Confronting Darkness

We live in a world of duality so we must contend with Dark as well as Light.  In centuries past those working with the Light sought to dispel Dark energies in the same way all battles are waged, by direct confrontation mainly by clearing the existence of all lower vibrational energies encountered.  This is a very natural reaction and tact to take considering our three dimensional conditions of life, when something is unacceptable we confront it directly.  In large this is still seen as the way to combat Dark energies or anything else.  Understanding those who work with Dark Consciousness just recreate any lower vibrational energies which has been cleared, this sets up a constant power struggle between the opposing forces.  In a greater energy of post-shift Earth we can see this old way fails to bring the results we had expected so in this we’re called to seek another understanding.

There is no mistake in these opposing forces being so well matched at this time, it’s taken centuries for humanity to become wiser in our choices and our desires for the future.  In past centuries humanity hasn’t done very well in terms of integrity and compassion although now we’re just beginning our ascension efforts learning better ways to be.  The lessons to learn better ways to overcome the shadows of Dark energy has always been waiting to be found but was just outside the reach of our old understanding.  Taking lessons from metaphors like “when we turn on the light in a dark room, darkness is no longer there” we understand that Darkness cannot exist in the Light.  We are also asked to understand Darkness has no energy of its own but relies on fear generated within others to continue its existence.  This existence is increased as greater fear is promoted in others by Dark energies.  Fear is the ONLY weapon Dark Consciousness has, the Dark cannot harm anyone without the acceptance of that individual which is usually granted by being in a state of fear in the first place.  Fear is a form of control, Governments, the Media, advertisers, employer’s and other groups use fear to persuade people to do what they want them to do or we’ll have to face the perceived consequences.  Being in fear gives away our Divine power as a creator and our Divine right to choose our path, this is one of the greatest lessons for humanity to learn.  If a Dark Consciousness can cause a Light-worker to be in fear this completely extinguishes the Light of that Light-worker.  Light is all it takes to eliminate dark energy so every time fear is used successfully the Dark grows stronger by the absence of greater Light.

With greater understanding our spiritual knowing becomes stronger as is the intensity of our Light.  This Light is the only thing Dark Consciousness fears, Light replaces Dark energy completely every time.  Looking at this strictly from a physical view point we are asked to see the Darkness as a void, replacing it with Light puts energy where there was none before.  Dark energy cannot exist where there is Light, it has no energy of its own and cannot return to a place where the Light is unless someone puts it there.  The growing understanding of humanity in coming years will increase our desire to have integrity in all things.  The world will change greatly as the Dark energies are replaced with a greater Light of higher consciousness.  The Darkness won’t give up without a struggle, this can be seen in the world today as terror and fighting erupts within those of lessor understanding.  Dark energies are still controlling others by using fear, greed and hatred in an attempt to regain what has already been lost but is unrecoverable.  This won’t last forever, the Shift has started and will continue to grow as more learn better ways to be.


2 thoughts on “Confronting Darkness

  1. Very well written, sir! Would it be correct to say that dark consciousness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since conditions can be set for a person’s learning and growth to know right from wrong, or to overcome a fear?

    • This is a good insight “sparkodivine.” As humans we place connotation on what is Good and Bad. In a Divine perspective everything is experience. With experience we learn and grow in our wisdom. Duality is one of many tools for learning we have. It may well be the greatest challenge we face to overcome the illusion of fear. It takes understanding to know the falsehood of fear but it is very learn-able. The dark consciousness feeds from the energy of our fears and is very willing to help us fear even more. As we see past that illusion we’ll be well on our way to being an ascended species.
      Thank you for you insight and comment, Blessings.

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