The Mysteries of the Mystery Schools

Long ago there were schools teaching advanced subjects.  Many of the old Masters attended and/or were teachers in these schools.  There are a few places calling themselves Mystery Schools professing to teach these subjects today.  In fact they are teaching the same subjects yet these are not really mysteries.

Long ago when the schools were open to those wanting the understanding and had a desire to attend they were teaching students how things really worked.  These were advanced thoughts and not everyone was ready to hear them which is still true today.  As the consciousness of humanity sank into a darker place these schools were forced to go “underground” teaching wise creating groups and societies to keep the secrets safe from the lower consciousness of the masses.  Have you ever wondered why they call it the Dark Ages?  The term Dark Ages has many different time lines applied to it depending on where we’re talking about and the point of view being taken.  In spiritual terms the Dark Ages were much longer starting earlier and running later than many studying humanity would agree to.

The times have changed and so has the energy of the Earth.  In spite of those working with the Darker energies to cause problems (I’m sure you could name a few from the News) the Light has and is steadily displacing the Darkness.  The time is here for the Mysteries to be known for what they are and be available to learn.  The mysteries that were the subject of teaching and has become a mystery of its own is what we call Metaphysics.  Equated with Metaphysics (the study of physics beyond 3D physics) is what most would call Spirituality.  The mysteries have been here to find all along if we know where to look.  These subjects are many usually taking multiple incarnations to gather the information and growth.  Gleaning the Akash to remember what we’ve already learned is another talent to be learned.  Three dimensional physics is what we think of as the absolute rule matter follows, it’s the way things are and that’s it.  When we’ve learned a lot more about how the universe/creation “really works” we understand there’s a higher physics of which 3D physics is subject to.

We live in what we call “reality” although this is a misperception due to our limited perception.  If we had better perception we’d all know we live in an illusion created to learn the lessons we could not learn with our full abilities intact.  This three dimensional world is our school ground we use in learning to remember who we are and how to create everything we’d like to have with a single thought.  (as long as we can keep from killing ourselves first)

There is a favorite saying which states “you don’t know what you haven’t learned until you’ve learn it” so when hearing something unbelievable consider it may just be something unlearned not something imposable.  Things like spontaneous manifestation and walking on water are possible with the understanding and spiritual growth needed of which none of this will, has or could ever come out of a three dimensional book or lecture.  Multidimensional understanding cannot be put into three dimensional words, it would be easier to describe a beautiful sunset using one letter of the alphabet.  This understanding comes only from working with guidance and going within ourselves to touch the creator within us as a lifelong study project.


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