Learning and Insight

All learning asks us to depart from our previously held beliefs allowing new thoughts to be entertained.  What we think we know is often an obstacle to knowing greater truths.  As we grow our old incomplete beliefs are superseded by a better understanding requiring us to re-learn what we’ve held as truth gaining a greater depth of understanding.

The box of consciousness we construct for ourselves is one such obstacle, it sets parameters like what is possible and what is not possible.  For many it’s a safe haven of protection from anything which threatens those perceptions already believed to be true.  For others the box of consciousness is a limitation confining the exploration of free thinking to re-examine what maybe incomplete information sometimes even mythology which has been accepted as truth.

The more we separate ourselves from “inside the box” thinking the greater insights we are able to realize.  Restricting the thinking to within the box of consciousness is like wearing blinders, it shelters us so we don’t see what’s around us only seeing that which is directly before us often leading to misperceptions without a broader view of everything we could see.

Beyond thinking outside a self-imposed box of consciousness to gain a different perspective the more we see and understand the more we’re capable of seeing greater truths which were previously hidden.  These even greater insights propel us closer to our multidimensional origins which hold the highest truth of the real reality we exist in.  To seek these truths it’s a loooong journey of exploration lasting many incarnations.  This journey doesn’t actually begin until we whole heartedly commit to starting the journey working at it regularly / constantly for lifetimes.  The reward is Mastery, mastery over everything three dimensional and much more beyond this existence.


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