A way to understand God?

The concept of a Creator Consciousness is not easy to grasp.  Our place within this consciousness is no less difficult to resolve.  We are trained in thought by others also challenged in perception of a greater existence leading to our holding misperceptions as truth.

Offered is one way to understand a God/Creator Consciousness.  If we view the Creator as an amazingly large multifaceted gem, one with so many facets we cannot hope to count them all this is where we’ll start.  Our relative size is such that each facet is much larger than we are and each facet has a name on it.  We can spin the gem around and speak to any facet we desire.  One facet may say Archangel Michael while another Archangel Raphael.  There are so many we could spend lifetimes talking with each facet.  No matter which facet/personality we speak to we’re still addressing the greater gem of Creator Consciousness as every facet is one aspect of the greater whole.  No one facet is an individual unto itself nor are any separable from the rest of the gem.

This represents our relationship to everyone else and to the Creator Consciousness.  We are all personalities of the Creator unable to be separated from the rest of ourselves.  The only thing keeping us from seeing this is our perceptions and misunderstandings from generations past which are formidable opposition to seeing clearly.


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