Change is the only Constant in the Universe

This is a truth in spirituality.  Nothing remains the same, it’s only a matter of time before it shifts into something new.

Now in this post 2012 Precision of the Equinox period we’ve entered a new phase of energy on the Earth.  For those sensitive to energy you may have already seen this while others may wonder why the healing work and the meditation they’ve done for years isn’t working like it did or it may not even work at all now.

Welcome to the current state of Post Shift energy.  Saying “current” energy is exactly the point, we can count on its changing whenever the correct time is here.  Is that this afternoon, tomorrow, next week or next month?  Without peeking at the Divine plan I’m not sure many of us could tell.

For those having difficulty in healing work or other spiritual pursuits we’re called to adjust how we’ve always done those finding a new way to work while remembering that it will change again.  Continual change is the new constant. (for now)

There is silver lining, with each change we have better access to greater abilities than we had before.


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