Filters a.k.a. the Programming of Human Intellect

From the moment of birth the three dimensional intellect receives input from all available sources.  Much like a computer program receiving periodic updates our programming is added onto and revised moment by moment being adjusted with every new experience and reinforced with repeated experiences.

What we believe is a result of our programming which is a result of our experience.  The intellect develops patterns after time which limits the readiness to accept new experience.  Anything outside of past experience must be passed through comparative logic of previous experience before being added to the data base of our programming.  The human brain collects and categorizes everything but rejects as errors that which is too far beyond other previous experience.  Our programming has nothing to do with truth no matter how much some may protest, it’s only about experience which is then judged to be truth since that’s all we know.

Now to the filters, in spiritual terms what we believe becomes our filters, these color our perception and receptivity to all new information based on what we think is true.  They also present us with challenges in moving forward with our growth to learn higher truths.  Filters not only present challenges to everyone in daily life, Physics, Mediums, Channelers and Readers must also contend with these.  Filters flavor what we think plus what we see, hear and or perceive in spiritual ways.  Our information then isn’t as pure as it could have been.  This fact isn’t as well-known as it could be but is very important to understand.  Our daily life is affected by past experiences and what we think we know.  This is compounded for those engaged in spiritual work doing readings for themselves and others seeking information.  Any and all information is subject to increased impurity depending on the extent to which the reader has filters.  Of course we’re seldom even aware of having any filters in the first place so how would we recognize them in others?

We only know what we experienced in some fashion or another, nothing beyond that is even on the radar until we engage our higher abilities of intuition and discernment.  These are not aspects known to our human intellect unless we’ve practiced these before.  Intuition and discernment originate beyond the three dimensional world coming through aspects of our spiritual consciousness which is not part of the human intellect.  With our intuition and discernment we have new resources of experience beyond those of our 3D world allowing us to openly touch the multidimensional origins.  Finding this doorway to the greater-self is a major accomplishment in being here on Earth, it allows us to see our filters understanding how they came to be.  Only then are we ready to unlearn the many misperceptions we’ve held to remove our filters.


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