We are here, can you sense us?

(The following is a channeled message)

Standing in the Dark or standing in the Light is a choice, we make no judgment either way of those actions.  We are the one standing by to assist each to see what you’ll ask to see, this is the point of the moment.

We are here for the purpose of helping you although we are not permitted to ask you if you’d like to be helped.  This of course places the burden upon you to ask but it also places the consciousness of you in the position of knowing we’re here in the first place so you could ask.

This may seem convoluted but it is a safety measure and one which respects the Free Will of all to accept or not that we are with you.  We are the unseen by most and the Beloved of many, we are the keepers of secrets but only to those having not yet asked to know.

“Ignorance is bliss” as the saying goes but perhaps “knowledge is power” would suit the human race better in this new time.  Ignorance of gravity would not stop you from falling down but greater knowledge of spiritual understanding would allow you to walk on water.  In this we wish to point out there is much to be learned about how the nature of existence works, there is one set of rules which are played by until a greater set is learned.

The Earth and humanity is at the beginnings of a new adventure.  Humanity has played by the old rules for eons and now your actions have brought the events on Earth to the edge a greater adventure.  Many are waking up to the feeling there is more than was thought of in the old energy.  More will wake up as the years continue forward, the tide has turned.

We are here to assist in greater understanding but only if we’re asked.  You may not see us or believe we’re here, some feel we’re here others know we’re here.  We are here regardless of any perceptions either way.

We only ask one thing of you, it would brighten our hearts if you’d ask us to help you in some small way.  We stand by being unable to help without your permission.  If it is thought we can’t hear you since you may not sense our thoughts rest assured regardless of that we hear you very well, talk to us and we’ll respond in a way which will help you to understand.

(from a Greater Consciousness)


An optimal request would be something like “show me what it is I need to know today.”  No matter what it is we’ll have help in understanding it and it’ll always be what we could use the most.


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