Do You Believe In Magic?

Spoiler Alert; Reading this could take the Mysticism out of your Magic

The subject of magic has been with us for centuries yet it’s only half understood.  The lore of wizards and sorcerers with potions and spells battling in a struggle of good and evil is the stuff of legion, books and Hollywood.  Is magic real?  In a way it is but it’s not what people have believed it to be.  How it works has only been seen on a surface level but the deeper implication is a mystery well hidden.

Magic could be described as an application of great power from something else or someone else to accomplish the desired goal.  Through the centuries many different forms of magical arts have been developed using different tools having a verity of sources for the power used.  We consider some as being good and others are evil by their intent.  What has been believed to be the source of power behind any system of magic be it the nature elements, angels or demons the only source of power here in duality is the Human Consciousness.  Ultimately there’s only one source of power for any of these although this is our three dimensional school yard so everything happens through OUR consciousness.  The Creative Consciousness only works through us not independently of us, we’re in charge of what happens here.  This is why we have free will, we decide and we make it happen or not happen.  This is why we have free will, we decide and we make it happen or not happen.

There are still those teaching magic, even some forms of shamanism being taught today is no more than Magic of the last century.  These are all based on the three dimensional concept of magic using objects rather than seeing the true source of power as our own consciousness.  Our own belief that a potion will work (when we believe at a higher level than just the intellect) makes it happen.  It wasn’t any 3D object, it was our Divine Power that controls three dimensional physics which created change.  This will be objected to by many but then this is what self-empowerment and claiming our power is about, seeing it was our consciousness all along not a three dimensional stage prop in our reality play.

Unlearning what we thought we knew is an important part of learning in our spiritual growth.  Those old misbeliefs cloud our sight getting in the way of seeing the beauty of the Creative Consciousness and how the Universe is arranged in love for us to learn in.

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