Nothing is wasted in the Plan

The Divine plan is a wonder for as much as any of us can determine of it.  In 3D we make plans which for the most part are fixed with comparably few options.  The Divine plan is a completely fluid energy as would be required with billions of beings in the plan.  The very intricacy presented by the multitudes of individuals involved plus taking into account our free will with an infinite number of choices we could make.  Each choice changes the potential plan in one way or another.  Each of these changes cascades into different conditions for others around us bringing perhaps different choices about for them and so on and so on.  These interactions spread far into the fabric of the Divine plan.

If this isn’t amazing enough the way a Divine plan is designed to include every change in our choices it also creates a no lose situation for everyone including ourselves.  No matter what experience we have they’re all put to good use in some way sooner or later.  Even the experiences we didn’t really want all turn out to have at least some learning attached to them now while later, maybe in a another life time we gain even more from those events.

I’m still hearing a “that’s just crazy” or “that never happens” reaction to “a no lose situation.”  This in no way is a 3D human concept, it fights against everything we’ve been told is possible.  What we’ve always be led to believe is every time someone wins a lot of others lose.  In 3D terms we don’t have the scope of consciousness to comprehend how this could even be possible not to mention align the potentials.  It’s a good thing the Divine plan was set-up while we were on the other side of the veil, once we’re here the veil blocks our greater understanding and wisdom to create such a plan.  It demonstrates how much we still have to learn about putting everything together in such a way everyone involved is a winner.

As we raise our vibration rates we seem to get taller being able to reach those higher concepts.  The notion of a win-win situation is a stretch if not beyond belief in 3D although in our multidimensional thinking this is standard operating procedure.

2 thoughts on “Nothing is wasted in the Plan

  1. This makes perfect sense. Perhaps the “no lose situation” wouldn’t sound so crazy if we keep in mind of our Oneness with the Universal Consciousness, which is infinitely loving and supportive.

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