Chasing Success

The drive we have to succeed is a normal one to create our desires.  Even this attribute of life has spiritual involvement if we’ll only take a moment to notice it.  In physical ways we work at our dreams of success without the aid of our spiritual-self stalking our dreams like hunters.  In a Spiritual approach we set the stage allowing success to come to us through understanding and synchronicity.  This is of course completely foreign in 3D thinking and laughed at on the face of “we all know if you want something we must chase after it.”  One old saying comes to mind about “that which we chase skillfully avoids us.”  If we wanted to catch a wild animal in centuries past, chasing it was the excepted way.  This seems like a very proactive way to gain results although using our higher resources if we were to set out food and wait for the animal to come to us we’re changing the game completely.

The potential events in our lives are mapped out long before we start wearing diapers.  Everything is about “free will” so we can follow a pre-established plan or go it on our own if we choose to.  The vast majority of us are not aware of any plan other than the ones we’ve made after being entrenched in 3D thinking.  This is the challenge of Duality to see past what is directly in front of us.

The Divine plan has many wonderful presents for us but only if we allow ourselves to be taken to where they are by our Guidance and a Divine timing of our journey.  The timing is much like being too early or late to catch a connecting flight but at least with Guidance and the Divine plan those connecting flights can be rescheduled to accommodate our desires if we’ll only allow them take care of the details.  This may sound complicated although it’s amazingly simple when we learn to Trust having Faith in knowing we’re loved and guided by forces much greater than we could ever imagine, the rest of our Divine Self.

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