is correct but only from a smaller concept of “self.”  The larger perspective of “self” is greater than a 3D view could be.  When we look in the mirror we see our self.  This self (for most of us with 3D vision) is only a smaller self, a distilled down version of our greater-self and purposefully missing a larger amount of us.  Our 3D self (and/or Ego) seems to have a view “this is it, all that we are is in the mirror.”  This is where some could misunderstand “self-empowerment.”

Self-empowerment is learning to accomplish the physical and spiritual things we want to do on our own although we include and incorporate the greater-self back into what we see in the mirror.  This is self-empowerment, working with ALL of us learning to be an active part of our own team again instead of being separate trying to play a team sport on our own.  By the way this is a foundation of Mastery.


5 thoughts on “A better understanding of Self-empowerment

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