Do you what more Spiritual Abilities?

The number one key is to use what we have no matter how little we think we have.  Keep trying and trying and trying knowing it will pay off with increased ability.  It may take six months or a year to really notice a change but a change will happen as long as we keep trying.  When this change becomes known to us then we can get excited which makes it easier to try even more.

Secondly is to know just how powerful our thoughts are.  When we say “I can’t” or “I don’t” or “I’m not able to” we create this in ourselves.  These are false beliefs which are imprinted into our consciousness.  Each time we say or think them they get just a little bigger and harder to overcome.  The Universe listens to what we think, our guidance will cooperate with us as much as they can since we’re creators so when we say “I can’t” they’ll help us to “not be able to.”  This is how blockages get started, many times we’re actually just adding onto blockages from other incarnations having already found our way to feeling unable to do these things.

Thirdly and certainly not the least important is to remove lower vibrational energy in ourselves.  These are known by a number of names such as blockages, filters, baggage or even just plain “our stuff.”  The most effective way I’ve seen is gaining an understanding of what these energy are and how they remain in us life after life which will help to work “with” guidance to teach us how to remove them.  I say “work with” since sometimes people think the Angels will just remove them from us if we ask.  Others would like to believe these just go away but these are our lessons to learn so they’ll be with us until we’re ready to work with them learning from each one.  Since these are our lessons this is also why the Angels won’t touch them no matter how much we ask.

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