The Truth vs A Truth

We exist in duality thinking with singularity.  We’ve grown up with the notion of a singular truth in which those who have it are correct and everyone else is wrong.  Just ask anyone deeply involved in a religion about the truth, many times you’ll hear they have the truth in their doctrine and the group down the road has been misled.  The same goes for politics, history and even science to some extent.  Anytime people are involved there’s a chance of an agenda or preconceived opinions standing in the way of objectivity.

Some factors involved in our believing something to be true are understanding, perception, neutrality and judgment.  The level of each determines how open we may be and the extent of our experience.  Everyone builds a box of consciousness placing in it those things believed to be real/true.  Depending on the size of this box it will hold greater thoughts or not.

Understanding is a direct result of experience broadening the possibilities we see.

Perception is an intuitional ability to sense a better answer.

Neutrality gives a lack of agenda with the openness to consider all options no matter how obscure they may seem.

Judgment causes forcing things to fit within our preconceived parameters (a box of consciousness) to be considered valid.  Judgment opposes our objectivity affecting any sense of neutrality.  Anything failing to fit within the confines of past experience is invalid, unacceptable and untrue regardless of any actual merit.

The concept of a Higher Truth is a function of understanding and our box of consciousness.  The greater wisdom we hold the more we understand the nature of all things is a variable of our perception.  On this journey what we hold as true will/should change as new insights are seen replacing what was thought of as true when we held a lesser understanding.  This makes truth a variable not an absolute.


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