The Vortex of Drama

Perhaps drama is wonderful in movies or on the stage although to anyone with a desire to grow spiritually drama is like quicksand on our path.  It waits covered and camouflaged hiding well concealed for anyone to step into it.  Acting much like a vortex to those unsuspecting people who inadvertently wonder into it the result is a seemingly endless repetition of an event.  This repetition is so intense from the spinning it seems most caught in drama lose all sight of reality during the height of their spin.  Each time they re-think or re-tell the story behind their drama that reinforces the intensity which is due to an attribute of our consciousness manifesting more of what we focus on.

The intensity of this spinning is like a spin cycle, it keeps people from seeing any opportunity to learning about the dramatic experience placing the entire focus on the appearance of what someone did to them.  Have you ever tried talking to someone intensely spinning in drama?  It’s hard to get them to stop long enough to get a word.  They’re so focused on the drama they don’t seem to hear us and they don’t seem able to stop or even want to stop spinning.  Spinning in drama look like an addictive drug.

There’s a very true spiritual understanding which says “we hold a mirror for others to see themselves in.”  The things people are in drama over isn’t really about “what someone did to them” rather it’s “how the dramatized person reacted to what happened.”  We all have sensitivities, when they get pushed on we react like having a very tender spot somebody just hit.  I’ve seen friends fall into drama over events which were designed by guidance as lessons or even a major life’s lesson.  Some haven’t even wanted to look at any opportunity to learn a lesson, they’re just mad about what happened and didn’t want to be distracted from it.  While others are in complete denial about being in drama or drawing more drama to them by focusing on it.

The trap of drama stops us from seeing very much beyond it.  Drama thusly hinders our growth so we focus on our drama attracting more drama to spin in.  For those not seeing the lessons presented within the drama, it creates an intense vortex difficult to break away from.

2 thoughts on “The Vortex of Drama

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