Pendulums and the Should I

Those less familiar with the use of a pendulum tend to misunderstand the power of the words used to ask questions.  When we start a question with “Should I” we’re asking a question we won’t get an accurate answer to.  Guidance may well say No to a good idea due solely to the way the question is worded.  The reason behind this is we have Free Will and guidance will not tell us what we “Should Do.”  Guidance is with us for many reasons, in this case they’re here to give us insight into choices we “could” make.  If guidance “told us what to do” and we accepted that as our only option we would be giving away our free will and our power as a creator.  Guidance does not want us give away our power so they’ll say “no” based on only on the “Should I.”   We have “free will” to use as a tool for learning.  Guidance is also a source of information available for our learning.

Rather than asking “Should I” do something, ask “Is it in my highest good to . . .” then you’ll get a clean answer to base what path to take.  The wording to form a question also applies to muscle test, (also known as kinesiology) talking to guidance telepathically and the Ouija board all function from higher source of consciousness.


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