What We Focus On We Create, Manifestation 101

We are the Masters of our journey, as such we’re granted Free Will to plot our course for this adventure of physical expression.  Throughout our life / lives we’re presented with distractions to our focus.  Like all distractions they absorb our attention diverting us from the goals we’ve set and / or the Life’s Lessons we’ve decided to learn.  With few exceptions we seem to place our focus on those things we find troublesome rather than our desires.  When we focus on problems we receive more of those problems.  To those new to this concept it may sound ridicules, getting more problems just by thinking about them but this has been seen many times before.  This is the way our lessons are set-up, we learn from the outcome although at least in this case the outcome is seldom equated with the action bringing it about.

There’s an aspect of our consciousness which listens to everything we say and think, everything.  A major responsibility of this consciousness is to aligning our reality with our thoughts.  So if we think “I never have enough money” this consciousness understands that as our desire setting out to make it our reality.  The more we think a thought the higher up on the to-do list it goes.  This aspect of our consciousness has some limits.  It knows what we say but doesn’t understand about “I was just kidding when I said that.”  It listens to us literally without any analysis knowing little about how the rest of the world reacts with us.  It only works to bring what we focus on into our reality the best it can.

Holding a focus on our desires enables those desires to happen in the appropriate timing. If we keep coming back to rethink them, the more we focus on them the greater the potential becomes of manifesting them.  I know, it’s a bummer we have to wait but this is the Divine plan in action.  A prerequisite of manifestation is having the correct conditions for fulfilment in place which is also known as synchronicity.  Synchronicity is when the conditions for manifesting a desire are aligned then it’s ready to occur.  This applies to all manifestation except spontaneous manifestation.  Spontaneous manifestation is a very advanced skill of Masters or those very close to Mastery.

We co-create / manifest every day since we create what we focus on.  The question is, do we really want to focus on what we’ve created?  Or, do we want to create what we really desire instead?  This is a chance to review our thoughts and perhaps drop some counterproductive old habits of focusing on our problems since we have help manifesting our thoughts.  Our thinking has the capability of trapping us in a reality we’d rather not be in or taking us to where we’d rather be.

This is one of our many lessons in Free Will.  We have an aspect of our consciousness which is just happy to help us learn to create although it’s completely up to us what that creation looks like.  Manifestation takes time as does changing old habits.  When is a good time to start?


2 thoughts on “What We Focus On We Create, Manifestation 101

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