The Walk-in and other partnering conditions

In spirituality the term Walk-in is used to describe what happens when a consciousness not currently in a physical incarnation becomes a guest of someone already having an incarnation (host) to quickly return to a physical form for any of several reasons to exist in one body.  This description has implications beyond our three dimensional sight and is done with Divine permission for the highest good.  There’s a lot of conjecture, misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding this subject.  This writing is about what understanding I’ve been given about Walk-ins (since I nearly became one) and a lesser recognized condition which for a lack of other description we’ll call “Joint Tenancy.”  We won’t get into any attempt of a Dark or Lower Consciousness to take over control of someone’s life, that’s for another time.

It seems popular lore about Walk-ins to believe when this happens it’s a “take-over” situation displacing the original inhabiting consciousness.  What we’re first told about most things is hard to dislodge regardless of its validity.  When we look with better understanding of multidimensional consciousness seeing how the Divine Consciousness works there could never be a take-over.  First of all we’re connected together on the other side of the veil thinking and working as a single mind with many parts which is a defining point of a group consciousness.  The Creative Consciousness (God) is a group we all belong to.  This alone disputes any take-over theory since we all cooperate together to achieve our Divine goals.  In 3D duality this occurrence being a take-over is supported by how we think we’re separate, independent and apart from each other, I’m me and you’re not.  This is how duality is presenting us with a challenge to see past the illusions of separation.

A primary reason for someone becoming a Walk-in would be if the incarnation they were in ended abruptly without completing an important portion of the Divine plan.  This sets-up a need to return without the usual delays involved in growing up all over again.  When an aspect of the Divine plan is of such importance there’s also a contingency plan to have another incarnate personality volunteer as a host so they’re ready should it be required to facilitate a quick return and resumption for the guest consciousness.  As all of us created the Divine plan together (even if we don’t know it today) there’s no shortage of volunteers, the one best fitting the requirements is selected to be a host incarnation if needed and most likely there’s an alternate or two just in case.

Another parameter is the conditions of the merger between the host consciousness and the guest, this depends on the conditions calling for the Walk-in to happen.  They merge their consciousness together and the cooperation is complete although the degree of change in exhibited personality will vary depending on the needs which brought about the necessity for the Walk-in.  In all cases it’s a cooperation merging the memories and thoughts of both together, even the Akash.  The operational control would also be shared to one extent or another with the objective being to carry out the resumption of the Divine plan with both personalities working together.  In any situation the host consciousness is always present in the physical body as this new situation is a team effort.

There are a myriad of reasons for one incarnate consciousness to host another or a number of others joining together in a single incarnation.  Similar to Walk-ins is what could best be described as a Joint Tenancy.  This label is from a human perspective, the Divine perspective is more like fingers in a glove, no matter how many fingers are in the glove there’s only one hand in it.  This is not to be confused with what’s called Multiple Personality Disorder.  Joint Tenancy has no switching of personalities as would an MPD, the personalities in Joint Tenancy work together seamlessly as a team without any separation.  The Joint Tenancy start at birth rather than a Walk-in starting sometime later in life.  The occurrence of Joint Tenancy isn’t only between two cooperating personalities as the number of personalities involved goes up these happen less often with them seldom having more than twelve personalities taking part in single a “group” incarnation.  As a group, as with the other side of the veil we “act as one” joining our aspects of consciousness together.  Some reasons for Joint Tenancy to occur could be to engage in a cooperative learning experience which will enrich all involved, sharing of past and/or current experiences and sharing in the creation of a project which may require or benefit from the experience of two or more beings working closely together.  This happens far more often than we think it does and under a great number of situations but all are done in Free Will sharing love and cooperation between them.

This concept is a hard sell for most considering the misunderstandings about spirituality in general and the nature of God in particular all of which started thousands of years ago and is still accepted as truth today without very much examination.  Many will read old books and accept the information as the truth without question.  Just remember this, there was a time in our history when everyone accepted the Earth was flat and was the center of the Universe.  Those with a different view were dismissed as being crazy.  Things aren’t always the way they look on the surface.


10 thoughts on “The Walk-in and other partnering conditions

  1. When a person has gone through a traumatic or near-death experience after which their psychic abilities suddenly becomes heightened exponentially, is this an example of a Walk-in or truly the person’s spiritual faculties being jolted open? Fascinating topic!

    • From what I understand Walk-ins usually happen early in life but not always, the needs of the Divine Plan create exceptions. As far as a “traumatic or near-death experience” goes, this could present the opportunity for a Walk-in to occur. At other times these experiences would be like pushing our “reset” button so we could move past some blockages in our Akash.
      Thanks for the insightful question.

  2. If a Walk-in leaves the host body, does the abilities of the Walk-in (e.g., clairaudience which the host didn’t previously have) leave as well, or do they stays with the host? Thank you!

    • It’s rare for a Walk-in to leave before the end of the incarnation. It was interesting in asking about this to see the positive attributes of both parties cancel the less desirable ones. In this way the best attributes of the host and the guest are combined into a new joint Akash which both keep a copy of when the time comes to separate.
      Again an insightful question, thanks.

  3. Sorry, one more question…Joint tenancy sounds to me like twins occupying one body. Twins for the most part think alike and share most if not all experiences together, so why not just have separate bodies instead of one? Thank you!

    • I AM honored to have what I’ve written bring about deeper thought.

      An interesting question, what I understand from Source, the distinction is identical twins have the same Akash and personality at birth being very connected together as a result. (kind of a natural cloning, two copies of the same personality) Those personalities will develop independently as they grow up. Other forms of twins share genetic similarity and spiritual connection yet are unique with their own Akash and personality.

      Joint Tenancy brings different personalities together joining their individual Aksah together working as one in one body. As with Walk-ins the best of each Akash overwrite any lessor corresponding attributes which is an advantage to everyone involved.

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