Of Belief Systems, Filters and Blockages

We hear a lot about beliefs and blockages.  Filters are perhaps a little less spoken of outside channeling groups.  This will present a connection between these terms and hopefully aid in understanding.

Belief Systems would seem self-explanatory although for the purpose of demonstrating a connection with filters and blockages we’ll go a bit deeper.  Belief Systems are indeed what we believe in, although, this is not to say that any belief system is completely true/correct or accurate, they’re just a collection of what we believe in.  What we hold as truth is our belief system and independent of its validity.  Falsehoods in our belief system taint our acceptance of other ideas standing in the way our abilities which contradict the substance in a belief system.

A filter could be considered as a single belief fitting within a belief system.  We could have any number of filters residing within our belief system.  An example of a filter could be defined as a belief that “I’m not good enough.”  We find so many excuses to limit ourselves from success.  The word “excuse” is intentional being used to show that in a Divine view “I’m not good enough” isn’t valid nor is it a reason, it’s a false perception of the truth designed to stop someone from even trying.  Sometimes filters come from traditions handed down from teachers or elders while at others times they’re misunderstandings of a perception.

When a filter does stop us from accomplishing our desires it then becomes a blockage as they inhibit us from completing our goals.

The differences may be not be large although all of these except for the context in which belief systems is used could be looked at as a form of “baggage.”  Baggage in any form holds us back from making progress.


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