The Concept of a Spiritual Contract

For a long time we’ve heard about having a contract when we come to Earth for the purpose of accomplishing some kind of task.  This is an accepted thought in metaphysical learning and it seems natural from what we believe to be reasonable.  Although multidimensional concept has little if any parallel/resemblance to human 3D thinking.  This isn’t an insult to our intellect it’s just that we’re not wired to understand those concepts until we merge with our Higher-selves.

The concept of the Divine Spirit of our Soul coming to Earth with a contract requiring us to do something in particular is completely in opposition to our Free Will.  Free Will is the first and foremost Divine Law of our very existence here on Earth.  Not even the Angels will circumvent this Law for any reason what so ever, to do so would violate the Divine purpose of our being here.

What is thought of as a contract is perhaps more accurately called our objectives for this incarnation.  Objectives are goals which may or may not be accomplished and many times goals are not accomplished being held over for the next incarnation on our spiritual “To Do” list.  I’ve met few people who even know what things are on their goals in this incarnation.  The spiritual reason to be here is for our learning through experience.  The highest learning is to find our way back to the Creator having completed our lessons before we transition from natural causes.  This goal is certainly one which covers many incarnations as the understanding required is greatly underestimated.  Since we learn and grow at different rates while getting distracted from our goals by events in life we’re not held to any schedule or time table.  If one of our goals is particular difficult to learn or overcome we may indeed want to have additional time to work toward those goals.

Also is another well know term “life’s purpose” which may or may not be closely related to a contract depending on which definition is used.  Holding the image that a life’s purpose is an objective it may seem logical to distance it from a contract.

If we did have a contract using our Free Will we could rewrite it every day.


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