I Can’t, I Don’t, It Won’t Happen

Have you ever heard some constantly saying these about their life?  Maybe you’ve said these a few times yourself?  We’ve all heard phrases about how we’ll get what we think, those are very true and the longer we focus on what we don’t want the longer it takes to correct the trend in thinking to receive what we really rather have.  Correcting our thinking is much like turning an ocean liner around, it takes time to make a complete change of the course on that scale.  It’s also been said these self-defeating thoughts are limiting factors of our own abilities which is again true.  It’s hard to sail through life when we believe our boat is sinking in every moment.

And how does this kind of thinking transfer into the events of our daily lives?  As it happens our guidance listens to everything we say and think.  Everything, nothing is a secret from guidance.  You’ve heard about our being co-creators?  Well, we are.  It’s with our Guidance that we’re co-creators with, we think it and guidance helps us make it happen.  Our guidance is here to help us in any way they can or we’ll allow.  One way guidance helps us is to listen to what we think and use those thoughts as a map for what we want to happen.  This is part of the law of attraction which comes down to, what we focus on has a higher potential of being manifested.  The longer and more often we focus on something the greater the potential of manifesting what we’re thinking about.

If we focus on what we don’t want or what we see as wrong in life we’ll be seeing more of it not less.  Our thoughts have power, more power than we’d think possible.  Guidance is our team working to bring us the lessons we’re called to learn, they work beyond our vision helping us to navigate life as much as they’re allowed to under the directive of Free Will.

The cure is in listening to what we think and say understanding the impact those thoughts have on our lives.  Correcting these “I can’t” statements each time we say or think them with a positive thought is a good signal to guidance.  Having gratitude for what we have no matter how little we may think we have is about being happy which we all would like more of too.

A positive thought like “I am getting better at this every day” is a great thought to hold.  It’s all in changing our perspective from focusing on what we don’t want onto what we would really like to see more of in our lives.


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