The search for Love

With few exceptions we all want to find love in our lives.  We search to find that one true love, it’s in our nature to be loved.  We’re pre-programmed to want love so we keep looking and looking going from one relationship to another attempting to find one that works.

Is love really that hard to find?  What is it that keeps us from finding our true love?

In spiritual teachings we’re told to find a successful loving relationship its highly advantageous to first learn to love the self otherwise we’re looking for what we lack in someone else.  As with all things spiritual everything we need is already within us, if we can’t find it there we won’t find it in someone else.

In Duality terms we believe ourselves to be separate individuals, so much so we also see angelic beings as individuals too.  This is understandable since our consciousness is designed to be this way so we’ll have to try harder to see past Duality in order to find a higher truth.  From the perspective of multidimensional thinking there is no separation between any of us or any other consciousness.  We’re all one with and within the Creator Consciousness, each as a personality but part of the greater whole.

Here’s a spiritual logic point behind loving someone else.  If we don’t love ourselves and for the sake of argument we’re all connect as one, how is it we could love another part of ourselves or for that matter God?

Learning to love the self is a corner stone of spiritual growth, so much depends on this one item.


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